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  1. Thank you Spacy and Jane we will look into both of them.
  2. Thank you Spacy that is so helpful. What company did you use? When you google online alevels there seems to be a few different companies. Which did you go with? Are any better than others?
  3. Has anyone taken on any a-levels online? My daughter is interested in starting one.
  4. Great to hear your daughter is doing very well Primrose! X
  5. My daughter really enjoyed theses classes and felt like she gained so much from attending. Wouldn't hesitate to book again if the chance came up. Liked the small class sizes, friendly approachable teacher and the location was very accessible.
  6. Her email address is on the advert for the master classes that was put on her Facebook page. If you click on the link above that kat09 posted you will see it
  7. Thank you I brought one new in the end as we struggled to find a second hand one
  8. My daughter is after a copy of this if any one has a copy they want to sell ?
  9. All the final summer school information was on the email 26/05/15.
  10. Is anyone on this forum going next week?
  11. Fantastic! Wonderful performance, really enjoyed it!
  12. Thank you, thought so but just wanted to clarify with others
  13. So do you think only current year 11 students can apply? Those that are starting year 12 in sept 2015. Or can the current year 12 apply as well?
  14. Thank you swanprincess! Another one to look out for. Have a fantastic time! x
  15. Sounds so exciting! Where are the London auditions usually advertised and what time of year do they advertise them? What sort of level do you need to be? Are you advanced one? Advanced two? X
  16. Thank you. We live in the midlands so will contact a few framers local to see if they do it. If not I'm up at Liverpool in August so will contact Rennies! Thank you!
  17. Where in the uk can you get pointe shoes framed please? X
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