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  1. Boys are all about growth spurts and very often one part will grow before another and the muscles can't keep up! I would say that many boys at 10 or 11 are not all that flexible, but it may well come later. There's nothing much he can do, except to keep on working on his flexibility and hope for the best!
  2. Thank you - do I have to contact her by email to register students?
  3. I agree that this clip is extremely moving, but I was not surprised by it. I think many people haven't understood that her "dancing" is not actually her poor vanished mind miraculously working again, but dancers will instantly kmow that it's her muscle memory responding to the music. It often happens to me that I forget a dance that I haven't taught for some years, but as soon as I hear the music my body remembers it correctly. I think musicians have the same thing - I recently saw a film of a 94 year old pianist with Altsheimers playing Beethoven from "memory".
  4. I absolutely adored Sambé and O''Sullivan in the Fille pdd and so was a little disappointed that their Tchaikovsky pdd didn't quite live up to my expectations. Perhaps it was because the studio rehearsal of it by Muntagirov and Nuněz had been so exciting and brilliant, but I just had the odd feeling that it didn't suit them as much as Fille did. Her solo didn't seem quite fast enough to make me gasp at her footwork and as someone mentioned the leap into his arms seemed to be fumbled. They are both gorgeous dancers, so it seems a bit mean to quibble over the fact that it wasn't as absolutel
  5. I think these live streamed performances are wonderful and probably the best thing to come out of this awful period as far as I'm concerned (well also the fact that not being able to teach during the first lockdown enabled me to have two cataract operations on my eyes!). I am just praying that they will actually continue live streaming from time to time, even when the world has returned to "normal" whatever the new normal will turn out to be. There are so many fans around the world, who would dearly love to continue enjoying this wonderful company's performances and it could be an added so
  6. Do you have any idea how much the classes will cost? I'm not on Twitter!
  7. It's been an interesting experience teaching by zoom after about 40 years spent teaching normally! First of all there are students who don't manage to pick up the steps easily and I have been forced to find multiple ways of getting through to them. I've danced with my back to them and facing them but mirroring their movements. I've talked them through it, sent them videos of the exercises to learn - you name it I've tried it! Some of them are stuck in their bedrooms, squashed between the bed and the wardrobe, with an internet that keeps dropping or freezing the picture. And then I have th
  8. That's brilliant that Pas de Quatre can go with her pupils to get pointe shoes fitted. Saves such a lot of hassle. I can't go with my students, as I live in a different town, but I expect them to come and show me the shoes before they sew the ribbons on. If I disagree with the shoe fitters choice, I won't hesitate to say so and send the child back with my suggestions. Sometimes a width change or half a size less or more can make all the difference. Choice is very limited here, but we do our best! The parents are surprisingly patient with my demands and never object to going back to the s
  9. I didn't know that Grishko also has a shoe with a more flexible sole - all the ones my students come back with are really, really hard, which are fine for experienced dancers with high arches, but disaster for newbies. Possibly the pro flex that you bought are not available here, but could be ordered online. Are they flexible enough to roll up through the balls of the feet?
  10. Just wanted to say that I am slowly watching the Gala again - I'm making it last to get a daily "fix"!!!! I just watched the white swan pdd and I have to say that watching it close-up on my tablet rather than on the computer, I saw it in a more intimate fashion and it was absolutely exquisite!!! In the actual theatre, unless you are glued with opera glasses, you don't get the chance to become one with the dancers. I was honestly almost in tears at the sheer beauty of it. In these awful black days I am so grateful to the ROH for giving us the opportunity to remember how divine our ballet w
  11. I read that in fact Fatima is an American ballet dancer - not called Fatima at all! The photo was uploaded to some public site and it was taken from that. Anyway I believe there was such an uproar that they have now removed the ad.
  12. Exactly Bluebird22! I have spent my whole life so far doing something I love, that fulfills me in a way that no other field could give me. I could have gone to university and chosen a different career, but everyone who knows me knows that then I wouldn't be me! I had a performing career and am still teaching after 40 years and loving it (even on the dreaded Zoom). And people often teĺl me how lucky I am for that. To be honest, I'm also lucky to have a wonderfully understanding husband, who can support our family financially! However, in spite of knowing that I was entering a poorly paid
  13. I honestly couldn't care two hoots if it was exactly in sync with the live performance or a half hour later! I sat in front of my computer screen with such a thrill of anticipation and was not disappointed - I spent the most wonderful three hours plus and intend watching it again and again, whilst it's still available! I recommended it to loads of ballet colleagues and all of them were so grateful to me for doing so! What a wonderful evening and so amazing that after 6 months of being locked out of the ROH the company could put on a performance of that calibre. It was so obvious to all wat
  14. I saw this production of Carousel some years ago. MacMillan did all the choreography and it was wonderful. The opening Carousel ballet was particularly lovely - it would be nice if it were to be released on a DVD. Does anyone know if it's on YouTube?
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