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  1. Spamcat where are you? Manchester isn’t starting until 26th I think (hope!)...!
  2. Some great advice. I’d also add that I personally feel that ballet is the least forgiving of all dance styles: if you’re not excellent I think you look more amateurish than when you’re not excellent in other types of dancing. That may just be because I know more about ballet than other types of dance, but it might also be worth trying other types of dance and seeing if one of those fits.
  3. The fact is though that the majority of children will never be ‘good’ enough and so it is sensible to be realistic. Is there another school locally with a good reputation where you could go for a trial class? We organised a one-off private lesson for our daughter with a well known teacher who had no financial motivation to tell us what we wanted to hear. Otherwise if you’re thinking about proper training, then in year 6 there are plenty of audition opportunities where you could get an idea of where she stands compared to her peers.
  4. Hi. My daughter started at BB yesterday and really loved the class. I was wondering when/how/if BB provide feedback and advice (eg on specific points to work on): does anyone know? Thanks!
  5. It would be from age 11. Good to hear that the standard is high. Is that the case also for girls? How long ago were you there? She has no German though so probably not possible. Might you have any idea where we could find a good private teacher instead? Or is there a German equivalent to this forum?!
  6. We’re going to be living in Munich, which is why I’ve been looking into it. So DD would be able to attend as a day student. Just trying to get an idea of the standard.
  7. My daughter is entering year 6 and her email said just to order the uniform and not to worry if it hasn’t arrived in time: any normal ballet gear will be fine.
  8. No there are no times yet. The email said the timetable would be released soon.
  9. They won’t be spending that long. If they don’t see what they like within the first few minutes they won’t watch any further.
  10. Anyone have any idea what time the year 6 Manchester classes are? Thanks
  11. Very interested in this discussion. Has something new been claimed (if I’m allowed to ask that...?)?
  12. Just had a yes for year 6 for DD. Well done to everyone else who got in and sorry to all those who didn’t make it this time x
  13. You too! Don’t think there are many yr 6 newbies so great to find another! X
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