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  1. We were a bit 'rabbit in the headlights' when Dd started vocational school. Every dc will have a different experience at any vocational school. Go in with an open mind and don't be afraid to question and intervene if things aren't right, and move schools if necessary. Dd had some great times but also some lows.
  2. My Dd stepped off this mad rollercoaster at the end of Year 11 she had places at 3 Upper Schools. It is not a level playing field at all...... I do wish my Dd had stayed at home until 16 in a nurturing environment. For those of you starting the vocational school journey be honest about how it is going and keep talking. We sat down each summer and discussed if this was what Dd still wanted. It is very easy to get caught up in it all, and not want to get left behind. Many of Dd's peers were doing multiple Summer Schools... Easter Courses ... private lessons.... extra associate classes on top of vocational school to try and get noticed - it doesn't come cheap.
  3. Don't forget to factor in the time spent travelling/petrol if you dc comes home for the weekend. Ours was a 5 round trip until Dd was confident enough to do the train. Many hours spent on the mway! Then the hotels for shows and Xmas performances. As soon as we had confirmation of these dates for I would book hotel accommodation to get the best rates. There are many hidden extras on this journey.
  4. Thank you for sharing...such an important discussion. I am so pleased that your DD has a place at University. My DD left vocational school at the end of Year 11 she had been offered places at 3 Upper Schools, but she wasn't happy. She was stressed and had self doubt. She was told to be more confident but was never given the encouragement or the opportunities. She was always told she had the most amazing feet and lines. She is now in Year 13 doing her A levels and has offers to study at University and is excited for the future. At vocational school, you are so caught up on the ballet roller coaster.... what Upper School to apply to and audition for .... what summer school to do .... what workshops, add in a few one to one lessons to correct technique so that your DC is doing the same as their peers as well as hoping to be seen by various ADs (all at great expense on top of school fees). You don't have time to reflect..... My DD did go through a stage of 'what if' she had carried on at vocational school but realised that there is life after ballet and there are lots of other opportunities. She started Sixth Form with maturity and confidence and lots of transferable skills and discipline to work hard - she is happy and confident and has found herself. To get a ballet contract you are competing with the best from around the world - my DD is dancing locally and enjoying it without the constant pressure. Would we do it again - probably not. There are so many excellent associate opportunities your DC can do now as an alternative to the 11 -16 Vocational route.
  5. Totally agree! My Dd spent 5 years at vocational school with places at 2 Upper Schools. She worked really hard, was stressed and realised it wasn't the Disney Movie... the thought of 3 years at Upper School with massive international competition for few jobs, she had reached her level. She is now happily doing A levels and dancing with amazing local teachers. She has her sparkle back and loving dancing without the insane pressure of trying to be the next soloist with the Royal Ballet. It is only when you step off this emotional roller coaster that you can actually see things for what they are... she has learnt so many skills along the way.
  6. 2 Pairs brand new Freed Soft Blocks/Demi Pointe Shoes. Size 4 maker V width xx. £25.00 per pair. Payment accepted via BACS.
  7. Good idea - sorry to confuse everyone - my DD is in Year 7 -they all have the same canvas shoes. It is probably worth checking on induction day.
  8. All students have to have the same canvas ballet shoes from the dance supplier - it is just the tap and jazz shoes that you can bring from home
  9. On induction day the dance supplier will be there and your DD will be fitted for the uniform. We came away with lots of bags!! Don't worry - if your DD has a growth spurt over the holidays, she will be able to exchange it at the beginning of term. I waited until the last week of the holidays before I labelled any uniform. If you can buy a secondhand blazer and skirt you will save lots of money - they don't wear it a lot. I got one last year via ballet forum Likewise if your DD has jazz and tap shoes that still fit her she can take those to school. Enjoy induction day!!
  10. Hi I am looking for the Elmhurst formal uniform for my DD starting Year 7 in Sept. Please message me. Thanks
  11. I have a sad DD who got a no from WL final. It makes it harder as her friend got in. We are going to do some fun non dancing things.......and wait for Elmhurst Final results.
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