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  1. Don’t worry. It the technology doesn’t work then they contact you. They don’t just cross you out!! Happened with our JA audition this summer.
  2. Ha!! Think your Dad may have missed the boat slightly...;) DD was watched all the way through I think if I’ve read it right (not sure how YouTube really works!)
  3. We used YouTube and it was viewed last week!
  4. Gosh how galling. I hope it didn’t make a difference in the end. Interesting to hear that JA do feed back: I have always wondered.
  5. @farawaydancer Could you expand on the personality type question?
  6. Interested to see responses to this. From what I can gather - RBS is HUGELY about body shape. Also potential, musicality and coordination. - Tring and Elmhurst require the appropriate body shape but aren’t as picky as RBS. I would assume they also want potential, musicality and coordination...! - I’ve also heard that Tring like a bit of personality... None of them require extensive training for year 7: less can often be more since there are then fewer bad habits to unravel!! It’s mainly a question of potential which makes it tricky to accurately gauge the lik
  7. @HopelessMummyIt’s such a tricky one. I do wonder sometimes at the trend on this forum to label all no’s as ‘not yets’. Yes sometimes they are but at some point a no is a no and will remain a no. The difficulty is knowing which is which. I wouldn’t put too much emphasis on intensive results particularly this year. The different arms of RBS do seem to operate quite independently of each other so results in one area don’t necessarily tally up. Plus there are many odd circumstances this year which seem to make it a tricky one on which to base conclusions. That being said if th
  8. Someone on the audition panel board should write a book and reveal all. Would be fascinating!!
  9. Does anyone have any idea how they select? Surely photos alone doesn’t narrow it down enough? Is it children they don’t have in eg associate classes so they can watch them for longer? Or children they already know so they can get more training? It seems like a total lottery: I’ve heard of children not getting in and getting a spot at WL a few months later (and vice versa!).
  10. RBS seem to prefer full sole for JA’s since it makes the foot work harder than splits: that’s what our JA teacher says anyway. If you can manage it (post lockdown) good idea to get them properly fitted so they show off the foot as much as possible.
  11. My daughter is desperate for a music/jewellery box for Christmas which plays the sugar plum fairy music. I can find some but they’re not great: quite little girly and princessy. Which isn’t her at all. Does anyone know where I might find one? There are some nice ones which play Swan Lake but she’s not keen!!
  12. It seems like most people get through to the video stage. So they’re deciding on full time spots based on one video? That seems really high stakes for everyone!
  13. But places are offered based on the videos, no? Just not funding. Or have I misunderstood?
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