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  1. Last year my dd was offered MDS at Hammond. She then got Tring MDS so gave up the Hammond. She then got the Elmhurst mds so gave Tring mds. Hope this helps x
  2. Elmhurst and Tring mds will be handed out in the next few days so im sure there will be lots of movement. Good luck x
  3. Delighted my dd has a place for week 1 😀
  4. A group of us stayed at a Premier Inn last year. Not walking distance to White Lodge though. You need to send food with them x
  5. I agree! My dd was a come back and try again the first time she auditioned for cba. She got in the 2nd try then went for a full time mds spot which she got. We did not take this as she wanted a different school in the end but just shows what hard work can do x
  6. I would recommend Masters of Ballet Academy. They are in east Acton, London. You can find them on facebook. Olga and Elena are the professional Vaganova method classical ballet teachers and they really give amazing training.
  7. This was us last year. Its so scary and stressful. Best of luck to you all x
  8. Has anyone else had a successful application for the Royal Tokyo intensive? Any info on this opportunity would be very grateful!
  9. I would love to hear about any ballet based Summer Schools outside of the British Isles. My dd is starting a boarding ballet school year 7 in a few weeks but would like to take her during her time off next summer on a bit of an adventure maybe to see another vocational school outside England. Being a day pupil would be a good option but open to idea's. Thanks in advance. x
  10. My dd took part last year for BRB in the Hypadrome run. She was selected as an Elmhurst young dancer. They also selected from Birmingham ja's. The above post is for BRB when they go to London in the Royal Albert Hall. Anyone can audition for this. X
  11. My dd did both classes. Most of them tend to do both. The jazz class really works of strength and flexability. Some would say Elmhurst young dancers is a much better program than other more highly aclaimed ones. X
  12. Hi. Yes they need to apply again for secondary age associates in birmingham! But primary they keep places. 5 girls and 2 boys in birmingham young dancers are sucessful in gaining a place full time from September which I think is pretty good odds!
  13. Year 6 young dancers finish today! They come back next saturday for a rehearsal as they are dancing on Sunday afternoon with the lower school for one of the Elmhurst shows x
  14. My dd is finishing this year as off to Elmhurst full time from September in year 7. Group 2 has a range of ages from year 4 to year 7. Really lovely girls and we have loved the past 2 years going 18 sunday mornings a year. My dd says the class is quite challenging compaired to other associate/classes she does. We will truely miss Tring x
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