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  1. Sorry to put in a negative note, but I don't really "get" why the teacher would ask parents to work with their child on exercises that require an understanding of correct technique. With the best will in the world a lay parent can't take the place of a trained teacher and I would never ask our parents to do that. A parent can make sure the child practises, but honestly how would they know if they're doing it correctly? The video of the Russian children is actually not how the RAD does it, as far as I know! I always taught it with a jump - hop through with a turned out petit developpé into a gallop followed by a step hop with the back leg turned out. It can also be done to the side and with a turn. Good for you Isabella that you're trying to do it properly, but in my opinion as an experienced teacher, I don't think you should have been asked.
  2. Thank you very much - I'm relieved that I was right!!
  3. A former student has been accepted for an excellent summer course, but because she is auditioning for various full time vocational schools, she is concerned that if one accepts her, they will expect her to attend their own course. I have advised her that I don't think that's likely - once she has registered and paid for a summer school I really don't think a school would expect her to cancel it in favour of their own summer school. Does anyone have any thoughts on this? She has to register and pay by tomorrow, so she's very stressed.
  4. No one seems to be answering you Princess dreams! Wish I could help , but I have a student auditioning in March for 12th year (6th form) she was accepted from a video application - so I'm very curious too! Good luck to your daughter!
  5. Thank you that's very helpful. They write this year that there are going to be masterclasses too, so perhaps they've added that on.
  6. I would be very grateful for any info on the senior summer school at Elmhurst. The website doesn't really give much info about the accommodation. Does the course start with classes on the Sunday or is it just an introduction on the Sunday? In other words can you stay overnight from the Saturday or only from Sunday? If you decide not to take with accommodation, I know you have to pay extra for meals, but can you attend the activities in the evening? Are all participants in the summer school accommodated in the Elmhurst residences, which I believe are on site? Thank you very much!
  7. I didn't realise that the other foot is not pointed. Is there a difference in the value if the foot is pointed? And I also wondered about the difference in doing it parallel or turned out. Does anyone know??
  8. I nagged and nagged my parents to let me leave my grammar school to which I'd won a scholarship through the 11+ . All I wanted was to dance! Eventually they agreed to let me go to a performing arts day school. I will never forget the momentous day when our incredibly awe inspiring, tweed suited headmistress came out of her inner sanctum to try and dissuade me! I remember her words to this day - What if you don't succeed as a dancer? You won't be able to go on to university from there! My ingenuous reply that I could always become a housewife probably led her to wash her hands of me! But I have always blessed the fact that my parents let me do what I wanted, including going to the Royal Ballet upper school. I was very lucky in that the LCC, as it was known then, allowed my original scholarship, which I had given up, to be transferred to RBS. They renamed it an Advanced Academic Award and I was invited to a party in the County Hall for those with this award. I was a bit embarrassed to admit that I was going to train in ballet, when they were all off to do serious subjects at uni, but no - they told me that they actually envied me, because I was studying something I loved and knew what I wanted. I succeeded in having a performing career, turned to teaching when I got married and for twenty years had a second performing career as a character artiste with our pro ballet company. I also have a degree - a B.Phil (Hons) - through the RAD - just to prove my old headmistress wrong and I got it with First Class Honours! I have had a life of ballet, which has continued to fulfil and inspire me and honestly I wouldn't have had it any other way. My kids and grandkids and lovely hubby all know that for me truly dance is life............
  9. YBSS in York is excellent. Extremely high standard, great teachers and wonderful master classes in the evening. Lovely atmosphere and challenging too. If she can get in there, I recommend it even though it doesn't lead on to an upper dchool.
  10. I broke my ankle twenty years ago and it took me 6 months to get back to dancing again properly. I was in plaster for 6 weeks but did gentle exercises all the time and when they took the plaster off they were really surprised at how well I'd kept the muscle tone. Physio and patience is the order of the day. I do remember going to the physiotherapist for the first time and telling her that I'd lost a great deal of flexibility and couldn't point properly. She asked me to point and seemed to think it was fine - until I showed her my other foot!!!! The moral is try and find a physiotherapist who works regularly with dancers!
  11. As an RAD teacher myself, I think it's rather unreasonable to make your daughter wait so long just to take an exam. The exams give the students a goal and maķe them work harder, but I find that working for the exam longer than necessary has a detrimental effect on their progress. Some children do take longer than others, but not being in the UK we only have one exam session a year. If a child really isn't ready by then for the exam, we put them up anyway at the end of the year in the hope that they'll catch up. I very often find that sooner or later they'll be ready for an exam, and in the meantime their interest and enthusiasm has been maintained. Exams can't be compulsory- what if a parent can't afford them? If the school is being unhelpful I would definitely suggest you look fof an alternative.......
  12. It's fabulous that the ballet schools are getting brand new state of the art studios! Central is moving to the South Bank in a few months. Makes all the difference to have purpose built modern studios!
  13. Just wondered if anyone has heard anything about when ENB are moving? I thought the new building was supposed to have been ready by now, but I gather it's not.
  14. Thanks - I was sure I saw posé! Funny thing to ask for though - wouldn't you automatically include them in an adage -especially as they also ask for promenades!
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