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  1. Hi, we have the muscle book, do you still need it?
  2. Hi NotaClue! I’ve just replied to your PM. Thank you to everyone else for your replies. X
  3. Hi! Does anyone know whether tickets to the Elmhurst Experience Day (Lower School) are transferable? Something’s come up and we can go anymore :(
  4. Thank you, yes we would definitely consider Europe. Any further suggestions would be appreciated.
  5. Bumping this thread as was curious as well x
  6. We went to watch this as we got free tickets. We didn't think it was very good to be honest. The dancing was below average. It was too loud as the speakers were set to maximum and the added backing track of screaming and clapping when the theatre was half empty seemed very tacky.
  7. I didn't know that weekly boarding an option?? Is this just at Tring or other vocational school too? Thank you so much, lots of helpful advice from all you wonderful ballet parents
  8. By "not too far" I meant we're not really that close either. It's about 20 miles and given how early they tend to start it will probably take a lot of adjustment at the beginning (also with regards to how I will juggle it with work!). Truth be told, 20 miles is nothing in terms of how long it would take to get there (max 40 mins drive) vs for example WL which is only 12 miles but would take twice as long to get to! But this is more to do with the question of how the MDS could be used and whether it can be offered for either (should there be beds available of course). Same for Elmhurst or Hammond for example. Should DD be offered a place, we could move to Birmingham or Chester for the 1st year, and for Year 8 move back to London and let DD board - is that an option at all?
  9. Hi everyone! I have a question regarding the MDS. I'm currently in two minds regarding whether I would like for my DD to board. We live not too far away from Tring so being a day student is definitely an option. If DD gets offered an MDS boarding place, is it possible to change your mind during acceptance and become a day pupil? Also, should circumstances change in the following year and DD decides to board, would the MDS fund a boarding place if a bed is available? This is for Year 7 so we'll be auditioning next year. Thank you!
  10. My DD is an associate there and we went to watch the YDA and Associates Spring Showcase yesterday. The standard was very high and we were very impressed. Perhaps some past or current YDA parents could provide more insight into the school but have never heard that it was easy.
  11. Hi Minx's mum! Try getting in touch with The London Ballet Company School, they might be able to accommodate you. My DD has been an associate with them for a couple of years and although the associates run once a month on Sundays, I know that the school has some classes on Saturdays.
  12. Hi all, Quick question regarding the Royal Ballet Associates. Can JAs/MAs get assessed out? Also, as I've heard that most children continue on to the following year (except for when they are JAs in Y6 when they would have to re-audition for Y7 MA), would this mean that it's tougher to get a Year 6 JA place in comparison to when they are auditioning for a Year 4 place?
  13. Apologies if I’m hijacking this thread as the title is particularly about selling but I thought that I’d do a little research regarding my earlier post (shouldn’t have been so lazy to do so before!) so for anyone feeling a bit squeamish about selling their DC’s old pointe shoes and don’t want them to end up in a landfill here might be a suggestion: https://gambia-ballet-school.com/donations-of-ballet-shoes-ballet-costumes/
  14. Haha love this thread! My DD isn’t on pointe yet however we also have tonnes of used ballet shoes and was wondering what to do with them. I vaguely recall reading an article somewhere (BBC perhaps?) where disadvantaged children in Africa were donated old ballet slippers. Regarding where to sell “arty” items - Etsy is a fabulous place to buy and sell of sorts of wonderful items!
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