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  1. Also does anyone know how these costs compare to London accommodation costs?
  2. Are there any options for host families at Tring?
  3. 1 Gaynor Minden cap sleeve leotard in bright pink. Size is petite, would say probably about a 6. Only worn a few times. £10 + postage. 1 x Wear Moi Magda pull on mesh skirt age 8-12. Colour is maroon. £4.50 + postage 1 x Wear Moi pull on Altesse stretch lace skirt age 8-12. Colour is either rose or fuchsia but is a bright pink. £8.00 + postage Can send pictures if needed.
  4. I think it was called the John Charles Centre. Had a large pool where the uk diving team train. There was lane swimming most evenings and free parking. About 15mins from Northern Ballet. Yorkshire Dance have some exercise classes too which fit at the right time.
  5. In the summer we used to drive to Roundhay Park and have a walk. I also used to go swimming some evenings.
  6. I used to drop off and then drive to the White Rose Centre or IKEA. After a coffee old come back so that it was late enough to park for free across the road or at least the bare minimum in the car park.
  7. Try M&S navy school joggers. They are quite slim fitting and a proper navy x
  8. I got tan elastic on eBay. You'll probably be able to find a buckle too!
  9. The capezio bra is quite good, my daughter has one. It's not as high at the front as some. We also managed to alter it easily to work under a low backed costume.
  10. I've made them, it's quite easy. PM me your email and I'll send some pictures and a pattern if I can find it x
  11. All qualifying students get one as far as I'm aware
  12. Decathlon might be a good bet.
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