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  1. So well deserved - extremely happy for your DD. Well done. Well, well done everyone. Not yets, please do not be disheartened - it is not a sprint, but marathon. Hard work and perseverance plays a key role.
  2. My DD was accepted too, but might not go as EYB performance days were changed and now clashing with last day 😔. Need to check times.
  3. Thank you. She did WL finals and we are in London.
  4. Well done to everyone - to not yet, swl and yeses in this strange year as it was very long process. Hope some places will come for SWL DCs. 🤞
  5. We got first RBS yes after constant SWL for JA year 4, 5 and 6 and all intensives. I am in shock, but DD will be very happy 🙂.
  6. YDA in London has 2 weeks of non-residential with places still available
  7. Please accept apology for my previous post as I did not want to upset or offend anyone. On contrary, I want to celebrate all dancers and their parents hard work and dedication irrespective of outcome of finals/auditions. Good luck to everyone on their dancing journey.
  8. I do not know if anyone noticed, but the most of girls who got WL yes this year were seasoned performance professionals having a history of either performance with the professional ballet company or on/near on West End or in top dance competitions.This is a massive part to achieve success in WL audition - being able to perform. Having a track record to be a safe pair of hands/feet in past. I think it was one of the most dicisive factor between candidates this year. Yes, you have to have a right physique, amazing facility and musicality, but without performance these will not stand out. Please correct me if I am wrong about this, but none of the extra classes could give you this special magic.
  9. Congratulations. Well done to your DS. This is an amazing news. YDA is our favourite place as well. Dd is their associate too and really loves their nurturing approach. Hope we will hear from yesterday's girls audition soon. It was a busy weekend- Saturday in WL and Sunday in YDA.
  10. Congratulations and well done to your DD 🙂
  11. Thank you and good luck to your son and everyone who is waiting.🤞🍀🤞
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