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  1. Yes its open to those with their sights in vocational- we have a mix. All dates now start from Dec!
  2. Firstly huge thanks to those in support- For those finding reason to be up in arms about this - well its quite frankly exhausting to read!!! There is a pandemic. The school welcome the funds from our rental and Didy wanted to create work for herself as much of her expertise involves travelling the world. Its really as straight forward as that!!!!!! Nothing underhand or secretive. Clearly too much time is spent overthinking and looking for the bad in everything!!! I am helping a friend launch and create a business. Mr Powney is merely helping his wife out (for no money.) He is not being paid. We have jumped through all sorts of hoops. More covid secure than you could ever imagine!!!!!!! We are all decent people that thought ;" wouldn't it be nice to provide further opportunity to help dancers with their contemporary. Why don't we......." From the kindness of wanting to help dancers get to their goals. THATS ALL. No secrey, no blurred lines just trying to help. In running this course; We help white lodge We help students And possibly if I think a dancer I know should have got in but they didn't- then YES why wouldn't I mention this to Mr Powney. Why shouldn't he come in to watch?!!!!! What on earth is wrong with that???? We are all just trying to help the dancers. There is nothing underhand...... I am quite frankly dismayed by the outcry. The ballet world has its issues but people are kinder and fairer than you can imagine at the top. Mr Powney is a wonderful person who is just beong kind and open. Didy and I could easily run this elsewhere but why wouldn't we choose to support that school. They too need funds to provide scholarships and every little helps! Really have a long hard think about why some of you are attacking this course. I am truly dumbfounded and quite upset that when we, Didy and I, just wanted to provide hope and insight after these difficult months- that its not being taken for what it is. We thought it would be a treat to use those beautiful studios. That's all!!! In terms of blurred lines re Mr Powney- obviously its been scrutinised by RBS. Everything we post goes via them to ensure at no time its sold as an RBS Course. Many RBS associate teachers run schools and teach privately all with their associates in it!!! Anita Young teaches on courses and also the odd private. People need to work. Teachers are passionate- if we can help we want to. Thats all this course is!!!!!! Just humans helping humans with no ulterior motive. So calm down and either be grateful or leave us to help others. Simple as that.
  3. An exciting new collaboration between myself and Didy veldman. We are delighted to be offering masterclasses for Vocational students to be held at White Lodge, Richmond. We are very pleased to let you know that Chris Powney, Director of the Royal Ballet School, will be teaching our first senior class on 14th Nov and watching the juniors. As our Patron Chris will take classess periodically. Its a course to further the contemporary aspect that is so vital today. Each date runs 10am to 4pm at £90 and rotates through various added elements; 14th Nov contemporary solos 28th Nov Movement 19th Dec Choreography etc. 2hrs of Ballet, Contemporary class and 'solos' for example. We are looking forward to helping the young dancers of today fulfill the requirements to succeed in this current world of Ballet. www.balletboost.com for further info Email; danceenhance@yahoo.com
  4. Hello everyone, I totally understand this thread in the current climate and haven't read everyone's posts i must confess. But I wanted to say, as an ex dancer myself, that there is something in the very soul of a child that 'needs' to dance (this is not all of them but in a good few) i would have felt literally suffocated if I hadn't been able to pursue my passion. So whilst we can be sensible and wise, we must also be true to the spirit of the young dancer. Even if its to be shortlived - sometimes a person can only be happy if they know they tried. To be in a mainstream, safe job living a life where you just wish you had tried or wonder what if - leaves a person half empty. So whilst it's costly, hard and can often be upsetting to be honest- it does give back in spades in terms of fulfilment petsonally plus the so very many skills that dancers possess for life afterwards. I would be miserable without having had my career, and 2/3 of that time I was unhappy!!!! Yet it was totally necessary......I feel fulfilled and at peace with myself for having tried my best and achieved it. Even for those who don't get there in the end- I feel the opportunity to give it their best shot shouldn't be cut short just so that adults they had no regrets. We cant replace that true desire with a more sensible option unfortunately. Just a thought......... Always a tricky one. Best of luck to everyone. I hope you are surviving these strange times as best you can x
  5. Thank you to those that have applied. I am delighted to announce that Chris Powney will be watching some classes!! Only a spattering of places left!!
  6. Return to Studio course run by Didy Veldman and Emma Northmore Held at the wonderful White Lodge studios Aug 29th - Sept 6th Entire course or half course options available. Aug 29th- Sept 1st/Sept 2 -6th. Email humanoove@gmail.com to book or emmanorthmore@yahoo.com for enquiries. Aimed at full time vocational students and RBS associates. (Other associates feel free to apply with pictures). This is because this course was designed originally for Royal Ballet School students and we are now permitted to allow more open bookings but spaces are limited! Primarily aimed at Upper school years and Yr 9/10/11. We have just opened up to yr 7/8 too. Small 'bubbles' of 15 stay in one studio. Half day of ballet and Contemporary. Be safely guided back to studio work so you can start your term confidently. We aim to both physically nurture the body back to action as well as address any lockdown issues that have arisen and rekindle their confidence at this time. No boarding. Financial assistance is limited but we want to help so email us! Full refund should we lockdown again. Fully Covid secure. Humanoove@gmail.com
  7. Hello! Yes we have ballet boost at the MAC in Belfast. I set it up for just this reason - technically auditions are closed but do still apply and I will take a look. Sometimes I then invite seniors over to the London branch too.
  8. I am discussing just my full time students. At ABA - it runs 6 days a week now with juniors and seniors
  9. @Pas de Quatre Don't misunderstand me. There is no replacement for a full course i totally agree with you. Sorry i am always in a rush so can't explain fully!! The original question was in regards to a 15 yr old so all my comments refer to working at 15 and over. I have 2 teaching qualifications, anatomy and child development!!! So coupled with yrs of dancing it's not a bad package😉 Take care
  10. @Nico Kolokythaswhat I am trying to say is, I constantly think outside the box and push boundaries. I would love to help these young dancers. Therefore I would love for you to visit my school!! Each dancer has bespoke set of work......so all issues you mention are well covered. No one has said pilates is the only way....just that I personally feel its use is tremendously helpful. Some dancers need weights, others swimming....everyone is unique. I work out a programme per individual. But this discussion was on pilates (originally!) we have zero injuries, and 100%success rate to upper schools..... I have the luxury of the freedom to develop new theories of training without answering to a board and getting funding for it etc etc. I would love it if you 'studied' my approach so it can be a written up,a shared system to help. Just a thought for the greater good! I genuinely love the science of it all so would like to delve deeper on my unique approach.
  11. Precisely! BALLET pilates.... You can't beat many decades of proof long before anyone looked at the science behind it. I enjoy investigating it all but would prefer scientists are more open to observing professionals and what they entrust to keep their careers alive. 85% will be doing pilates daily!
  12. But Nico.....i have used this over and over again now to great success for students entering upper school......
  13. I must say well done drdance......your Facebook post asking for back up has brought many well informed people on to this forum! Nico is always great. From a dancers perspective ...... and I love the science......but irrespective of what the research says.........pilates was a godsend for me and so many of my colleagues. The focused exercises helped us as students, develop the neural pathways to each individual muscle group......therefore, when asked in a class setting to engage the lats (for example) or inner thighs......it was far easier to immediately make those connections and ensure the right muscle groups were working. As a pro after a broken foot - I managed to return much improved havimg only donr pilates for 4 months - even earning a promotion from it!!! I have used both imagery and pilates to get less than perfect bodies in to top vocational upper schools. So whilst not understanding the science at your level - the uses have been proven over and over again. Nico you are welcome to observe a class over a period of time to see how i create these transformations as i am genuinely curious as to why the science doesn't support it. It only works on the most dedicated dancers! I will leave you all now to your scientific discussions as my brain is fried from Covid-19 risk assessments!!!!
  14. of course pilates can change the shape of your muscles. It tones, defines and strengthens. Whilst not a scientist I am living breathing proof! I myself reshaped my body using pilates! Pilates literally gave me my career. Am I not real?!😉
  15. Everyone always gets a reply. Have they checked their spam?! We had hundreds of emails to send so possibly got bounced by the security on their computers. Ask them to email admin@balletboost.com for their result.
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