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  1. Friars balsam!!!! it finally came to be today what we used to use years ago. Also Zambuk! I had to share the oldies, although I’m sure the latest information is much better!
  2. I think the problem then would be that the teachers that are highlighting the bad practice would be labelled as “jealous.”
  3. Everybody is offered a day place and wait list for boarding. Then once they know how many beds they have they know how many beds they can offer. All MDS offers are with beds if needed. It always seems to work out that anybody who needs a bed gets one. Even if there is a bit of a wait for it initially.
  4. My DS was not kept for physio but got an MDS.
  5. Results for Spring are starting to come out. DS has a place on Spring Intensive.
  6. I know children at full time vocational school who are dancing constantly in the holidays too. It is absolutely ridiculous. The schools are totally unaware that the parents are taking them to all these extra lessons. There is no time to relax and recuperate. My DD comes back from full time school tired and needs a break. Also as a family we need time together and not her being segregated again from the rest of the family because of dancing. I seriously worry about the physical well being, long term, for these pushed to the limit bodies of a few children.
  7. Yes I will. Thankfully we only have a term left now. My DS has had such trouble with the boys in his class that his teacher last year suggested home schooling him. Totally different topic to what we are discussing of course but I am so thankful Primary school is almost finished for him.
  8. My DC have never been on the gifted and talented register for their dancing. I really should have picked up on that. One school was always very good. Nothing was a problem and it was always classified as educated off site. I have no idea what the present School enter for my DS. I can say they get on my nerves though!! I would imagine it isn’t entered as educated off site.
  9. I think the ISTD exams are actually more numerous than RAD so it isn’t just a problem of the RAD. When you take into account ISTD provide grade and vocational modern, tap and ballet exams plus Cecchetti on top then it would be impossible to fit all those exams into after school or holidays. It just can’t be done. I myself do not see a problem with a child missing school for a short while or even a day, if need be, to take an exam. It is something that they are dedicated to by working many hours towards it and seeing it through to take the actual exam. Most children would be able to catch up on the few hours missed without any problem. Dancing children are wonderful are organising their time and are often high achievers in all aspects of life. My DS attended finals at 3 schools this year . I took in the proof of his invite to finals at WL, Elmhurst and Tring. References were needed from the head yet I was asked to fill in an absence request. There was no way on this planet that I was going to ask my DS’s school, for permission to be away on those days. I am his parent and the auditions were necessary to try and find the best secondary school for him. I wouldn’t need permission on the days they went up to the senior school for a tour so I don’t see the difference for vocational school. The sad thing is not once has anybody asked me how he got on. Thankfully he has a place at vocational school and we are all overjoyed. The local senior school that his brothers are at is just not the right school for him and I am thrilled that he will be with other likeminded boys. Time off off from school is not something that most parents’ are happy about but there definitely has to be a balance.
  10. At DD’s school the director of dance teaches the year 7’s so that she gets to know the children. She also does teach other classes with the older years so knows all the children well.
  11. Boys London results are out. Wondering if they are sending boys first as audition is only 2 weeks away.
  12. Great news Coniger my son is 10 and also year 6! Xx
  13. I have just received an email offering ds a place. Nice to hear earlier than expected!! Good luck for your email. I hope you hear soon
  14. Thinking of everybody during the torturous wait. I hope the children who received no's are ok and the yes's congratulations. We received a yes at about 10.30 in the morning 2 years ago so I think you can expect the results at anytime.
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