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  1. Yes you're correct Alison! I can't seem to edit it though....!
  2. I’m not sure whether this photo will upload, but I saw a lady in her 50’s today who was new to pointe and struggles to leave the barre. The shoe on the left is the one she’s had for about 6 months and the one on the right is what we fitted her in today. Her centre of gravity is so far back as she can’t get on to the platform it’s no wonder she needs the barre! She’s in a much better alignment in the new shoe and this will improve further with ribbons and a little breaking in. Shoes are SO important! ❤️
  3. Looks like the pads you get to put on the feet of furniture to stop them scratching wooden floors?
  4. I agree with Anna re padding. Instinctively if something hurts, you want to pad it, but the padding itself can add to the pressure and cause more problems than it alleviates unfortunately there is no magic formula for pointe shoe fitting!
  5. Thanks Jan Most brands do a wider shape style which can then be fitted in an appropriate width to accommodate bunions and any associated support/spacers/padding. She really does need to try as many on as possible. Adapting the style she currently wears may also be an option - maybe going up a width, but using a box liner to reduce the space where it’s not needed. Try Russian Pointe Brava, Muze, Entrada Pro (has high crown) Grishko Triumph, Super Triumph or Smart Pointe Bloch Balance European and Hannah are quite square shoes Hope this gives you some help to start
  6. Completely agree with the above - the mind is a powerful tool and can hinder as well as help! Look at how children show little fear and fling themselves around play parks, jumping around with little concern about injury. As adults we’ve learnt to hold back and consider the “what ifs”. Quite how we unlearn the self preservation, I’m not sure. But I know if I distract my self-doubting mind from...”I can’t turn to the left” or “I don’t like this step”...I seem to be able to do it better?! Core and strength/weight ratio are also key. I’ve noticed a huge difference in my ability when I work on these. Although whether part of it is due to a mental shift as I feel more capable...who knows?! Oh and a well fitted shoe is a pre-requisite
  7. Ok, here goes! I'll try to upload photos I took of a smart pointe size 4.5 XXX (on the left) and 2007 Pro 4.5 XXX on the right. I then swap the Smart pointe shoe for a 4.5 XX shoe. Sorry the files are too big If you can let me have an email address I'll send them to you! I'll also put them on our FB and Insta stories @justballetuk
  8. That’s very interesting I guess it depends on where the taper is on her foot? As I mentioned earlier in the thread, they have a nice nipped in waist, but then come out in width below. Ill try and remember to take some photos in the shop tomorrow of smart next to 2007 and post here so you can see what the differences are
  9. You could try the 2007 Pro - it has easy roll through, with quieter and lighter glue
  10. Narrow, compressible and hyper mobile....that’s a pointe fitting hat trick! 🤪 Seriously though, those are all fitting challenges and certainly the first two would rule out the smart pointe in my mind. Different styles in each brand will fit differently, so you could be an X width in one Bloch style and a 0X (narrower than an X) in another. If you like a pre-arched shoe you may want to try the Allure, which is based on the 2007 shoe last, but with a pre-arched plastic shank
  11. Hi Aurora I would say that no, they wouldn’t suit a tapered foot, as there would be too much room across the metatarsal area. The 2007/nova/dream/allure/pro flex are all more suitable shapes
  12. The smart pointe has a nipped in “waist” around the middle of the foot and is wider across the metatarsal area than the 2007. The box is not as tapered. More info on the particulars on the image on our website. Tried to upload the image here but the file is too big https://www.justballet.co.uk/products/grishko-smart-pointe-shoe
  13. I’ve sent you an email x
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