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  1. Anna du Boisson: "Don't dance like a stick insect!" Well, I'm glad we've made that completely clear. [Actually it was the prelude to a really good point about chainé and soutenu - you're constantly told to stretch the knees, straighten the leg, and turn out, but to get this right you need to initiate the turn with a tiny plié and slightly relax the turnout]
  2. I didn't see anyone else wearing one and the staff aren't, but it just seems sensible.
  3. A couple of days earlier I did the swings workout in just under 14 minutes, without a mask, outside my flat, and didn't feel anything like that.
  4. I haven't danced with mine on yet, but I have done both heavy weight training and conditioning. Lifting heavy was a bit odd but nothing special, but 500 24kg kettlebell swings with a mask was distinctly strange. I seemed to be hyperventilating.
  5. "Don't crush the tiny people under your instep"
  6. "Your knees should feel like your lungs" - Anna du Boisson (Not something you think about much unless things are badly wrong? Stuffed up with snot? Infected with COVID-19? So many possibilities....)
  7. I have just done the 11th and last of the Dutch NB series with "...thank you, Rex". I will miss Ernst's barre, thank you, Rex, and also their excellent production values. No "what did Tamara say again?" with them.
  8. Not a correction, but Nina Thilas-Mohs was complaining about a carpet being like a "beige swamp" over the weekend..
  9. I have yet to find a way to get my feet in shot.
  10. If you have a huge living room, the Merce Cunningham Trust is doing online classes: https://www.instagram.com/mercetrust/?igshid=ax5uconyydl7 Probably don't do this if you're recovering from the virus.
  11. I can report the circular port thing really does work (got a call-out on zoom with NTM today).
  12. Surely what with all the super famous online teaching there should be a crop of these?
  13. John Clifford on his YT channel: "TOENAILS!" // lead your enveloppé out and back in with the toenail "Pick something up and then throw it over your other shoulder" // this for circular port de bras "And George said...it's the lights" // placement of the head with arms in 4th - should be inclined to catch a beam from the lights.
  14. One piece of advice: think about whether the class can hear your *voice*. Don't wander away from the mic while introducing an exercise or giving corrections.
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