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  1. Wow, amazing and interesting. Congratulations on passing screening. I have sent my DD info, but not holding much hope that she will pass screening as only their CBA and BBA past few years and not much experience otherwise (no festivals and competitions).
  2. My DD did pre point excercises online course with ballet physio (Luke) during lockdown for 12 weeks. She has very narrow and bony and tapered feet albeit size 3. Thanks to every day excercises her feet improved a lot. Ballet boutique London (Wimbledon or Kingston) fitted her with Bloch Triumph as her first shoe. They are really good, experienced and have variety of brands. As her feet are getting stronger and shoes will be dead soon after couple months, she might need a different shoe now.
  3. They used to send it via post not email (at least it was last year). It was sent on Tuesday and we received it on Wednesday.
  4. You could change to train from Richmond to St Margerets on SouthWest Train platform 1 (takes 3 min plus 10 min walk) or take H37 direction Hounslow (stop just outside of station) for about 20 min bus ride and 5 min walk
  5. What size you need. I might have 8-10 years old one.
  6. Oh sorry to hear that, but you have a right positive attitude. It is really hard to do audition in limited space and being at mercy your internet upload speed. There might be as well factor of social distancing, so maybe not so many places available. EYB is great. My DD is doing it past 2 weeks as Tchaikovsky Gala - in fact the first live classes 😊 and she really enjoys every moment of that. Hoping for real show next year. Good luck with all dancing adventures and for vocational auditions. 🤞
  7. Congratulations to all yes dancers. My DD as typically as usual is on reserve list (oh yes 🤣 3 years in row on SWL for JA RBS) and now in Elmhurst. I do not expect that the place will become available, so at least she still can continue with her Ballet Boost and CBA.
  8. They prefer it all in one go without interruption unless your device is not able to record all 36 min in one go.
  9. I have a good experience with Freed of London ones.
  10. Do not want to add false hope, but SWL acceptance process last year or for Spring or Summer Intensive this year was slightly different. Whether this is due to IT system change (but new was for SI in place already) or due to unknown unknowns... Keep fingers crossed.🤞
  11. Can I check if there is any yes for London or Eastleigh as it looks only SWL for these so far. Could this be due to unclarity regarding social distancing/ changes to zoom classes/ venues opening?
  12. It is SWL for us again (this was a case for year 4 and 5) and summer and spring intensives. Well she will still continue at Tring and Ballet boost.
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