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  1. Sheila Beelam

    New Year

    Good luck to all! X
  2. I take private classes with Karis Scarlette (En Avant Ballet) at Danceworks and would recommend her as outstanding 💖
  3. I would second SD69 in a B width fitting for narrow feet x
  4. Such sad news, I remember Johns input was kind and considered, always thinking about other people. I’m sure he was a wonderful person and will be missed by many. Condolences to his family and friends x
  5. Wishing you a speedy recovery Michelle knees are tricky things, take care of them xxx
  6. I’ll speak to So Danca and see if we can get a pair for you I’ll also check with Grishko on Monday as they do a pink full sole leather shoe without drawstring, so may do white too!
  7. Sorry I didn’t mean to confuse, I meant that when fitting we find people go up one size in the dream stretch, a size 41 is tight, but comfortable in this style on me and I’m a UK 7. I was just saying as a comparison between styles I like a UK8 in the SD16
  8. Depends how tight you like them...but generally I go up a size. I’m a UK 7 and the 41 is tight, but comfortable. I wear an 8 in the SO Danca SD16. I would say 37=size 3 street shoe, 38=size 4, 39/size 5 etc
  9. A little off topic, but when pointe shoe drawstrings are elasticated, sometimes they grip the cotton casing to such an extent that you can’t then slacken it off it you pull them too tight. I advise dancers to do what you say with the drawstring Anna, when sewing ribbons on. 👏🏻
  10. I find the Capezio hanamis and Russian pointe vivante are good for wider feet. The Hanami suits a wider foot across the toes, the Rp suits a foot with a wide mid section. The So danca SD16 is generally good for most foot shapes and comes in a regular width (C) and a narrower B width. The So danca SD 120 is based on the SD16, but is a shoe with tapered toes (it has a right and a left), so is good for people with a long big toe. The Grishko dream stretch is also good for narrow feet - we have this in a B width in “regular” shoes and in a standard C width as a vegan shoe. On the subject of vegan shoes, we also stock the Tempo (non stretch- used to be called model 6) and the So Danca SD16 as a vegan shoe. We also have children’s vegan shoes in satin or canvas Hope this helps somebody!
  11. Thank you The distributor has stopped supplying them to the UK as they say it’s no longer economically viable HOWEVER after some pleading, they have put an order in just for us Should be here in a few weeks - keep an eye on our social media, or if you go on the tights on our website, you can sign up for an email notification when they come back in to stock x
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