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  1. I wear these and I loves 'em: https://www.planetdancedirect.co.uk/Capezio-Mr-James-Whiteside-Canvas-Ballet-Shoe
  2. Very good point in the post about periodization - this is absolutely basic to any serious athletic training at all (the original scientific research is from the 1950s) and it's pretty shocking that it's news to anyone. Even for someone like me - the weights program I use has a wave loading pattern, so you get one heavy, one middling, one brutal, and one light workout per week.
  3. TYR

    What's too old

    Too old? If you're in a box you're too old (m/39, started 36)
  4. "The thigh should start off cylindrical, but then...you know how you find balloons under the sofa three days after the party? It should go flat like that as you rotate."
  5. Mark Kelly usually throws that flickflack thing at you. I can't help, I invariably go around them the wrong way
  6. The falling apart and post-class fog is the sign you're pushing on the limit; it will get better. Also you might be running out of steam physically - you might need to work on your fitness outside of class, or even just get a snack before you take class (it took me quite a while to work out I was basically out of sugar).
  7. "What I want from you is fearlessness, and only speed teaches fearlessness."
  8. Today's beautiful thought: "I don't believe in God but ballet is all about reaching for the divine! And the divine is up there! [*allongé 3rd arabesque*] It certainly ain't down here."
  9. Arthur Mitchell at Dance Theatre of Harlem: https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/av/stories-49648768/everyone-said-i-was-crazy-the-black-ballet-pioneers The correction drops at 02mins 05 seconds. a version of "hit my hand!" but kicking it up a notch.
  10. If you're Renato it's "Those... people in Battersea." *shudder*
  11. "If you leave the fish in the boiling water, and then you pull them out, the flesh stays in the soup". OK Renato, what does that have to do with my port de bras? "Has someone written one of those articles? Ballet is for everyone?"
  12. Renato Paroni has stopped leading at Central except for Tuesday 1900-2045 (or really, when he thinks you're cooked) in order to make time for his new job at ENB. I hear on the grapevine it's a bit of a gamble whether he shows up (nothing new for him). Nina has taken over the Thursday night class he did - they used to grade up in difficulty through the week, and her own Central class on Friday is distinctly tougher. She also leads on Sunday at Danceworks, first a floor barre class and then a Balanchine class comparable with Friday but usually faster. Nandita Shandarkass, who I occasionally saw both as a student of Renato's and a substitute teacher, took on the Wednesday. Central also has David Kierce's classes, which are quite strictly graded according to a scheme of his own devising, Hannah Frost's beginner on Friday, a pointe class and a few others I know nothing about. Desirée Ballantyne took over RP's Sunday class. I keep trying to work up the courage to try that men's skills class of a Saturday.
  13. I have, again, cricked my neck spotting turns. We were doing piqué turns from the corner last night. Does anyone else do this to themselves
  14. The Place's intensives have just dropped: https://www.theplace.org.uk/whats-on/seasons/summer-dance-courses-adults-2019 Both weeks look interesting but the second is pure cask strength Richard Alston...
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