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  1. So very sorry to hear of the loss of such a wise, thoughtful and kind person. Indeed he will be very much missed...
  2. How was the Paquita Mazurka on the main ROH stage and with an orchestra? I'm used to seeing YouTube videos of Vaganova students performing this in very grand settings.... Maybe that's why the Holland Park version seemed lacking, despite some obviously talented and enthusiastic young dancers. Unfortunately I couldn't get to the ROH matinee.
  3. Both these tickets are now available: LEVEL 4 Lower Slips 4A, A-1 : £3LEVEL 1 Stalls Circle 1D, D-54 (standing): £6 If you know someone who can't pay the full cost, that's fine - I'd really like the tickets to be used.
  4. I have the following two tickets: LEVEL 4 Lower Slips 4A, A-1 : £3 LEVEL 1 Stalls Circle 1D, D-54 (standing): £6 It's possible that one of these tickets is gone (not yet sure which), so please indicate both your first choice and your second choice if applicable..
  5. Reducing the ticket for tonight (Fri) to £10 or whatever you are willing to pay. Don't want it to go to waste...
  6. There's now just the Friday night (mostly lower school) ticket available: Fri 7 p.m. AA46, £15 Hope someone will be able to use it...
  7. I've saved the Thursday ticket for Clueless. The Friday ticket is still available - and possibly the Saturday ones.
  8. Definitely selling 1 ticket for each of Thursday 7 p.m. and Friday 7 p.m. Thurs 7 p.m. AA2, £15 Fri 7 p.m. AA46, £15 Not sure if I'll be able to use my 1 ticket for Saturday 2 pm. and Saturday 7 p.m. Please let me know if you can use either of these and I'll update you re availability as soon as I can. Sat 2 p.m. AA46, £15 Sat 7 p.m. AA46, £15
  9. I just called Opera Holland Park and was told that they are not sure how long the performances later this week will last, but they will probably be under 2 1/2 hours including the interval. If anyone knows more I'd be grateful. Also if anyone is driving to/from the North (ideally around the Manchester/Cheshire area), I'd be intererested to contribute towards expenses in exchange for a ride - Please PM me with details. Many thanks!
  10. Selling the three remaining tickets (two for today and one for tomorrow) at half price (£2.50 each instead of face value of £5). If interested, please write as soon as possible.
  11. Ticket B2 for the 27th has now gone. The other three tickets are still available.
  12. Selling two tickets for each of Wednesday's and Thursday's performances at Linbury. £5 per ticket. Details: 26th June: Standing/restricted view Door 1 / Upper Circle / B-1 / £5 Door 2 / Upper Circle / B-43 / £5 27th June: Standing/restricted view Door 1 / Upper Circle / B-1 / £5 Door 1 / Upper Circle / B-2 / £5
  13. Don't see this online yet...?
  14. Yaffa

    Room 101

    Really sympathise - Been there done that many times. I guess it's understandable that some special deals are used to get rid of slow-moving/short-dated stock, and it's certainly good to pay particular attention to the dates. But often, when I've asked a store manager, they have allowed a substitution or have given a voucher to obtain a particular item later or from a different branch....
  15. Interestingly, the Bolshoi Academy will be performing at the same venue (Galatsi Stadium) from 23rd-29th December: More at: https://www.viva.gr/tickets/mainnavigation/χορος/εργα/the-bolshoi-ballet-academy--καρυοθραυστησed110274-/
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