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  1. Hi Lyn we currently have several So danca leos in stock in size 7 and degas in XXL. This lacy one is in stock in Black and burgundy in size 7. https://www.justballet.co.uk/products/so-danca-lace-top-leotard?key=fb967d898a2977dd33fecd44951f6a40fa5c397219f300b72285e85fc72fca94 And I’m pretty sure this one arrived in burgundy in size 7 on Friday, but not unpacked the box yet! https://www.justballet.co.uk/products/so-danca-lace-top-leotard?key=fb967d898a2977dd33fecd44951f6a40fa5c397219f300b72285e85fc72fca94 We can order any sizes in for you from So Danca sheila x
  2. Where do the London Ballet Masterclasses normally take place please? Just trying to work out logistics of a trip down from Norfolk! X
  3. How you tackle it depends on the fabric and decoration. It’s generally ok to dunk the pants section of a tutu in a washing up bowl to clean, avoiding getting the net wet. For bodices if you clean sections (especially if you have to scrub) you can get water tide marks as it dries and the fabric can distort if it’s delicate. Sometimes it’s better to wet the whole bodice or if it’s panelled, then wet a complete panel. Use of an oxidising spray before gently hand washing is good for makeup/tan. With any process try on a hidden part if possible first - eg the internal basque, inside seams, the hook and eye under flap etc If water’s not an option then vodka sprayed on it can get rid of smells and hairspray is good for removing lipstick. Always allow to air dry slowly, never use a hairdryer etc Our tutus are much more resilient than people think, but not sure what you’re dealing with! X
  4. I find they run true to size, a 12y in BR and a 2A in So Danca are comparable. Sometimes particular styles can vary though, if you want to message me styles you’re comparing I can lay them on top of each other, if we have them
  5. Here it is Lynn x https://www.justballet.co.uk/products/so-danca-lace-top-leotard
  6. Great speech and I hope those members In Doing Dance see it too! I confess I generally only look at those pages but came across this on you tube and was going to post on here but a quick search showed me I’d missed it! x
  7. Hi DeveloppeD I have the 9501 in stock in black in a T5...and 9639 in black in a T4. Both Degas. The former is spaghetti straps and the latter a tank style that you could wear a nude bra underneath. Maybe not suitable for an exam, but we have a So danca lace top leo in black in a 7 (XL) and the Intermezzo lace back leo in XL and XXL. Also Ainsliewear Kirsty in XL, and the Capezio Bratek in XL, both camisole style All on our site or give me a ring on Thursday and I can discuss with anyine (closed tomorrow) sheila x
  8. Thank you for your kind words! ❤️ Degas leos should some with a health warning as they are addictive! They do come up smaller than other brands and the 9502 is marginally higher in the leg line than the 9501, but both are very flattering and a good choice for auditions or uniforms for associates etc. The V cut neckline can cone low at the front if you have a long torso, but it does elongate the neck...some dancers find going up a size and taking the straps up at the back sorts out any issues with a low front. We are the UK stockist and happy to help with sizing and colours. We have a rolling order with Degas, all their leotards are made in France. We try and keep a large range in stock and also order whatever people need. Just send me a message here or to sales@justballet.co.uk Sx
  9. We used to see pupils quite often who would say their teacher had told them to get a particular brand of pointe shoe. This is less common now, we tend to still get the occasional “anything except Gaynors”, but other than that the consensus is the best shoe for the foot and dancers ability, at this time, is the right choice I second the comments above, I find Freeds are hard to fit on shallow and narrow feet, but that could be that this is just because their standard stock doesn’t suit that foot shape. Customisation makes many more things possible!
  10. Hi everyone As far as I understand they are made in the same factory as RP shoes, in the same traditional construction (no plastic) but “badged” differently. Some of the models used to share the names of some of the RP styles eg Rubin, but these have now been dropped in place of the RC-21, RC-22 etc code. The specifications of each RClass shoe will differ from model to model, but I don’t have much experience with these. I would go back to the fitter and ask for more info on the type of shoe you have and what other options are available I’m not sure how much variety RClass shoes offer within each model, as I’ve only fitted with the standard RC21 and RC22. Russian Pointe shoes have a wide variety of styles, all available with up to 6 different widths and 3 vamp lengths, so a huge number of varities available, so RClass may offer something similar. Obviously it depends on what’s available for you to try in store, as to how you get on with each brand. similarly Grishko have many more styles apart from the popular 2007 shoe and 5 different widths and 5 different shank strengths available in many of their styles. it really is a huge world of pointe shoes out their! 🤪
  11. Thanks Heather Please do get in touch if we can help with hire x
  12. I like Hannah’s classes too I’m “old school” ballet and want corrections, structure and discipline for adult classes, rather than a social gathering. Hannah delivers, with a sense of humour How many times in my life can I be told to pull my shoulders down 🙄... Clearly not enough! 🤪
  13. Be careful This is a trading platform for different suppliers. Beware of low prices to entice you in, suppliers also use photos that may not be what you receive. I’ve seen Ainsliewear photos used to sell leotards from China and their leotards are ONLY made in Canada. Sizing is bizarre and finish quality can be awful
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