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  1. I've made them, it's quite easy. PM me your email and I'll send some pictures and a pattern if I can find it x
  2. All qualifying students get one as far as I'm aware
  3. Decathlon might be a good bet.
  4. There's also a fb page for buying and selling uniform. You will need to request to join as it's a closed group x
  5. Elmhurst associates in Manchester are on a Saturday morning during term time and are held at the Dancehouse on Oxford Road. I'm afraid I don't know the timings anymore but the Y4s are earliest then 5s and then 6s. The teacher is lovely.
  6. Could I have the 2 bloch ones. Will pm you x
  7. You can get leotards with a proper built-in bra. I think it's capezio that make them, they're quite supportive.
  8. I use a stamp. Also means dd can take it to school for anything that we missed. https://stamptastic.co.uk Can stamp the inside of clothing and it doesn't show through, lasts ages. I wish I'd discovered them years ago! They do a white laundry marker too, although it's not as good as the black ones.
  9. I know of someone with an offer of an ENBS place.
  10. I second the commitment being big. We found that we had very little family time and that the holiday intensives were the hardest to manage. It was most of Feb half term, one week of Easter hols and all of May half term on top of the 3 weeks in the summer. Fitting in a family holiday was a challenge at times! During the week we had to be there at 4.30 two nights a week until 8pm. I think I knew every shop in Leeds after a year of hanging about 😂😂 Having said all that it's a brilliant scheme with a really good success rate just go in with your eyes open.
  11. A photo would be great. Shall I pm you my email?
  12. Don't suppose you have anything in white? X
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