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  1. The drop down option was already there. It just wasn’t intuitive to choose AEC option for filming, but found it there eventually. Good to hear about the breaks, especially in this warmer weather.
  2. Of course, as I posted, teacher mostly figured it out 😂.
  3. Hello everyone I am posting on behalf of my daughters ballet teacher, she won’t mind me saying she is not very tech savvy. Teacher tried to register my DD for filmed exam today. (She is in Ireland) On My Exam Entries page, she only has option for New AEC Entry or New RAV Entry. No option for Filmed exam. She he hasn’t been able to contact RAD regional manager. Can anybody tell her how to proceed with exam entry? Can she proceed with filming in advance of registering DD? And upload the video once registration is sorted out? Lastly a question of my own. DD is only student doing Adv1. Does that mean she dances non stop except for transition between barre and Centrework, and again between Centrework and Pointe? Are these the only times she can take a water break?
  4. My biggest concern about iPhone 11 is storage. I hear Ad1 is about 75mins? Otherwise that would be great option, and it is what DD used for audition videos, etc
  5. Thanks everyone We will supply camera and tripod. Teacher will do the rest. A dry run is planned and teacher will test camera then. We remembered that DD has a good camera (forgotten about as iPhone is camera of choice these days 😊).
  6. Thanks hfbrew I never realized the quality of a gopro would be good enough! Having something that we can setup and leave alone for duration of exam would be great. Did you reposition it between barre and center work? Or just leave it in initial setup for entire exam? I think I will also invest in one. It will also come in handy for filming auditions, etc.
  7. Thank you for the welcome 😊.
  8. Hello Does anybody have experience of submitting filmed exam to RAD? We are not in UK, so this is only option currently. My DD is only dancer from studio who plans to film and submit her exam. Has anybody been through this process? Any tips?? (She is doing Adv1)
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