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  1. It is a amazing experience to work abroad.But there still should be more British ballet dancers working in the top companies in the Uk and not out of work.I'm sure they are talented enough! If not(compared to the rest of the world)then there must be a problem with the training and/or to many ballet schools.
  2. There are far to many courses and dancers training in the Uk.Some of the courses are a waist of time with false hope. I do believe that there should be many more British dancers in the top ballet companies.If we are training even 48 of the best in the Uk from year 7 up for every year group they must be as good as the rest of the world and should gain a contract in the Uk.Other wise it is a waist of the tax payers money.
  3. I'm still a bit confused.So nobody had been offered a place who was unsuccessful getting funding?So does that mean that the unfunded places have already been taken, and only funded places are available?
  4. Regarding DVDs, it was much harder than I thought when we done ours!I actually think my dd looks much better live and after making it I wished she went to the audition, but lucky for her it worked and she got a yes.
  5. If the DVD is filmed good enough, and I think the content they ask for is more difficult with all the stretching, feet,turnout ect I don't see that it's difficult for them to decide.They know what they are looking for just like the other schools. Good point about going to look at the school first before excepting a place.A bit like my dd, we have not been to Tring but my dd will be going.
  6. Along for the ride mum As much as I love Elmhurst my dd has chosen the Theatre arts course.She loves all things and does not want to concentrate only on ballet at the moment.Her words"I'm to young to decide yet" As we have a place at Tring and that's where she wants to go I don't think it's fair to go to the Elmhurst audition when she knows she won't be going there..Also we are abroad and it will cost a fair bit.
  7. Pirouette26 I did notice that the dates are the same! My dd really wants to go to Tring so we might not go to the Elmhurst finals. Have you decided what you are going to do? After a long think over the months and after the results my dh,my dd and myself have decided that it would be best for my dd to do the theatre arts course.She loves ballet, dancing, singing and drama.I hope we have made the right choice!If it was me I would of loved to of gone to Elmhurst.
  8. As we are abroad we are not entitled to a mds unfortunately.Lucky enough my husband has some great friends who will sponsor her and pay for most of the fees.
  9. Finally we have news! It's a yes for the dance and theatre arts course at Tring.my dd is jumping for joy.
  10. Feeling very sad for my dd.She keeps asking me everyday if we have heard from Tring yet! I did speak to them and it seems that they havent yet got around to watching our DVD audition tape!They received it in the middle if January.Well I'm sure most of the places must of gone now.What can I say but very upset.
  11. Congratulations Theodor! Best wishes xxx
  12. They sent me an e mail last week saying when they had the results they would send them.They must of forgotten about us!haha
  13. I'm still waiting for Tring results!anybody else? I suppose no news is good news.Wouldn't mind but we r waiting for an e mail not a letter so I know it hasn't been lost in the post!
  14. Thanks afab,feel so much better now! Not really,actually got over it now so whatever the out come is it's fine.I don't get stresses for long,sort of through one ear and out of the other.It's not the end of the world.
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