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  1. Oh absolutely, there are many wonderful teachers and to be honest not all “bad” teachers are bad for all pupils, it’s often more about finding the right teacher for your child and unfortunately for us that hasn’t happened yet!! Dd has had some very good teachers but they maybe just haven’t clicked.....maybe my expectations are too high?! I don’t know, all I do know is that dd once had a teacher that she did click with and she come in leaps and bounds, unfortunately we couldn’t stay with that teacher for various reasons and since then the battle to find someone that really believes in and supports dd has been a hard one!!
  2. Worded much better than my post annaliesey, but I was under the impression that a proud and supportive teacher was a mythical creature 🤣 All joking aside it is the very sad reality that not all teachers are proud of their pupils achievements and in all hosesty in a lot of schools it simply comes down to whether your face “fits”
  3. 🤣🤣🤣 Best laugh I’ve had in a while.... “proud teacher”.....what is one of those??! 🤣🤣......not that I’m cynical or anything!!
  4. I am pm’ing you now!! X
  5. I think people just refer to a bursary as a scholarship, which yes is capped at 50% And if your child isn't offered a MDS you can phone the school and discuss the possibility of a bursary with the school.
  6. Yes we are hoping for a lottery win also......been waiting 3 years and no such luck!! ? And yes there must be a lot of year 9/10's then!!
  7. Wow 53, so I wonder if they do it like tring then and everyone that gets to finals goes on the reserve with a score to order them? Seems quite a few year 9's on the reserve! Has anyone heard of a yes yet?? Also am I wrong in assuming that there probably won't be a massive amount of movement as all the other schools have already had their finals and places will have had to have been accepted already? Or am I way off the mark lol
  8. Very sorry t hear your dd didn't secure MDS, it's a feeling I know only too well!! Can I ask Did they tell you your dd's position on the waiting list then? And if so did the tell you out of how many? I've always wondered how many they have on the reserve lists. Xx
  9. So does anyone know if the Y9/10 results are sent out at the same time as the Y7/8 or do they go out after?
  10. I think they just like to see if they have the confidence to sing and also because if maybe your not right for the dance course they can consider you for the MT course instead. But it's not a big issue and they say it won't affect the outcome of the audition. And like I say if you don't have a piece prepared they just ask you to sing happy birthday. I'd let her audition, it's a great experience!
  11. No not at all, my dd doesn't sing and only sings happy birthday in the audition as she doesn't prepare something and she has been offered a place at the Hammond two years on a row!!
  12. Ahh that's lovely to hear, I was beginning to have visions of an empty studio as its been so quiet
  13. Is it just me or has it been a very quiet year on the forum this year for lower school?? Can't believe nobody has spoke about yesterday's audition!!
  14. Good luck everyone and just think the end is finally in sight lol
  15. Lema

    A Little Brag!

    What a wonderful position to be in and speaks volumes for your sons talents!! Many congratulations to you and your son, I'm sure it's taken much love, hard work and dedication from you both to reach this level ? Lovely lovely news!!
  16. I know people that have done all of your suggestions above, my dd cut down a solo she already had but know people who have had new dances, done exam work, let DC choreograph their own work or had a solo prepared with a teacher so my advice is just do what suits you best in terms of finance, time and dd's preference! Try not to worry too much, they just like to get a feel for the DC away from the structured class and see how they like to dance. Good luck!!
  17. Wow 2 year 8 places and to 2 friends!! How wonderful for you dd and her friend, many congratulations ????
  18. Lovely news congratulations Happymum to you and your DS!! Very exciting times ahead for your family xx
  19. Lema


    MIDAS is short for Midlands independent dance associate scheme, and yes they train once a month so probably is the same one you are looking at, have you tried the Facebook page or pm'ing drdance direct.
  20. Oh I didn't realise they had so many to give out, it's quite a few more than Tring have then!!
  21. Cosette from Les Miserables
  22. Do you mean 16-19 places for year 7 or 16-19 lots of MDS available this year, only that seems a lot if it's the latter!
  23. Karen if you have no interest in these items it may be worth reposting again after the funding audition has took place in April when people may be getting some good news and be in need of uniform?!
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