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  1. I’m not sure if there are any boys on this forum who have got places but if there is and you need to know anything specific to boys (like boys boarding) or anything else my son is Year 8 at the Hammond and I’m happy to answer any questions. Like others have said it’s a lovely, nurturing school and I feel so lucky he is there.
  2. Congratulations!
  3. The current Hammond students are wearing masks when dancing in studios so I would think that those auditioning will have to.
  4. To order lateral flow tests
  5. I know this won’t help those Scotland or Wales based but for those in the UK you can order a pack of lateral flow tests and they come within 2 days so if you order today you should be just in time. My son is at Hammond and they’re very “on it” with regards to testing so am sure they will help out if you’re stuck.
  6. Yes. I’ve just checked.
  7. I emailed with the query about weekly sessions and they got back to me really quickly. I’d just drop them an email if I was you, it could be that the email just hasn’t got to you. Fingers crossed.
  8. My son can’t attend weekly sessions either so was advised to audition for either Birmingham or London. We have decided to give it a go this year and see what happens. I figured we won’t be going on holiday so it will help fill the school holidays with something other than his Xbox! we are yet to experience the zoom training but he enjoyed the recent taster (he also got a one to watch) He heard within 24 hours for Birmingham.
  9. My DS has recently auditioned and has been successful for the Birmingham team. He will be doing the February training.
  10. I’ve been told emails will be making there way over the weekend so probably won’t have to wait until Monday x
  11. I’ve got everything crossed for you all xxx
  12. The current year 7 had 16 dancers and 5 drama/music students when they started. 2 have left during the year so currently 19 in Year 7.
  13. These are fantastic! Such a great idea x
  14. I remember this only too well from last year. The waiting was the worst bit! I really feel for you all and really hope you get some answers soon. School returns on Monday After the Easter holidays so hopefully they’ll start to contact people. As hard as it is don’t be too despondent if they don’t as they’re also trying to move everything over to distance learning and support the current pupils in doing this. My DS wasn’t lucky enough to be awarded an MDS last year but there are other options. Please DM me if you want to chat. Stay safe x
  15. My DS is year 7 and we got an email last year. It was a very quick turnaround too.
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