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  1. Trinity Laban are screening this year's Transitions Dance Company (their postgrad student MA/MFA company) production online from tomorrow for a week if anyone is interested; https://www.trinitylaban.ac.uk/news/transitions-dc-presents-their-first-ever-dance-film DOI my ds will be in this company next year!
  2. Thanks bridiem and bangorboy. He’s got limited space at the moment as we’ve put him in the guest room which has its own bathroom and outside door, just to make sure he hasn’t brought the CV from London. We’ll let him into the main house on Tuesday when he will be able to swing his legs a little more freely. Maybe no grand jetes though 🤣
  3. Ds home from Trinity Laban, which stopped classes on Monday (he’s on the Graduate Dance Diploma). Luckily they’d finished the auditions and recalls for the MA inDance Performance/Transitions Dance Company and he’s on it for September regardless of what happens this summer. But who knows what will be happening come the autumn. I feel sorry for this year’s Transitions’ dancers as they trained last autumn and started their company tour only recently - which they must now be missing. He’s trying to find online classes to keep himself going. Apparently there was an ENB one this morning?
  4. We've crossed paths so often on here and notapushymum and mumsnet and yet never met! Wishing your dd good luck in her career Pictures. It's been so helpful reading your posts over the years. Thank you.
  5. I’ve just come on here and found some of my posts about ds have been tagged. He did a humanities degree but lots of student dance at Warwick University. He’s now on the Graduate diploma course at Trinity Laban (self funded but with a partial award) and is going to try auditioning for the Masters course, which involves touring with the student company, which should be eligible for a postgraduate student loan, we believe. One of his tutors at the college followed the same route. Hope that’s helpful as an update for his pathway via a “non dance” academic degree. A fellow student and friend from Warwick now teaches occasional classes at Pineapple studios, amongst other things, although she had considerably more training pre university than ds.
  6. Thank you so much Pups_mum 🙏❤️ I hope your dd is getting on okay. Was just thinking recently about them doing EYB together!
  7. Thanks balletbean. He's done a few classes there this term I think (and intermittently over the past year) but hasn't done any tap there. I think he said the tap classes he'd noticed were mostly weekday evenings, but I could be misremembering. I'll get him to check their timetable and get back to you if he has a query about the guest teacher. Thanks for the suggestion.
  8. Can anyone suggest a good tap class in Central/South London please? Ds wants to keep up his tap while studying Contemporary Dance (1 year Graduate Diploma) at Trinity Laban. He’s roughly Adv1/Adv2 standard and has Friday afternoons or anytime Saturdays/Sundays. A syllabus class would be ideal as he wants to teach eventually but any recommendations welcome. Thanks for the help.
  9. Congratulations to you and dd for making it through to this point Pups_mum. What a lot of hard work and commitment it has been for both of you. And thank you for all the help and friendship you gave me and ds during that time. Wishing you both all the best for the future.
  10. amum/Cathy

    John Mallinson

    Please may I join you all in saying how sorry I am to hear this. I’m very grateful for all the years he put into the moderating of this forum, and his kindness as he did so.
  11. Thanks Janet, I'll pass it on. He'll remember meeting you at the Lowry! I can't remember what we were seeing though 🙄. Think we were with pups mum and her dd.
  12. Just popping back on here to say I have one very happy ds! He has been offered a place on the TL graduate diploma course, subject to a 2.1 in his degree. Thank you to everyone who posted advice or good wishes. Xx
  13. Congratulations NHenry. Hope you find the finance. My son is hoping to do what Tulip suggests - if he can get onto the Trinity Laban graduate diploma course (see thread here. He will be 21 but I think this course takes people with a mixture of backgrounds and ages. Good luck with your dance training and finding the funds.
  14. Hi Hannah Thank you very much for posting about this. I'll certainly pass it on. Best wishes, Cathy
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