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  1. Selling - 2 white leotards. One still in its wrapper unworn. The other worn but excellent condition. Both size 2. - homemade character skirt. Waistband is 22 inches and it’s 18 inches from the bottom of the waistband to the bottom of the skirt hem. - tracksuit top and bottom. Age 7-8. Worn so been washed a few times. Selling leotards for £15 (for the pair), the skirt for £15 and the tracksuit for £10. Or can combine for a discount. Plus postage.
  2. Smoking kills. No career is worth dying for. I had cancer in my 20’s: it’s not fun. My children are still all in primary school but they already know that if I ever catch them smoking they will witness an anger they cannot imagine . Totally unacceptable I’m afraid.
  3. Yes. I just emailed. They’re very accessible. PM me if you want to know more about the specifics
  4. Both. The training at the classes helped her decide it was what she wanted to do full time. And then her teacher and Emma (the head) gave us some really great advice about the best school for her (based not just on her dancing but also her personality) and how to prepare for the auditions. I found this openness really helpful in comparison to the other associate schemes she was doing which haven’t been anything like as clear in terms of feedback.
  5. Completely agree with all the above. We’ve been at the Stoke centre and it’s been wonderful. DD is also off to full time training in September and BB were a major factor in this. The classes are great and the advice is great: a real breath of fresh air. There’s a strong focus on long term, careful development and looking at the potential in every child above and beyond fixed physical attributes (which may screen them out of other associate schemes or full time courses) or where they are now in terms of training.
  6. My daughter has attended some of these classes (aimed at juniors) and really enjoyed them
  7. I was simply saying that if a school had that attitude this year, then I wouldn’t want my child to be there. Not that any school necessarily does: it was hypothetical. There are pros and cons to assessing out. Take your own view. And year 7 entry is hugely about potential: body shape and proportions (“luck” as one very experienced teacher once described it to me). Reduced training won’t change that: the schools should still be able to see what they need to in order to make a decision. And any child who is not successful this year should not be at all discouraged: it is a marathon not a sprint. I’m leaving this discussion now. Good luck to everyone: I genuinely hope everyone ends up at the right place for them, be that vocational or otherwise.
  8. I’m not against assessing out. I’m against taking children with the attitude “we’re not sure but hey, we can always get rid of them”. That’s how the suggestion read to me.
  9. Any school which acted on that basis does not deserve my child or my money...
  10. DD has a year 7 place but I understand that boarding places are normally assigned post funding and that everyone who needs a bed normally gets one (although no guarantee).
  11. Being a JA isn’t necessarily a benefit though: like an internal candidate at work, you know their strengths but also their weaknesses... I just think that if I were on an audition panel I’d want as much information as possible about the candidates even if it wasn’t possible to obtain this information about every one of them... but what do I know?!: I’m sure each school has its own reasoning as to why it does things a certain way.
  12. I believe almost all of our JA group have been (girls and boys).
  13. Interesting. Seems a bit of a waste of a source of useful information about some of the candidates: work ethic etc.
  14. I think this too. If they don’t know after seeing a child in JA’s then you wonder what an on-site audition will tell them. Presumably JA teachers have been contacted for feedback and that plus video must give a lot of information. Although having said that, I do wonder why they (seem to have) taken so many through to finals this year. Surely JA feedback could have narrowed it down more...
  15. Thanks. Year 7 (form 1 I think it’s called).
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