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  1. I just wonder if a negative test might be required as there will be a familiarity with administering this by then in the secondary schools.
  2. I could not agree more. We have submitted ours before Christmas. Yes, it is not perfect - majority done at home and only travelling steps done at church hall before we were moved to Tier 4. I am glad it is done as due to a new surge unlikely to be much at home for few upcoming weeks. Good luck everyone 🤞
  3. I do suspect you put your link from you tube or vimeo into email, but maybe I have misread. Good luck everyone🤞🍀
  4. And masters of using iMovie - did not have idea that it existed couple months ago.... Good luck everyone🤞
  5. Very interesting topic... You probably could get a bit bearing from their associates selections or maybe not at all as this is not only on potential as per se, but as well about facility, coordination, artistry and musicality. Children are changing in time and small growth spurt or the first signs of puberty can completely mixed up everything items balance and flexibility. The trouble this year is that RBS and Tring preliminaries are by video, which might be difficult to demonstrate personality or artistry. It is a big guessing game.... Good luck everyone. 🤞
  6. SWL #6 for my DD, but just wondering if residential vs non-residential had any impact. Congratulations to everyone.
  7. Thank you. It is a journey and at the end of the day it is a love to dance and enjoyment to perform in our case. Obviously, it would be great to had an opportunity to train and practice with the best. Maybe one day... Good luck everyone. Keep 🤞.
  8. My feeling is being known to them i.e., being JA or MA is an advantage, but speaking purely from our not so successful experience being only 3 times SWL for London JA and getting SWL last year for both spring and summer. This year we applied just to gauge what might be her chance for MA and WL and if we even try to apply (considering delayed deadline). I guess no hope here, so expect no this time as much more talented and experienced children applied and would deserve a place.
  9. Thank you. I have checked junk. I know they are very nice as she is doing their CBA classes and did few holiday courses and had no problem with communication in past.
  10. Nothing here - do you think that they will let you know if it is no or not at all (experienced only once after westend audition final). I have sent it on 22nd. Can I check what email address you send it on for dance course? Thank you.
  11. Thank you for re-assurance. Hope they will put us out off misery soon.
  12. I have emailed last week Thursday evening and did not hear too - but I do suspect that she will not pass the screening as she is only Tring CBA and Ballet Boost past 2.5 years and no competitions or festivals
  13. Wow, amazing and interesting. Congratulations on passing screening. I have sent my DD info, but not holding much hope that she will pass screening as only their CBA and BBA past few years and not much experience otherwise (no festivals and competitions).
  14. My DD did pre point excercises online course with ballet physio (Luke) during lockdown for 12 weeks. She has very narrow and bony and tapered feet albeit size 3. Thanks to every day excercises her feet improved a lot. Ballet boutique London (Wimbledon or Kingston) fitted her with Bloch Triumph as her first shoe. They are really good, experienced and have variety of brands. As her feet are getting stronger and shoes will be dead soon after couple months, she might need a different shoe now.
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