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Found 3 results

  1. This came up on my Twitter feed: it's really interesting. http://www.roh.org.uk/news/watch-how-morning-ballet-class-has-changed-over-the-last-200-years
  2. Okay, so class is going amazing so far but in our last class there we did pirouettes and I froze up. I literally lost focus completely and just couldn't process the steps. I felt like such a failure. The week before that I found I wasn't able to focus well enough and was making mistakes and I hate making mistakes. I'm a perfectionist. I've already made extreme changes to my diet. I have literally cut out junk food, soda and white bread and even cut down big time on my brown bread. Eating alot more rice and pasta and drinking tons more water and yet my focus seems to be slipping. Any advice? Also any tips on how to strengthen my flexibility/leg height. When my boyfriend is helping me stretch I can get my leg up to 135 degrees sometimes close to 180 but I can't hold it. The second he lets go or I let go it drops to 90 degrees. I don't have my splits yet but I'm working on that. I've been doing extra core exercises to strengthen it. Is there anything else I should. I'm trying the whole, leg on counter and lift it up but my leg cramps up no matter how much I warm up or rub the heck out of it. Hope everyone else is doing splendid
  3. I have a full post here with all the info, what we did as well as a few pictures. The fact I managed to get through the class without needing my inhaler (which I purposely left in my bag upstairs) or with taking a break was amazing. I managed to keep up but my battement degage is atrocious, I need to work on it as well as my leg height. I can get my leg at a 135 degree angle but can't hold it, it just drops back down to 90 degrees on my right leg and slightly lower on my left which is my weaker side. I have quite a flexible back but I've a big booty which I'm trying to shrink. Slowly getting there, some of my size 12-14 jeans are now too big. Size 16's which I was wearing a few months ago are now far to big, I'm so proud of myself. I've gone from 15st to 12.5 Anyway, we also did chaines turns as well which has never been my strong point but I really need to work on my pas de bouree's and on another plus though I now nearly have a full 180 degree turn out, mainly in first and I'm not sickling as much when I go into second position but my 4th and 5th is much much better Doing releves in my GM's has really helped me with more control over my alignment and helped strengthen my ankles and turn outs. Going to use them just for that, I gave my newest pair to my mom to lock away until I earn my right to wear them again and use my other nearly worn out GM's to strengthen everything up a bit more. Hope everyone is enjoying themselves and thank you so much to all those that have helped me along the way so far.
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