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  1. Good luck with choosing and with the SB audition. Lucky girl to have a choice! X
  2. Things to consider: Class size Who will be teaching? Studios/facilities What will she get from it that she won't get in her regular training? Is reputation important to you or your DD? My DD danced for many years as an associate with a small ballet company who don't have the 'big name' reputation and received individual attention, regular pas de deux training and experience with professional dancers and regular performance experience on stage. Her confidence and love of dance grew immeasurably. Invaluable.
  3. We would love to make contact with anyone who is starting EFBS full time in September!
  4. Absolutely, sounds like a fantastic opportunity. Is it open to non-vocational 15 Yr olds who will be embarking on their vocational journey in September 2021?
  5. Excellent condition. £15 +p&p
  6. We use the school email system so it's not personal email addresses that we're using. All emails are tracked and recorded. It's no different to the individual phonecalls we're being asked to make. Unfortunately our school have made the decision that we can't live video link even with 2 members of staff present, (although obviously this would have its own staffing issues anyway!). It's a very difficult time for teachers who have trained and developed their own pedagogy over so many years and I can assure you that we are all desperate to get back to face to face teaching, when it is safe to do s
  7. Absolutely, Peony. I'm a teacher in a state secondary school and we have been instructed by the Head not to teach by live video for safeguarding reasons. As a teacher of Performing Arts, I would love to be able to teach my kids in a Zoom class because they would really benefit from this 'practical' work and the feedback I could provide, but alas, it has been vetoed. We can upload videos to teach, have email exchanges with individual students and we must provide individual feedback for each piece of work submitted. Work also has to be provided weekly for students without Internet access. I also
  8. Grishko 1001 in Coffee xs still available
  9. *Grishko 1001 in Coffee xs/36 *Mirella red tank size P, + detailed back *Capezio lilac size S + matching wrap skirt set * Lulli burgundy boat neck size S All £10 each inc postage Please let me know if you'd like photos and I'll email xx
  10. Not just vocational students of course! DD has had the dining room to herself for the last 5 weeks since her academic and dance schools closed. As it's dragging on so long, the carpet is now coming up in the bedroom to allow full use of her barre and allow us use of a dining table again!
  11. It's new to the list this year.
  12. both on insta: Adam Scott and Graeme Pickering have both piqued DD's enthusiasm. Also Hannah Martin of BBC Greatest Dancer choreographs and teaches beautiful routines.
  13. @ponklemum see info above in case you haven't found the DVD yet x
  14. DD has a barre in her room but is currently using the dining room (lino floor) for online classes whilst in lock down and is using an adjustable cheapy clothes rail from Argos in lieu of a barre.
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