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  1. Hi Cara- i would definitely suggest the chalk method..... use tailors chalk as it's designed to brush out afterwards. You *should* be able to 'sew as you go'- ie no need to pin, ( but if you feel you need to pin, put them in at right angles evey couple of inches or so. ) and just line up the top edge of the ribbon with the chalk line and sew. Don't pull the ribbon too tight as you go- in theory the top edge of each ribbon needs to be smaller than the bottom to allow for the curve of the skirt, but in reality the curve isn't really that great, so it doesn't make much of a difference. Each row will get easier- by skirt 2 you'll be flying!! Good luck!
  2. ? well it definitely happened- it's in our neck of the woods, although don't personally know anyone from Complete Works, but they are at some of the same competitions as dd's dance school. The news of the arrests today though is sad- if indeed it does turn out to be arson/fraud ? Can't shed sny more light on the whole thing though, sorry!
  3. How do you mean TYR? The fact that it happened, or that they've arrested folk for it?
  4. Both these posts are so sad, how can kids be so cruel!? Sounds like a positive outcome from the talking, which hopefully will mean an end to the nastiness. As with a lot of these things, setbacks like this will hopefully encourage your Dd to become tougher, and more determined, and prove them all wrong. ☺️
  5. Manchester mids had theirs last week- Dd offered another year ?
  6. Sorry, can't be any help at all, but WOW!! Well done to your dd so far!!
  7. Tatasmum- The audition to move from JA to MA is the same as the preliminary audition for full time training at White Lodge. There's a box to tick on the application form if you want to apply for MAs as well . I believe this year a few girls were invited to White Lodge finals, even though they had only ticked the MA box. MA places are so much 'rarer' than JA places. Hope that helps.
  8. Drdance the bread thing is a 'thing'! Has to be white bread, i think the cheaper the better; and you squish it up into a little ball, and use it like a rubber!! Can't vouch for its use on pointe shoes, but it's an old 'housewives' trick for ckeaning marks off walls, & scuffs off paintwork etc. ☺️
  9. May not be heavy duty enough, but baby wipes are surprisingly effective for a quick spruce up.
  10. Ha ha bluelou- exactly!! ☺️
  11. My dd got a flat 'no' for JA's for yr5 entry, then a yes for yr6 entry after auditioning again a year later. Followed by a waitlist place for Mids for yr 7, which didn't come to anything, followed by another waitlist place for yr8, which has!! She's always enjoyed the auditions, and fortunately hasn't ever been upset at the no's/not quites etc. It's always worth a try, as long as your dd's happy, and understands what a long shot it all is. ( which also means what an achievement it is to even get waitlist places) ☺️
  12. There is an age limit though....????????
  13. There are a few men on pointe roles- possibly most well known (?) is Bottom in Ashton's 'the Dream'. I'd hazard a guess that once you get to that kind of age where girls start to go on pointe, the boys tend to focus on strength etc for lifting & jumping etc, leaving less time to focus on pointework. I'm sure there are some more 'modern' pieces that incorpoate mens pointework.
  14. Sarahw i'd have to disagree- not to be awkward, but just to say in my (very) limited experience that wasn't the case at all. Out of dd's rbs Ja group, only 2 girls were offered Rbs finals, - they weren't offered elmhurst finals, and 1 girl was offered elmhurst finals but not rbs! She was also an elmhurst ja as well as rbs.
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