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  1. Anna du Boisson this lunchtime. We do our thing in centre. Anna: "... isn't life interesting?"
  2. A beauty from today's carnage at noon: "Show us the DANCER, Fiona!" The point was to show that rather than just dry technique but I am now desperate to find an excuse to say this to someone
  3. I tried the weight shift implied but I think you might have to be him
  4. Anna du Boisson today: "It was Rudolf Nureyev who told me this...turn off your second foot" I did try it but it might have worked better for him
  5. Princes tend to end up either dead, or on the throne, so...
  6. Anna du B: "Excellent! That's an excellent balance, Alex! ... but you need to end like a prince."
  7. TOP SECRET: I have enjoyed doing my girlfriend's hair through the lockdowns enormously, and repeatedly surprised people on zoom calls with the results.
  8. We dance tomorrow for Julia Felix! Ballet is really painful. If you don’t feel that, then you’re not doing it properly https://www.theguardian.com/stage/2021/mar/04/julie-felix-the-brilliant-black-ballerina-who-was-forced-to-leave-britain
  9. Anna du Boisson: "Everybody. [End stop and pause] Shine!"
  10. Pianist Nicky in Anna du Boisson's class today: The Proclaimers, Five Hundred Miles Really not the most balletic song you'd think of.
  11. Danceworks was super-aggressive the first time out - they didn't shut down with everyone else and waited to be told to do so. I always had the impression that if London had been reduced to a dystopian wasteland stalked by huge bats you'd still be able to take class there while waiting for the zombies to show up, but this was considerably less fun for real.
  12. Renato Paroni: "if you want a better balance, let the fingers lead the port de bras" (it was a developpé devant on relévé and it ****ing worked!) Also RP: "Jellyfish the arms...not the shoulders" (Not sure if I jellyfished correctly)
  13. Oh god here we go again. On the other hand I might aim to take class daily this time around as the gyms are closing as well.
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