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  1. Thank you to those that have applied. I am delighted to announce that Chris Powney will be watching some classes!! Only a spattering of places left!!
  2. Return to Studio course run by Didy Veldman and Emma Northmore Held at the wonderful White Lodge studios Aug 29th - Sept 6th Entire course or half course options available. Aug 29th- Sept 1st/Sept 2 -6th. Email humanoove@gmail.com to book or emmanorthmore@yahoo.com for enquiries. Aimed at full time vocational students and RBS associates. (Other associates feel free to apply with pictures). This is because this course was designed originally for Royal Ballet School students and we are now permitted to allow more open bookings but spaces are limited!
  3. Hello! Yes we have ballet boost at the MAC in Belfast. I set it up for just this reason - technically auditions are closed but do still apply and I will take a look. Sometimes I then invite seniors over to the London branch too.
  4. I am discussing just my full time students. At ABA - it runs 6 days a week now with juniors and seniors
  5. @Pas de Quatre Don't misunderstand me. There is no replacement for a full course i totally agree with you. Sorry i am always in a rush so can't explain fully!! The original question was in regards to a 15 yr old so all my comments refer to working at 15 and over. I have 2 teaching qualifications, anatomy and child development!!! So coupled with yrs of dancing it's not a bad package😉 Take care
  6. @Nico Kolokythaswhat I am trying to say is, I constantly think outside the box and push boundaries. I would love to help these young dancers. Therefore I would love for you to visit my school!! Each dancer has bespoke set of work......so all issues you mention are well covered. No one has said pilates is the only way....just that I personally feel its use is tremendously helpful. Some dancers need weights, others swimming....everyone is unique. I work out a programme per individual. But this discussion was on pilates (originally!) we have zero injuries, and 100%success rate
  7. Precisely! BALLET pilates.... You can't beat many decades of proof long before anyone looked at the science behind it. I enjoy investigating it all but would prefer scientists are more open to observing professionals and what they entrust to keep their careers alive. 85% will be doing pilates daily!
  8. But Nico.....i have used this over and over again now to great success for students entering upper school......
  9. I must say well done drdance......your Facebook post asking for back up has brought many well informed people on to this forum! Nico is always great. From a dancers perspective ...... and I love the science......but irrespective of what the research says.........pilates was a godsend for me and so many of my colleagues. The focused exercises helped us as students, develop the neural pathways to each individual muscle group......therefore, when asked in a class setting to engage the lats (for example) or inner thighs......it was far easier to immediately make those connections
  10. of course pilates can change the shape of your muscles. It tones, defines and strengthens. Whilst not a scientist I am living breathing proof! I myself reshaped my body using pilates! Pilates literally gave me my career. Am I not real?!😉
  11. Everyone always gets a reply. Have they checked their spam?! We had hundreds of emails to send so possibly got bounced by the security on their computers. Ask them to email admin@balletboost.com for their result.
  12. Hello, The only reason I changed the plan was to give the poor dancers some good news in these worrying times! I felt they deserved to know as quickly as possible. We never normally do video auditions so its new to us all but I have been very fair and created wait lists to ensure spaces were available. Just felt a bit of good news was needed as soon as possible to lift the spirits! Hope everyone is well 😃
  13. Hi Everyone, i don't often have time to look on here but feel compelled to jump in!! Fact - I was short and "stocky". Fact - swimming and pilates gave me my career. Pilates lengthened my muscles to such an extent I even got to dance the "tall girl" dances at ENB!! Fact - pilates must happen daily to alter genetics and be applied correctly with a lengthening sense in all you do. (Swimming is the safest and most effective way to tone everywhere.) Fact - Lisa Howell and Paris Opera are amazing. Fact -There is always a chain reaction of muscles that can create
  14. Thankfully most Ballet Boost teachers are ex ENBS teachers or BRB. Only Zoe is affected and that's easily sorted . At Ballet Boost we are lucky to have plenty of high calibre teachers waiting in the wings! In regards to those with BBA places - where we can we will switch levels to help people fit both but classes are full so we can't accommodate this easily! Dancers can leave early without judgement aswell......but after lockdown consider that this many hrs in one day is tough. Dancers can choose our zoom option for one term or vice versa for RBS. Or do 50% B
  15. Hi Ballet Boost is the only place that has done this so far! They don't exist hence I created one - there will be more coming so keep an eye out on the website........
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