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  1. Would you send a pic of the warm up cardigan please? Is it black? Thanks!
  2. Thank you so much for this thread, I just went and ordered 4 of the books mentioned here 😄
  3. Danceworks Ballet Academy sometimes run half term/holiday intensives, keep an out on their FB page or might be worth dropping them an email to see if they'll be doing one.
  4. Selling a new pair of Bloch Boost Mesh Split Sole Dance Trainers in blue for £40 + postage Size 1 RRP: £68
  5. Hi! Hope everyone had a lovely Christmas and looking forward to the New Year. I was wondering if anyone might know of any music editing software that could cut down/fade out/edit music for solos please? Anything that could add a few beeps at the beginning would be useful too. Thanks!
  6. @Dancing unicorn Can you please provide more info on Dar Danse/Bubble on the Beach please? I wrote to them last year but didn't get a response. Would we need to organise the ballet as part of a group? I far as I understood, it's a hotel but the ballet can be organised per request, unless I got it all wrong? Seems like that have a separate Wells Away Ballet Retreat but only for Royal Ballet Students? TIA x
  7. I've just noticed that they've added an extra date for Junior Dance on the 28th February while most of the ones are in January. Are there any advantages/disadvantages of doing a later audition?
  8. Hi, we have the muscle book, do you still need it?
  9. Hi NotaClue! I’ve just replied to your PM. Thank you to everyone else for your replies. X
  10. Hi! Does anyone know whether tickets to the Elmhurst Experience Day (Lower School) are transferable? Something’s come up and we can go anymore :(
  11. Thank you, yes we would definitely consider Europe. Any further suggestions would be appreciated.
  12. Bumping this thread as was curious as well x
  13. We went to watch this as we got free tickets. We didn't think it was very good to be honest. The dancing was below average. It was too loud as the speakers were set to maximum and the added backing track of screaming and clapping when the theatre was half empty seemed very tacky.
  14. I didn't know that weekly boarding an option?? Is this just at Tring or other vocational school too? Thank you so much, lots of helpful advice from all you wonderful ballet parents
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