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  1. As an RAD teacher myself, I think it's rather unreasonable to make your daughter wait so long just to take an exam. The exams give the students a goal and maķe them work harder, but I find that working for the exam longer than necessary has a detrimental effect on their progress. Some children do take longer than others, but not being in the UK we only have one exam session a year. If a child really isn't ready by then for the exam, we put them up anyway at the end of the year in the hope that they'll catch up. I very often find that sooner or later they'll be ready for an exam, and in the meantime their interest and enthusiasm has been maintained. Exams can't be compulsory- what if a parent can't afford them? If the school is being unhelpful I would definitely suggest you look fof an alternative.......
  2. It's fabulous that the ballet schools are getting brand new state of the art studios! Central is moving to the South Bank in a few months. Makes all the difference to have purpose built modern studios!
  3. Just wondered if anyone has heard anything about when ENB are moving? I thought the new building was supposed to have been ready by now, but I gather it's not.
  4. Thanks - I was sure I saw posé! Funny thing to ask for though - wouldn't you automatically include them in an adage -especially as they also ask for promenades!
  5. I'm helping a student prepare a video audition for RBS. One of the requirements for the adage in the centre is a grand posé. I'm presuming it's a step into an open position - like in the advanced temps lié en l'air. Does anyone know for sure what they want? Thanks in advance!
  6. I have to say that I disagree with sewing the ribbons and elastics only on the canvas, as I feel it makes the sides "gape" away from the foot. I do tiny stitches to catch the very top of the draw-string binding, without touching the actual draw-strings. This ensures that the ribbons/elastics are snug round the foot.
  7. I bought Capezio full soles and they are so soft and flexible it is almost like wearing split soles! They are very tight fitting, so good for narrow feet - I had to buy a size larger than usual!
  8. I would like to join in sending sincere condolenses to his family and to the balletcoforum family for whom his passing is also a loss. Sad news indeed.
  9. Not at all! Of course we all want to get top marks and prove to ourselves that we have value. It's natural and perfectly understandable. I'm just saying please don't take it to heart if you don't get the mark you want. It is definitely not true that if you get a low mark, you have no worth........ All the best of luck !
  10. I'd like to say something. Exam results are just that - the marks given by someone who sees you just once on a particular day. Examiners don't know your history and background - they have to mark on what they see on that particular day and they are also human, so can be affected by circumstances beyond their control. All this means that you may well not receive the mark you hoped for. However, in my opinion, the most important thing that results from taking an exam is the improvement that occurs from having the goal of the exam in sight. Not all my students are equally talented and some may be but can't cope with exam pressure - when exams are over I always see such an improvement in my students' work. I always tell them that what is important to me as their teacher is to see how much the work leading up to the exam has pushed them on and allowed them to develop significantly, regardless of what their eventual mark will be. I see the results in their technical and artistic advance. So please bear that in mind. I sincerely hope that you'll get the mark you're hoping for, but even if you don't, I'm sure you'll have improved considerably and benefited from working towards your exam.
  11. Thank you all very much - that's very useful. I will pass on the info!
  12. Just wondered if anyone knows anything about Preston Dance College? A teacher who trained there for 3 years has applied for a teaching position , so we are curious. It's not a school I'm familiar with. Thank you.
  13. Basically Polish mazurka is with the hop step shunt in arabesque, whilst Russian mazurka is with the hop step hop swish through to the front. When I danced in Onegin, we had to do the Russian mazurka whizzing around the stage and really moving. The Polish one as in RAD Grade 5 and 6 seems to move less almost stopping in the arabesque.
  14. I adored doing Festivals! Of course in my day it was different - pianists played for the dances! And the mums made all the costumes! Our school was selective - apart from the All England, we only participated in two or three other comps. I usually had 6 different solos, 2 duets and 3 groups. Wonderful for stage experience and the variety of dance genres (with ballet as the main one) that we danced, gave us a wealth of experience for our future dancing careers. If I may reminisce - I will never forget the year that I came 8th in the London Semis of the All England. Polish national dance it was. I think I was 8 or 9 years old at the time. I knew that only the first 4 went through to the finals and if someone didn't want to come down from the northern semis, maybe 5th place would get to dance, so wasn't expecting to compete. However the day before the finals, I got a phone call - no one was coming down from the northern semis and I was to dance! My Dad was working and couldn't take me, so Mum and I, with the pianist and my costume, travelled into town on the bus! Unfortunately, when we got off the bus with everything, the pianist suddenly realised that she had left the music sheets on the bus! Luckily for me she was able to play it by heart, so I went on and did my best and won!!!! From 8th to Ist place against the same girls! Different judges of course, so I suppose you can never know what might happen! I really do think that competitions if taken in the right spirit can be a wonderful addition to regular dance training. Dance is our way of expressing ourselves and being technically brilliant is not enough - dance is a performing art not a science of technique.
  15. Yes agreed that it's a fantastic opportunity and a great achievement. I believe that even if you can't afford three years of training even one or two years will make a huge difference. I had a student who managed to pay for two years training and instead of the third year he got an apprenticeship with a pro company. Talent will out!
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