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  1. My dd is in A on the 5th floor and its not too bad. It can't be as she's staying in A next year too! Once the booking is made they can download the Unite app and connect with the others in their flat - this helped them with planning what to bring
  2. I agree with the mix of ages, there is quite a wide range in my dd's year too. Due to the covid situation they haven't had the chance to mix with the older years this year as they've been kept in their bubbles. Hopefully that will improve from September. We had our dada offer on 1st April so it shouldn't be too long.
  3. They can change the tenancy dates if you speak to them, just takes a couple of days to update
  4. Hi, My dd is in New Medlock this year and has decided to stay next year too. She has friends in Dwell and they are moving across to New Medlock in September. The Dwell flats are quite small and only have a small space to eat in the kitchen. I have a direct number for someone at New Medlock who was really helpful in sorting out a flat for next year, I will dig it out and pm it to you in the morning.
  5. Yes, Parkway House is closed next year. Happy to help with any questions if needed.
  6. Congratulations, another dd here who also started at 16. She's in her first year, also happy to help if I can.
  7. Do you mean similar to the schemes with Northern Ballet and Ballet Cymru?
  8. My DD is a first year - I'm sure she'd be happy to chat. Send me a PM and we can sort something out 😃
  9. To be honest nothing would surprise me from our local MP, there was an article on the local news tonight about it, it's at about 10 minutes. North West Tonight, Evening News: 12/11/2020: www.bbc.co.uk/iplayer/episode/m000pc6r via @bbciplayer Dd and friends are more impressed that they were on the BBC 😂😂
  10. From what I understand the accreditation hasn't come through in time. My dd also has a friend in the same position. I don't know any more yet. Will let you know if I find out anything else.
  11. Might be worth speaking to them as there have been some changes over the summer. The jazz focus is very musical theatre based x
  12. Northern Ballet School are also advertising that they have places on both the classical and jazz courses x
  13. Degas leotard and character skirt have sold.
  14. I have the following uniform for sale, prices do not include postage. Can send pictures if needed. Elmhurst 3 x Polo shirts. Age 11-12. £4 each 1 x Fleece jacket. Age 11-12. £10 1 x Character skirt. 24" waist, 25" length. £10 Also have an old style skirt and blazer if anyone needs them. RAD 1 x Black Alice leotard. Size 2. Hardly worn. £10 1 x Royal blue Alice leotard. Size 2. £8 1 x Black vocational skirt. Size small. Worn only for exam. £12 https://www.radenterprises.co.uk/ballet-wear-props/female-ballet-exam-wear/vocational-gra
  15. Just look up devoted to dance on Facebook or Instagram and send a message x
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