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  1. 2 Pairs brand new Freed Soft Blocks/Demi Pointe Shoes. Size 4 maker V width xx. £25.00 per pair. Payment accepted via BACS.
  2. Good idea - sorry to confuse everyone - my DD is in Year 7 -they all have the same canvas shoes. It is probably worth checking on induction day.
  3. All students have to have the same canvas ballet shoes from the dance supplier - it is just the tap and jazz shoes that you can bring from home
  4. On induction day the dance supplier will be there and your DD will be fitted for the uniform. We came away with lots of bags!! Don't worry - if your DD has a growth spurt over the holidays, she will be able to exchange it at the beginning of term. I waited until the last week of the holidays before I labelled any uniform. If you can buy a secondhand blazer and skirt you will save lots of money - they don't wear it a lot. I got one last year via ballet forum Likewise if your DD has jazz and tap shoes that still fit her she can take those to school. Enjoy induction day!!
  5. Hi I am looking for the Elmhurst formal uniform for my DD starting Year 7 in Sept. Please message me. Thanks
  6. I have a sad DD who got a no from WL final. It makes it harder as her friend got in. We are going to do some fun non dancing things.......and wait for Elmhurst Final results.
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