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  1. I would stick with mascara only! A good foundation or blusher won't be too visible but definitely play safe at the audition
  2. Hi all, so if joining company class dress cleanly but not too student like. Take all garbage off after plies even if the rest of the company are covered. Be mindful of were the dancers like to stand etc! Hang about afterwards, ask to watch rehearsal, make friends then ask if you can join in the next day too!😉 Open auditions are a minefield and much talent gets missed. These days ensure your video has been checked by numerous teachers before sending. Many are missing out on auditions due to poor videos. Check their height preferences before wasting money flying as unfortunately they don't always check this before inviting you!! Be warm, dressed in a stylish outfit that suits your colouring and make a you feel confident. An energised, confident presence will definitely help. Remember it's personal preference by directors good luck!
  3. I am delighted to say that this new approach to vocational training is working beautifully and producing amazing results. ABA is everything you would receive at any top vocational Ballet School with the added bonus of living at home. So, any pastoral care issues vanish, which as a parent is so key and as a teacher it means my students are thriving due to this new approach. The classes are very small (8/9 in each), the feed back and contact with myself and other teachers is constant and we are working more in line with levels seen in Australia and the America. Dancers attend who used to be at white lodge, Elmhurst and Tring and are all thriving with no injuries. The Staff are at the top of their game and the academic schools have been fantastically supportive. There are exciting developments in the pipeline but I am just so delighted that for the dancers and families of today, there is now another option that is genuinely at the same level as the usual top choices. I realise there may be concerns as I haven't existed for many many years and so the brand name is new. Please ask away and feel free to visit the school to observe and meet the teachers if you are genuinely interested. I won't firewall you, or sell a huge building but I can guarantee happy, healthy and superbly well trained dancers and I will always be honest as I am a mother too - we don't get to redo these precious years! Ages 10 to 16 Auditions March 29th at Sadlers wells www.balletboost.com
  4. Hello, Ballet Boost Associates takes accepts applications all year depending on age we have a couple of places left. Starts age 8 up to 18....8 levels on 2 Sunday's a month. Classes are 2.5 or 3hrs long followed by contemporary and based at Rambert school.on Richmond. Do email admin@balletboost.com or look at www.balletboost.com (All staff were previous professional dancers and currently teach in vocational schools)
  5. Hello lovely ballet mums! I have not been in here for ages and summer school is fully booked. But I do have spaces on my Back to Ballet course at the end of August. Remember all ballet boost courses are aimed at a high vocational level but I always make everyone feel welcome and There is very much a strong mentoring approach so it becomes more than just another course. I remain a point of contact for support and guidance in this tricky world. My courses are supported by RBS as I know their forms get signed off by the school. Wherever your children are I hope they have fabulous experiences xx
  6. Please don't worry Piccolo - I do genuinely do this to help as opposed to running a business. I think thats what parents appreciate and why they feel there is a different vibe at BBA or will be at ABA . Sorry to hear it didn't work out for you DD........a big part of the reason for this is so much talent gets lost and I can't bare to see that happen anymore x
  7. Just saw it...... spooky!! i am planning a full blown vocational school so I expect there is a subtle difference possibly and as always - room for everyone! And like any choices in life - proximity and style of teaching and training will be huge factors. I have quite a unique approach. I now have space at Sadlers wells for yr 10 and 11 from September 2018 too and am exploring other spaces for more All very exciting! Second patron is Stephanie Williams of ABT. My approach is to connect globally so setting up future work opportunities for these dancers etc etc xx
  8. Hello Piccolo thank you for your comment but as far as i am aware there is nothing else opening like this in London.....unless you can tell me something I have missed?! There are many 6th forms that are covering all dance genres but this is an elite ballet LOWER school......... I put hours of time and energy in to every child i teach meaning i miss hours of time with my own children. My school will also not be like any other current vocational school as my approach to teaching is very forward thinking! I am sure you didn't mean much by your comment - I am trying to help after years of picking up the pieces and putting kids back together - I am trying to make a difference and absolutely will not be 'yet another school'!
  9. Our first Patron is Fiona Tonkin - Assistant Associate and Principal Coach of the Australian Ballet! I will form links with this company.....Fiona is the most lovely person. I met her at ENB when she was Assistant Artistic Director
  10. I had no idea!! Always thought it was a weekend /associate type thing. Good to hear. I will solely be training in elite level ballet so will be very choosy at the audition and keep it small and select. Thanks for the info - its good to know there is something on offer in the North too as obviously mine will need to live close enough! I am ready to write letters to heads asking permission to leave school etc! The standard will be everything you would expect to see at WL and Elmhurst......very exciting!
  11. I am very excited to bring to you The Academy of Balletic Arts I have wanted to do this for 3 yrs now with my very own building but its hugely expensive!! In the mean time I am opening with the kind permission of Pineapple and am in talks with other venues too. So far I have space for Yr 7 , 8 and 9 to train 3 days a week from 4.30pm at pineapple. As this programme is aimed at those who fall just shy of White Lodge or Elmhurst or those who make a choice to stay at home longer - I would fully expect they have been with an Associate programme for some time and so will have 4 fully vocational classes per week. With an added programme of pilates that will be set up for each child, a tailor-made programme from our Physio (Luke Abnett - Ex RBS), coaching 121 with myself (included), swimming and Anatomy - there will be plenty for them to do! The aim is to assist the talented ones who may flourish later or just not quite tick all the boxes at 11 but by 16 will be beautiful! Or those that choose to stay at their wonderful academic school AND stay with their families AND now also get the training thats needed to succeed. I wish to help these dancers achieve their dreams with a forward thinking international approach to training. Creating global links and ensuring the best interest of the student is paramount throughout. This programme is based on years of listening to students and parents and observing whats necessary and I truly hope to ensure its what is needed. Please feel free to add comments of what you think or need as all feedback and thoughts are useful. It really is being developed for you and your dancers with a heart felt desire from myself to help you all. If you wish to enquire further please email me emmanorthmore@yahoo.com info @balletboost.com 07958 725862 TO APPLY for the AUDITION on MARCH 29th 2018 at 4pm email monique_aaliyah@live.com (official school email yet to be tried and tested but will be coming!)
  12. Hi all, a list of Ballet Boost faculty if that helps for this year - Stephen Beagley - Company guest teacher worldwide Ruth Brill - BRB & Choreographer Olivia Cowley - RB Ricardo Cervera - RB Ballet Master Roberto Almaguer - ABT / ex ENBS Flavien - BalletBoyz Myself - ENBS Guest teacher The ethos behind Ballet Boost is to always look to the future and all guest teachers are chosen with the possibility of talent being spotted and vital industry connections being made. This is part and parcel of their futures alongside their artistic and technical abilities. The life skills of a professional is what I try to impart and so far we have have good success and these connections have worked wonders As there are many courses out there I wanted to offer something a bit different that goes beyond the classes on a timetable - at the end of the day, a successful future career is why they are training and so your money needs to be well spent in an expensive industry!! Hope this helps..... If you have any questions do please fire away - you can message me via Facebook too (Emma Northmore) as I am so rarely on here! x
  13. ah ok! if not just email me for a form emmanorthmore@yahoo.com
  14. AUDITIONS june 25th 2017 APPLY NOW! www.balletboost.com - Go to the the BBA page to apply at the bottom Ages 8 - 18 BBA is coming to the South West offering vocational training monthly on Sundays as a 'boost to their regular classes. Ballet Boost mentors and supports by nurturing and guiding both dancers and parents! Classes involve anatomy, pilates, technique, pointe, rep and contemporary over 3hrs to 4.5 hrs (depending on level) at the wonderful Dartington Hall. This is first class training on a par with all vocational schools in London. If you have any queries please don't hesitate to ask. I am excited to be helping your child fulfil their true potential! emmanorthmore@yahoo.com 07958 725862
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