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  1. You and Charlie should be so proud of what you have achieved - let us know where she decides to follow her dreams xx
  2. Danceflash 2017 which in near Vienna is advertising their summer school and scholarships are available according to the site.
  3. There is a cul de sac across the main road where we have parked before .. probably annoy the residents tho ????
  4. Hugely deserved - well done x Hard work and determination pay off in the end ... me and dd can't wait to follow her journey xx
  5. Here is the link to a clip from last years sumner school ???? https://youtu.be/HqCjCU4xQXI
  6. We have nothing but praise for MTB and my dd did it twice before going to vocational school . It is a fantastic performance opportunity with an outstanding teaching faculty.
  7. My dd did this last year and as a result is now working in Austria - it is a fantastic summer school with an amazing faculty . There were some older students - my dd was 20 but there were older and younger of course. The show at the end is well worth visiting Munich and Salzburg for and it is set in a beautiful safe setting. Please feel free to pm with any questions.
  8. Thank you - I couldn't see the report option either.
  9. I agree that the Love Lily skirts are beautifully made from gorgeous materials. Do look at their website - there are so many different designs. Worth every penny x
  10. These are still available if anyone is interested - I am open to offers
  11. These are still available if anyone is interested - I am open to offers
  12. There is an ex Tring pupil in contemp final
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