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  1. I’ve got everything crossed for you all xxx
  2. The current year 7 had 16 dancers and 5 drama/music students when they started. 2 have left during the year so currently 19 in Year 7.
  3. These are fantastic! Such a great idea x
  4. I remember this only too well from last year. The waiting was the worst bit! I really feel for you all and really hope you get some answers soon. School returns on Monday After the Easter holidays so hopefully they’ll start to contact people. As hard as it is don’t be too despondent if they don’t as they’re also trying to move everything over to distance learning and support the current pupils in doing this. My DS wasn’t lucky enough to be awarded an MDS last year but there are other options. Please DM me if you want to chat. Stay safe x
  5. My DS is year 7 and we got an email last year. It was a very quick turnaround too.
  6. I have pm’d you. Apologies if I have misled anyone else but I am only talking from our experience this year.
  7. Congratulations @Farawaydancer!!! X
  8. That makes sense. So upsetting to know things would be so different for us on a different year. But whatever will be will be
  9. From our experience this year bursaries offered are means tested so it would be unlikely that it would work out a better option then the MDS x
  10. Thank you so much @Pinksocks and @PenguinBoysMum. I really appreciate it.
  11. I honestly thought it was just us on the reserve list that felt like they’re in limbo but it seems this is the case even if you have an MDS. I do wish there was much more transparency in this system. I hope you get some answers soon @Pinksocks.
  12. Congratulations to @Pinksocks and @Kitty rose and you DDs! Did you get the MDS straight away or off the reserve list? I understand what you are saying with regards to not knowing the contributions and there still being a chance of MDS being returned. Depending how many MDS we’re given I think my son is pretty near the top of the reserve list so we still have a little hope....
  13. It’s such a rollercoaster isn’t it?? I hadn’t mentioned to my DS that he was on the reserve list as I was waiting to know if there were any bursaries available. I’ve told him tonight and he’s taken it remarkably well. I do wonder how many MDS have been offered. My guesstimate is about 5 which isn’t a lot at all! Many Congratulations to those who have got MDS and a genuine thank you to the likes of @Ms Sunshine who have given theirs back quickly to allow someone else’s DC to fulfill their dream. Thinking of everyone in the same position as us x
  14. Many Congratulations for you and your DD xxx
  15. We are also on the reserve list and have been offered a bursary today but unfortunately it wasn’t enough for us to consider it. Devastated as we know my DS is pretty near the top of the MDS list.
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