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Found 11 results

  1. Hi! I was wondering if anyone knew of one year training programmes in Europe? My daughter is looking for one to bridge the gap between school and company. I've heard of Northen Ballet's professional graduate programme and Ballet Cymru's pre professional programme but are there others out there that focus on performance/ preparation for company auditions? Many thanks!
  2. These schemes have flourished in recent years with the lack of paid contracts being available to new graduates. Schools are listing them as graduate destinations when in fact they are partly doing what the 3rd year of sixth form was designed to do - prepare the students for company roles. They all come with a cost and we have noted that some students do consecutive years at different schemes in the hope of gaining paid employment. Dd completed one recently, enjoyed the teaching and got plenty of performance opportunities as part of the main company. It would be interesting to hear other’s experiences of these schemes as despite her positive experiences my dd feels they are predominantly a money making scheme for the companies and a way to fill the gaps in the cast without having to pay a wage.
  3. http://welshballet.co.uk/launch-of-brand-new-training-programme/ Thought this looked interesting!
  4. Hello Everyone I was wondering if anyone had any experience of the NB Professional Graduate Programme, I believe it to be a fairly new course. It is a rather large financial commitment, however it does appear that the students have secured some contracts. Also, is it tremendously difficult to even get to audition stage? I should imagine it's pretty over-subscribed. Any thoughts would be most welcome. Cheers BB
  5. As DD's time in vocational school goes by, I really can't help but look forward to the next step. There seems to be a lot of apprenticeships/junior ballet company courses available (quite expensive), plus the opportunity to do a MA. There is quite a lot of feedback from upper schools about student destinations, but it would be really nice to know what happens to students after they have completed these post graduate courses - is there anything published ? #does the stress ever stop
  6. hello again, I have a quick question! I read on an earlier topic about a new thing where lots of companies audition at once. I've done search after search but can't find it. I can't remember the name of it or where it's held but it was somewhere in Europe and supposed to be held once a year. Does anyone remember please? thanks!
  7. Hello everyone, I have joined to ask this question because I just can't find any information. My daughter is currently at vocational ballet school but is young for her age and also has a birthday very late in the school year, so she will graduate with her degree when she is still 18 years old. If she doesn't feel ready to start auditioning for companies etc. would it be feasible to do another year somewhere? I can't see any courses at any schools so I'm thinking this isn't possible. Just wondering if anyone has any advice. She definitely wants to stick with ballet and is doing really well but we feel an extra year might be a really good idea for her as an individual. Does anyone know of any courses anywhere please, or give any advice? Thank you.
  8. How much time do you need to give your dd to decide whether or not a school is the right fit? My dd is coming off the heels of a really good summer intensive where she was also invited to study year round. She enjoyed the classes, the teachers and the overall curriculum. We didn't send her there because she had already committed to another program overseas. She's been in the program less than one month so far. The dance schedule appears to be a little light at first glance. Apparently, they start off slowly and will gradually ramp up with rehearsals. Anyhow, as a mom, I'm reading between the lines in terms of what my dd has shared with me and am worried for her. She says she's the worst kid in the class. The majority of the kids have come up through the lower school and are very well versed with the school's style. She also says she's not receiving many corrections from the teacher. I guess my question is this. Is it better for a dk to be at a world renowned ballet school (company attached) and train despite being one who receives few corrections? Or, is it better to be at another really good school (without a company attached) and be one of the favored students? This second school has also sent many dks to professional companies. She's taken many master classes and been to competitive summer intensives, all with positive feedback. Most teachers say they think she will have a future in ballet. I think she is a little down but is still working really hard to get better. I guess I just want what's best for her and for her to be happy. Any advice?
  9. Just wondering if anyone has any knowledge of the above professional finishing programme. I know a few from my daughters school applied and one girl is going. My daughter has also secured a place, but she is waiting on a few options in England?
  10. Following on from the thread about graduate contracts I thought it might be useful to open a more general discussion. Some lucky dancers do find a job on graduation, but many more are left considering their options. There are various "finishing" years, graduate companies and apprenticeships that new graduates can apply for - normally selection is by audition. Once upon a time apprenticeships were paid, and although it was less than a full member of the company, it was still a living wage. These paid apprenticeships appear to be an endangered species though, and most apprenticeships these days are a placement as part of a post-graduate diploma or MA. Not only do you have to pay for the privilege, but student loans are not available, so living costs have to be found somehow. It is a constantly evolving field, so it would be helpful if anyone else has more information to contribute.
  11. This was posted yesterday - perhaps of interest to those who have not secured contracts this year. . . http://northernballet.com/index.php?q=academy/graduate-professional-programme (sorry not sure how to do a clicky)
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