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  1. Elmhurst YD on Saturday and Tring CBA every other Sunday worked well for us x
  2. My dd is week 1 YBSS residential. Im sure they will have a blast x
  3. My dd year 8 at Elmhurst has had no girls leave in her group since starting year 7. Only one girl and one boy added at the start of year 8.
  4. No for Tring CBA then a yes the next year. Then finals for Tring and a mds offer. Hammond mds offer. Royal ja no for year 4,5 and 6. No for all intensives. Yes for royal finals and call back. Yes for BRB Nutcracker child. Yes for Elmhurst Young dancers and Elmhurst mds offer. Lots and lots of other yes and no along the way.
  5. My daughter was offered a mds. I just asked her and she said performance and love of dance and that you really wanted to be there. Best of luck x
  6. For Hammond you pay the fee for joining and funding final. We did this and then got mds but decided on Elmhurst so turned down Hammond mds at a later point. Hope this helps
  7. Elmhurst Young dancers get looked at for Birmingham Royal Ballet Nutcracker x
  8. My dd did not get a yes or waitlist for ja's for Year 4,5 or 6. She did not get any intensive's either with them. She did get White Lodge finals and a recal then a no. She was offered a Hammond, Tring and Elmhurst MDS so went with Elmhurst and is very happy. xx
  9. Last year my dd was offered MDS at Hammond. She then got Tring MDS so gave up the Hammond. She then got the Elmhurst mds so gave Tring mds. Hope this helps x
  10. Elmhurst and Tring mds will be handed out in the next few days so im sure there will be lots of movement. Good luck x
  11. Delighted my dd has a place for week 1 😀
  12. A group of us stayed at a Premier Inn last year. Not walking distance to White Lodge though. You need to send food with them x
  13. I agree! My dd was a come back and try again the first time she auditioned for cba. She got in the 2nd try then went for a full time mds spot which she got. We did not take this as she wanted a different school in the end but just shows what hard work can do x
  14. I would recommend Masters of Ballet Academy. They are in east Acton, London. You can find them on facebook. Olga and Elena are the professional Vaganova method classical ballet teachers and they really give amazing training.
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