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Special evening....


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I just had to share with you all, as I'm very excited, that I'm watching my son and his girlfriend dance Le Corsaire pas de deux this evening as "guests" in her old dance school show :D


I've only ever seen him do any pdd in a short class demo once, and a bit of partnering in groups in end of year performances, so this is a real treat (they're doing it again for our local dance school show at the end of May - I'm hoping to persuade him to do the solo too for that ;) )

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Thanks all - the show was great - really well produced and amazing costumes for the first half of ballet where they did Beatrix Potter - thought they must've hired or borrowed them, but no, all made by people involved with the school - so very well done to anyone reading this who was involved :)


As for the pdd - it brought the house down :D They looked gorgeous and danced beautifully despite the fact they never usually dance together due to the difference in height :P . I heard there was much excitement in the afternoon when the younger girls first saw ds in his costume (it was the bare chest that did it!!). And his girlfriend's mum was surrounded by people at the end as they were all so impressed by her lovely daughter.


And for a change, I didn't cry - very unusual for me - I usually cry at everything but I think it was just like watching some professionals so it almost didn't feel like it was my son up there. (I'll make up for it at the end of year performances - I'll be crying buckets there :unsure:)


And as for the forum outing idea - if you're within striking distance of North Hampshire and are free at the end of May, do get in touch (dd is dancing quite a bit in that too) - I'll give you details.......

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Delighted to hear it went to well Julie. Good luck to your dd tomuchtallent. Also mighty relieved to know I am not the only one who weeps buckets over dk through joy/pride. (We'll forget about the wailing and gnashing of teeth when things went wrong!)

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Tomuchtallent, your daughter's playing is really impressive. No wonder you were very proud. Your daughter, as well as being talented, must do a lot of violin practice, as well as going to her ballet lessons. She must be a very busy girl. She obviously has a good violin teacher, which is as important as it is in ballet, and I have discovered over the years that really good violin teachers are not easy to find.

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