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  1. Without trying to be intrusive, may I ask what it was about Central that wasn’t right for her please? Please PM me if it’s more comfortable. x
  2. That's the problem with making it accessible to everyone in the world and to be only made available on a "first come, first served" basis. The website was bound to crash.
  3. Degas 9501 Roy (royal blue) lycra – great condition £30 Mauve lycra – great condition £30 Noir (black) lycra – great condition £30 Lagon (pale blue) meryl soft – minor bobbling but barely noticeable when worn hence price £15 Degas 9502 Begonia meryl soft – great condition £30 Eglantine meryl soft – great condition £30 Degas 9606 Lilac meryl soft – good condition £20 Ballet Boost (Wear Moi with logo) Pacific blue with BB logo – great condition £5 Wear Moi Diane pink – great condition £7
  4. Hi! Yes it's still available. I'll PM you
  5. Thank you very much Sheila! 💗
  6. Good morning everyone. This is probably a very trivial question but might anyone know where I can buy the same type of ballet/pointe shoe thread that comes in one those little pink Bloch sewing kits? I know that any type of thread would usually do, but I absolutely love the quality and thickness of the thread that comes in that little magic box! TIA x
  7. Congrats Sissonne!!! Fantastic news!!
  8. We just got our letter, also on the waiting list for MDS. Wonder if we can find out how far down the list we are?
  9. We don't have a very big living room so for us I'd be looking to get something like 1.5 x 1.5 meters. Enough to do some barre work I would think. If you're lucky enough to have a bigger space where your DD could do some center work, the more the merrier! Unfortunately it's not an option for us.
  10. Ow, that's expensive! Almost as much as the cost of the floor itself!
  11. Thank you, managed to find one the same day 🙂
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