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  1. There is a taxi company based at the station. Be around £7 or £8. You can phone ahead to have a driver waiting xx
  2. Im not sure they have a reserve list. I have heard 3 girls have turned down places and they need boys for year 7 entry. But like someone else said on another thread Royal have only taken 11 girls and 11 boys this year so far.
  3. Birmingham took 2 year 6 girls to start year 7 girls ma's and one starting at White Lodge. The current year 6 have 2 classes. That leaves alot of kids without anything in year 7.
  4. Just to add one more point We met a few internationals and a few non ja girls at White Lodge finals from the 53. Boys are a very different story as so few compared to the girls.
  5. Probably I am wrong. But all im saying is with all the centre's in year 6 with sometimes 2 groups in them they select 50 ish girls for finals. Nothing is a definate.
  6. My heart broke a little every time she were a no. My dd was not bothered in the slightest. Just keep thinking of new things to do and new adventures to try!
  7. No offence to royal as they are an amazing company but 90% at a guess of ja's dont make White Lodge finals. They take who they like!
  8. Hi. Just wanted to say dont worry if you dont get in ja's. The game is not over. My dd was a no for year 4, 5 and 6 plus the easter/summer schools. No wait lists. We worked really hard. She ended up at White Lodge finals with another 52 girls. She was then in recall on the 2nd day. She did not get a place but she did get mds offers at the other 3 schools and is off to one in September!
  9. I think 5 of the year 6 Elmhurst Young Dancers in Birmingham have gained a place full time in September. I also know of a few in other centres. Quite good I think!
  10. We delined our swl place for London as my dd off to Elmhurst 😁
  11. We have handed back a mds offer for year 7 x
  12. We have handed back a mds offer xx
  13. My dd got Hammond, Tring and Elmhurst year 7. She has decided on Elmhurst so Tring and Hammond mds were handed back xxx
  14. Heard of lots of yes and no for Elmhurst year 7. Plus a few still waiting.
  15. With the young dancers watching week Saturday they wont want results out until after that!
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