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  1. My dd is shattered too, didn't have this last year but covid put paid to a lot of shenanigans I suppose! I've emailed New Medlock about something else today but also mentioned the fire alarms! I'm sure it will settle down soon. If she needs any help let me know and I can get my dd to contact her x
  2. My dd's result took about 5 weeks although not had the certificate yet.
  3. @balletbean it was a fantastic show. Good luck to all the 3rd years on their next steps. I'd like to echo your words about the staff, my dd has blossomed.
  4. Congratulations! My dd has been offered a place on the senior course. 😁
  5. Just for info, they get a lot of info from the Facebook group. It's used like a noticeboard, timetables, rehearsal schedules etc. My dd doesn't do Facebook but uses it for the NBS group
  6. I have spoken to them today and I don't have a problem with the organisation or teaching. Just wondered if anyone had seen a performance and knew what the quality is like?
  7. Does anyone have any knowledge of these? http://www.thebirminghamballetcompany.com/ My dd is thinking of applying for some performance opportunity after the last dismal 12 months. Thanks
  8. Thank God they're not changing the tracksuits - I'd have had to sell a kidney 😂😂
  9. I believe there's talk of the uniform changing for next year so I wouldn't do anything on that front yet! X
  10. If it helps, the school set up a Facebook group for the 1st years last year. They have since moved onto something else but it was a good way to make contact. Also once you have a contract signed with Unite you can download the app and make contact with others in your flat. The app is also needed for reporting any maintenance issues and using the laundry.
  11. Congratulations to both of you. We don't have personal experience but over half of my dd's year live at home.
  12. Best advice we were given - buy a stamp. Google stamptastic!! Absolutely brilliant 😁😁 saves so much time.
  13. My dd is in A on the 5th floor and its not too bad. It can't be as she's staying in A next year too! Once the booking is made they can download the Unite app and connect with the others in their flat - this helped them with planning what to bring
  14. I agree with the mix of ages, there is quite a wide range in my dd's year too. Due to the covid situation they haven't had the chance to mix with the older years this year as they've been kept in their bubbles. Hopefully that will improve from September. We had our dada offer on 1st April so it shouldn't be too long.
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