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  1. Degas leotard and character skirt have sold.
  2. I have the following uniform for sale, prices do not include postage. Can send pictures if needed. Elmhurst 3 x Polo shirts. Age 11-12. £4 each 1 x Fleece jacket. Age 11-12. £10 1 x Character skirt. 24" waist, 25" length. £10 Also have an old style skirt and blazer if anyone needs them. RAD 1 x Black Alice leotard. Size 2. Hardly worn. £10 1 x Royal blue Alice leotard. Size 2. £8 1 x Black vocational skirt. Size small. Worn only for exam. £12 https://www.radenterprises.co.uk/ballet-wear-props/female-ballet-exam-wear/vocational-graded/freed-advanced-skirt-500adv?zenid=vip6d97r91cosa5o1ocgcf56f0 Others 1 x Wear Moi Altesse lace skirt. Age 8-10 in bright pink. £8 1 x Degas 9501 in Grenat (dark red). Size T2. Hardly worn. £25
  3. Just look up devoted to dance on Facebook or Instagram and send a message x
  4. Long shot but if anyone has a dd or ds starting at NBS in September would you like to get in touch? Thought it would be good for them to make contact and may also help in sorting out accommodation!!
  5. My dd is starting at NBS in September, I have managed to speak to them about accommodation if you'd like to pm me 🙂
  6. Planet Dance Move Dancewear Dancique (in Birmingham) Weston Dancewear Devoted to Dance (FB)
  7. I have 2 Degas leotards for sale both size T2 style 9501 One is I think Grenat (a dark red) and has hardly been worn - £25 The other is I think Turquoise (a pale aqua) and has has an extra lining sewn in to stop it being so see through. It's only hand sewn so will come out easily if needed. Slightly more worn but not much - £20 Postage added separately. Can send photos if needed
  8. We've just had an email offering my dd a DaDa for next year at NBS. A welcome piece of good news this week 😁
  9. Whereabouts in the North West? I know of some in East Lancashire if that helps
  10. Can't help with leotards as I don't have the right machine but happy to make warm up wear or skirts to fit in any size. Drop me a message if I can help.
  11. I can say with confidence that not all the current Y11s are going through to 6th form. They also haven't had their final assessments yet. Happy for you to pm me if you want to know more.
  12. I work at a selective grammar school and our students take 9 or 10 GCSEs depending on whether they do individual sciences or combined science. 11 would be a stretch even for the brightest children with the new exams.
  13. I can put you in touch with someone who makes them if it helps. Or I think Just Ballet do children's practice tutus!
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