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  1. "Your knees should feel like your lungs" - Anna du Boisson (Not something you think about much unless things are badly wrong? Stuffed up with snot? Infected with COVID-19? So many possibilities....)
  2. I have just done the 11th and last of the Dutch NB series with "...thank you, Rex". I will miss Ernst's barre, thank you, Rex, and also their excellent production values. No "what did Tamara say again?" with them.
  3. Not a correction, but Nina Thilas-Mohs was complaining about a carpet being like a "beige swamp" over the weekend..
  4. I have yet to find a way to get my feet in shot.
  5. If you have a huge living room, the Merce Cunningham Trust is doing online classes: https://www.instagram.com/mercetrust/?igshid=ax5uconyydl7 Probably don't do this if you're recovering from the virus.
  6. I can report the circular port thing really does work (got a call-out on zoom with NTM today).
  7. Surely what with all the super famous online teaching there should be a crop of these?
  8. John Clifford on his YT channel: "TOENAILS!" // lead your enveloppé out and back in with the toenail "Pick something up and then throw it over your other shoulder" // this for circular port de bras "And George said...it's the lights" // placement of the head with arms in 4th - should be inclined to catch a beam from the lights.
  9. One piece of advice: think about whether the class can hear your *voice*. Don't wander away from the mic while introducing an exercise or giving corrections.
  10. you know what this is missing? Links.
  11. I've just done the Lynn Charles one and my calves are on fire.
  12. Checked in again, and Danceworks is still ops normal. Westminster is currently the nation's leading virus cluster. DW runs wildly different groups one after another in the same studios all day, with a lot of drop-ins, a lot of the studios are barely ventilated, and I have never seen any cleaning between groups, even after the virus was here. They are taking too many chances.
  13. Central School has shut down this week, while Danceworks is still open
  14. I walked by CSB earlier on and noticed someone practising overhead lifts with his partner in studio 1. No idea how long before they send the students home or what, but thank you for a moment of beauty.
  15. This one was a little baffling, thanks to Enrico Montes: "Back up! Back up!" I was doing a penché to 1st arabesque and then an arabesque balance in relévé. I did think of hopping backwards but realised he meant keep your back higher until the leg is up
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