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  1. Bluebird22 do you happen to know if there are *any* year 9 places going??!!!
  2. Erm, in short...... Not many! Your dd has done incredibly well to get to finals at Elmhurst!! It's a wealth of information, advice & guidance on here, mine is to brace yourself for a rollercoaster ride, and to occasionally arm yourself with a stiff gin. Or two! ????
  3. Yes, from the same place as the leotard. However, it is just a length of satin ribbon, about 1.5 cms wide in a french navy colour (ie not really dark navy) so if you have a local haberdashery nearby it might be cheaper than paying postage just for the ribbon (assuming you've already got the leotard....) ????
  4. Brag away dormouse- thats an amazing achievement! Well done!! ????????
  5. It won't 'clear' as such....... Places *do* come up from waiting lists, it just depends on who accepts/declines/changes their mind/ gets a better offer etc to determine how many places come up. I have heard of people asking to find out where on the waiting lists their dc are, but i don't know if that's true. My dd was on the swl for mids last year, and a place never became available for her. She got swl again this year (!) and has just been offered a place. Well done to your dd on getting a waiting list place- that's a fantastic achievement in itself!!
  6. Miss hubbard must've been busy yesterday! Same for my dd, ( only mids, and manchester !!????)
  7. Not ballet related at all, but a schoolfriend of mine had Ehlers -Danlos. She would regularly dislocate her shoulders(not on purpose!) , had swayback everything, and she could do this thing with her fingers whereby each fingertip could touch the back of her hand , kind of like making a claw/fist, but backwards..???? She coped with it all incredibly well, and taught us all how to hold her arm & position ourselves so she could 'pop' her shoulder back in whenever necessary!!! ????
  8. Yes, you too. My tip when applying for both would be fill out both forms side by side on the screen.... ( they're almost identical- full time needs a bit more info about dc's current school) i did mine seperately, and had to 'find' / remember all the information again! Full time/ associates audition fee is &45, summer school is £20 Job done. Now i can relax. ........for a bit.......????
  9. Thanks neil! Zacharovitti- yes, two different forms, two fees, same photos for each. I've just done ours online. ????
  10. Thank you all. Legs & feet is dd's favourite , and i suppose she knows more than me, so that's what we'll go for! Audition fever strikes again!! Fingers crossed! Thanks ????
  11. Thanks Lema- I know they're not *that* important ????!! , I was just wondering , generally, which were better.... Nicer arms & head, or legs & feet! Thanks for taking the time to reply. ???? Oh, and well done to your Dd, she's clearly very talented! ????
  12. After a bit of advice re audition photos, please.... (MA/WL/SS) . Have done Dd's photos, and am really pleased with them, but in one pose, number 4- arabesque- we have 2 photos to choose from. In one, her top half is better than the bottom, and in the other, her bottom half is better than top!! Both photos are great overall , what i'm wondering is can i send both versions in? Or which one would your experienced hive mind suggest would be the better........ ? Oh, and to add, Dd prefers one, I prefer the other. And current time restrictions mean i can't really ask dd's teacher for adv
  13. We did 6x4 photos, and cropped a passport sized photo just of head & shoulders, from a larger photo, so that Dd looked like herself, rather than a miserable old trout! ( as she does in her passport photo.....) ☺️
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