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  1. Can I check if there is any yes for London or Eastleigh as it looks only SWL for these so far. Could this be due to unclarity regarding social distancing/ changes to zoom classes/ venues opening?
  2. It is SWL for us again (this was a case for year 4 and 5) and summer and spring intensives. Well she will still continue at Tring and Ballet boost.
  3. I think it might be before 13.7. when summer intensive is supposed to start (albeit its online version), but who knows.
  4. We did same and I did contacted them about this. You will not receive any email unless there is any problem with the submission. Fingers crossed. 🤞
  5. Congratulation to your son @BalletBoysDad As for travel time between Tring and BBA in Rambert @PurplePirouette: the traffic is usually quite quiet- we are leaving Tring at 12.30 (after quick change of leotards) and usually arriving at 13.20 (her class at BBA was starting at 13.40). We might have an issue this year if she is moved up (start at 12.45 and more overlaps), but BBA is very understanding (have been late on couple occasions due to audition or exam practice). We still intend to do both at this moment, but we live close to Rambert. There might be an issue in future, but we cross that bridge when it is a problem. My dd was ENBS juniors too, but as they closed in Chelsea last year she was wait listed and could not continue there any more. Zoe is an excellent dance teacher and yes she teaches two groups (Junior 1a between 10-12.15 and 2a Mids 13.40- 16.00). Other teachers in older BBA groups are amazing too. Furthermore, care and support from BBA you received during lockdown is exemplary.
  6. Hi, my DD (now year 5) is doing both, but she is Mids in BBA, so there is not much clash at this moment (well before lockdown). Both are excellent programmes with very nurturing and caring teachers, both with the focus on correct technique, performance and artistry. BBA has an excellent online clases during the lockdown. So, I guess it depends on timing (if he will be BBA junior or mids) and it might be slightly different for boys (as there is a boys class in Tring, whereas mixed class at BBA).
  7. My dd got swl. Really surprised as she will turn 10 few weeks before the summer school, so expected flat no. I know that it is unlikely that place will come (have been there for JA year 4 and 5).
  8. Thank you. I was hoping for yesterday as a note in the audition masterclass says that we will be sent link and able to book from 28.11. Have a good weekend. Let's hope it would be soon.
  9. DD got waiting list too. I was expected flat no as she will be 10 only at the end of April. Similarly like Mii applied for Summer school, but I guess that one is more difficult because you competing with the rest of the world. Keep fingers crossed.
  10. Sorry to hear that but there are many other ways. She did well in EYB. MA next year? Enjoy your day in London.
  11. Is is RAD exam for us today. So one way it is good to be blissfully unaware about outcome. Still could hope and dream. Hope it would be today, but I am somewhat sceptical. Have a lovely day/ weekend.
  12. I do suspect the lady dealing with this might not work on Fri and Mon (as do not recall if any results were released on these days). Secondly, there is still over 600 emails to send (4 days/ about 120 children each day). I think it will be Tuesday next week.
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