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Found 5 results

  1. One of my pupils arrived on Friday afternoon very upset about the leak of the Edexcel Math paper. She had just taken the exam and said it was extraordinarily hard and contained various things that had not appeared in the syllabus. Then finding out that the paper had been leaked and circulated on social media added to her frustration. According to the papers this weekend, this is the third time this has happened. Does anyone know how it was handled in previous years? It is so hard on those who are honest and simply did their best.
  2. For parents with children auditioning for secondary schools this year who are not necessarily yet "in the know" I thought I would mention YDA in London whose 2015 academic results have been published by the Local Authority. YDA is a small private vocational day school but it has some scholarship and boarding places. 89% of last year's Yr 11s attained 5+ GCSEs at A-C compared with an authority average of 62.6% and a national average of 53.8%. YDA was also rated as outstanding in its last Ofsted and it has a strong and growing reputation for its training and great vocational results. Last year
  3. We are starting to think now about what dd wants to do in two years time. After our visit to Move It it dd is a bit clearer in her mind & several of the musical theatre colleges she is drawn towards take students at 18 though there are a few that take at 16. She is however quite set on taking A levels in particular science (she does not want to do Btec) The list of places we know about are Tring, Hammond, Abbots Bromley, Arts Ed (but only maths no science) Are there any other that we arnt aware of. Alternatively any schools close to local dance schools offering advanced c
  4. Just wondered if any of you have experience of on line A levels. My DD is starting at vocational school in September. She would like to try and continue with A levels on line possibly only one as we are aware of how demanding she will find full time dance school. Have any of your DC had success with this. If so any recommendations of providers etc. and is the support offered good enough? i would be interested in your experiences. DD is interested in taking biology which at least relates to what she will be studying at vocational school.
  5. Do studnts have to take A levels alongside their dance studies if lucky enough to gain a place in the sixth form at Elmhurst?
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