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  1. Sorry to hear that but there are many other ways. She did well in EYB. MA next year? Enjoy your day in London.
  2. Is is RAD exam for us today. So one way it is good to be blissfully unaware about outcome. Still could hope and dream. Hope it would be today, but I am somewhat sceptical. Have a lovely day/ weekend.
  3. I do suspect the lady dealing with this might not work on Fri and Mon (as do not recall if any results were released on these days). Secondly, there is still over 600 emails to send (4 days/ about 120 children each day). I think it will be Tuesday next week.
  4. Similar here. Exam is tomorrow. Would be good to know irrespective of outcome.
  5. Congratulations to all yes and SWL. What an achievement. Wow. Hope London results might be soon out too. Waiting for London 2 Group 4. Hope that the results are out before weekend. 😉
  6. Congratulations for all yes and good luck next time for not yet ones. Good luck for all who are waiting. Child: daughter Year 5 Birthday April Audition in London (29.5.). First choice: London Second choice: Eastleigh Auditioned last year for London, SWL Other: had excellent year in Ballet boost and looking forward for next year as moved from juniors to mids.
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