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  1. Hello Does anyone’s child do Hammond Associates or know any information about it? Thank you in advance 🙂
  2. Hi - left it too late to apply for Central associates this year, but their recent building move posts have reminded me to look for a bit more info. So I know I’ve missed this year’s application (I think!) but can’t find much info on here about the associates scheme as opposed the the school itself. So- any current associate families- I know lockdown/zoom will have given different experiences but (normally) how big are the classes? Is the teaching consistent ie same teacher each week so gets to know your child? Do you think your children have progressed- any first hand comparisons with other schemes also welcome! Thanks in advance!
  3. Did anyone else’s child audition for LJB associates today? My 8 year old was delighted to be offered a place for a September start, It would be lovely to virtually meet anyone else who will also be attending.
  4. Does anyone have any details about kings? My daughter has been offered a place on the prevocational associates course from just the photos and form. Does this mean they accept most that apply or is it selective?
  5. I’m looking for some advice please. Dd is in year 7 and has been dancing with a weekly associate programme at a well known ballet school since year 5. Although she always enjoyed it, it never seemed to do much to build her confidence (and often the opposite, as she frequently told me she felt like the ‘worst’ in the class). This year she moved up to the equivalent of Mids and this issue has seemed to get worse (I think her confidence and enthusiasm in general have been impacted by months of zoom classes, no performances etc). It definitely doesn’t feel like a particularly nurturing environment, and from what I can see/hear from the zoom classes, the teacher they have this year is quite negative and ‘old school’ in approach. I’m sure others respond well to this ‘tough’ approach but dd tends to take it to heart and become even lower after each class. All in all, I don’t feel it is working for her and she has said several times she wants to stop, although then wobbles on this when it comes to making a final decision. I think she knows how lucky she is to have the place, how much she wanted it when she first auditioned, and that so many people (including her local ballet teachers and friends) would think she was completely crazy to give it up. I have to admit to worrying about the same things myself. There is another potential option, an associate programme at a much smaller ballet school. Dd attended a summer school there and loved it. It has a very different feel and my gut feeling is that it would suit her better. But her ballet teacher has been quite dismissive of it, I think because it isn’t well known and getting a place doesn’t have the same ‘prestige’ as RBS, Elmhurst etc. We need to make a decision in the next few weeks as she will have to give a full terms notice at her current associates. If it makes a difference, she auditioned for year 7 vocational places at 2 schools, got to finals at one, but didn’t get a place. Since then she has decided she doesn’t want to go down the vocational route at this stage, possibly not at all, but wants to keep her options open. She is definitely not as fixed on her dream of becoming a professional dancer as she was a year ago, although some of that might be down to the experiences of the past year. Sorry for what has turned into a very long post, any advice much appreciated - thanks.
  6. Is anyone else auditioning on 7th March for TPA? My 13 year old dd is very keen but I wanted to find out how competitive it is to get a place. My oldest dd was at TPA for several years and had a great time and found the training to be top notch. Little dd is probably less able than her older sister (generally gets Merits for dance exams) and I want to manage her expectations.
  7. I’m confused! Are we allowed to go out of County to an Associates class this weekend?? My brain is fried! 🙈😆🙈😆🙈
  8. Does anyone have any suggestions for associate programmes that happen on a Sunday in or around London? Its for my 13 year old dd, she’s looking for extra ballet but also contemporary and maybe jazz to supplement her regular classes. Preferably something that isn’t too competitive to get in to! Thank you.
  9. I thought it might be nice for those with children starting at LJB associates on 27th September to have a thread for questions and comments, although I’m not sure if there are many of us on here! Does anyone know how many children there are in each class?
  10. Hi everyone! My DD has just completed The London Ballet Company summer intensive for the second year now, and has been reaccepted as TLBC Associate from September as well so just wanted to give a huge shout out to the Director, Sophie and her team who have just been amazing! The Associates run once a month on Sundays in Battersea and it’s an excellent addition to existing ballet training to get the creative juices flowing and for anyone who is interested in contemporary ballet. Another one of their amazing features is YoBallet which focusses on strengthening the core and using all the right muscles. They also have a school in Wimbledon that is worth checking out (although we don’t currently attend as it quite a distance for us) but what’s different about them is that they don’t follow any strict syllabus and work by strengthening and stretching the right muscles and correcting posture to get the best results. Just had to post as it’s been a little secret of my DD for a while now and she comes out beaming after every session :) The facilities are of an excellent standard too and since I ran a search and couldn’t find any posts on them so I thought I’d get the word out there.
  11. Hi, I am looking for good options for Associate Programs in Dance with a strong Ballet Focus. I realise we may need to travel to mainland UK for this and at the moment I am just looking at recommendations for likely monthly training sessions. I have 2 vocational dancer students (aged < 16) who would benefit from a broader dance education experience and in being in a larger group environment, possibly as a support in helping them with career choices for the future. I have searched the forum and can see a number of programs out there but would welcome advice. What are the top three? Have we missed entry for the coming year? and are any doing on-line in the short term (although we would be absolutely willing to travel). Any guidance would be appreciated. Thanks 🙏
  12. Hello there Folks, I need a little bit of advice.. I run a ballet company and associates programme, but I am really struggling to get the word out there about what we are doing. Obviously all the usual places (Instagram and FB ect), but it is so hard trying to reach people, especially when local schools misunderstand what you are trying to do and think you are poaching their pupils. The point is to make more jobs for dancers and give young dancers extra more professional training, in addition to where they currently train. It is really hard when you are just trying to help improve the dance industry and the futures for young people, but please may I have any suggestions of where you would normally look for additional more serious training, where to advertise and what people are looking for as I am struggling somewhat. Any suggestions would be much appreciated! S x
  13. Just wondering if anyone has experience or feedback of The London Ballet Company Associates Programme? Any information appreciated.
  14. Does anyone have a dd at YDA Associates? Mine is joining this Sept and I'm looking at uniform. There are some optional items- warm up and tracksuit and I'd like to know whether most kids wear them? If they do I'd like to get them but don't want to waste money if most don't use them. And any tips on other things for a YDAAC newbie much appreciated!
  15. Hello. I’m completely new to this and would love some advice please. We live in Northern Ireland. My dd is 12 and has been studying RAD ballet for 5/6 years. She really wants to take it further and we were thinking of an associates program. We don’t really have great opportunities for aspiring ballet dancers here in Northern Ireland. Which ones should I look at? What’s available out there? Is there anyone on here that travels to mainland uk from NI? I am completely clueless and need your help. Lol. I’ve obviously heard of RBS and Elmhurst and Scottish Ballet. I believe we have missed auditions for RBS and SB for this year tho. What other ones is there? Any help and advice will be greatly appreciated. Thank you 😊
  16. Hello, I wondered if anyone did the online ballet audition for central associates? and to perhaps share when you get news of if you were successful?
  17. I’m selling two Ballet Theatre UK Associates Leotards in Rose (colour for Senior A/B) in adult small: Chest- 81-86cm/32-34inch Waist- 63-71cm/25-28inch Hips- 81-85 cm/32-32inch Girth- 145cm/57inch Both have been worn however in excellent condition Happy to send photos £15 each or £25 for both + postage
  18. hi everyone, I'm new to this forum chat but I find It really useful to find out infomation about lots of relevant things. I'm wondering if there's anyone out there who has any knowledge of the extended young dancer programme at Elmhurst Ballet School - preferably for the year 11 Does anyone have an idea of the ability of dancers who apply and go for an audition in year 11. Is everyone who turns up absoutely amazing and your typical prima-ballerina or are there a mix of abilities. Also,what happens in an audition? what is the class like? is it really hard/challenging. thanks
  19. Any idea of the times of the SA classes in Covent Garden on a Saturday please? Also what is the uniform? We will be supplied with all the info we need in due course but I’m just trying to plan ideas for travel to London....... thanks in advance
  20. Hi there, Wondered if anyone could advise what is involved in the audition for the Northern Ballet associates just to prepare my DD as we have decided to apply. Is it run as a ballet class in a similar way to the RBS auditions? Many Thanks
  21. Now that all of the Associate programme results are back (or at least the ones I know of), and the dust has settled on decisions, acceptances etc I thought I would start a thread for those who will be a BBA in September (& those who already are) to share tips, ask questions etc. (I will also start an Elmhurst one too) My DD is 8 and we are reasonably new to this type of thing. She’s excited to start though! My (first) question is, how or where do you get the white ribbon bows that the girls have in their hair? Do you buy them like that or do parents make them themselves? This is probably the most ridiculous question I have asked! I look forward to meeting other parents of BBA 😊
  22. Very new to this but my daughter's dance teacher has suggested she audition for the Elmhurst young dancer programme. I was just wondering if anyone knew of any other assosiate programmes that she could also audition for ? We are based in the Northwest so ideally something not a million miles away would be great. Thanks in advance 😁 xx
  23. Hi, newbie here! Hope I put this in the right place! My DS is 10 and took up ballet about 18 months ago and is the only boy in his ballet school, but loves it so much. He is looking at auditioning for associate schemes this year (I know it’s a long shot, but his teacher thinks it’s worth giving a go) - was just wondering if anyone could tell us what the associate lessons are actually like? Thank you so much, Jingles x
  24. Does anybody know the times for the Y4 class for Elmhurst young dancers in Birmingham? Are there any fortnightly options or just weekly? I couldn’t see this info anywhere on the website. DD is keen to apply but it would be a bit of a journey for us (although we have family in Birmingham so it could be broken up with a stay). I am thinking more of the effects on the rest of the family and how it would work. I do realise these schemes are very competitive and chances are small, but worth thinking in advance anyway. We are so limited with options for extra ballet where we live! Thanks so much
  25. Hi, Is anyone selling any Ballet Boost items for Junior Associates please (age 10+); Leotard (Sky blue) Jacket Warm ups Muscle book Thanks
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