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  1. Let's also remember the hard-working talented dancers in our top schools who haven't had any exposure as they are prevented from entering competitions because (to quote Christopher Powney) they are too busy and already at a top school, so what would be the point? Well the point is, these students may be 'busy' but are not getting seen in the way that these competition dancers are!
  2. Yes it's many people's goal to join Royal Ballet but I'm sure if they were interested they would have made her an offer. BRB is an excellent company in its own right, not a 'training' company for RB.
  3. She has taken part in numerous competitions and been incredibly successful at promoting herself on social media. She is very well known within the ballet world and almost a celebrity before she starts. I wonder if this is a good thing or a bad thing? I am also aware of a couple of other students who are building their social media profiles and wonder whether we should be encouraging our own children to do similar? As you say Chaperone, coming with a ready-made following wont do BRB any harm.
  4. Yes Lin I saw the news about Miko. I think you are the only person I know of who is a fan - everyone else seems fairly lukewarm about her to be honest. Given that her family lives in America I am surprised an English company is a first choice. Good luck to her though. I'm sure Bintley will be pleased if she brings some her Facebook and Instagram fans with her.
  5. David Bintly seemed a bit grumpy in his Dancing Times interview, so much so that somebody felt they needed to write in about it and it became star letter. He seems to criticise RBS quite heavily as well.
  6. Spanner as a moderator I do not understand how you can let political and offensive comments go by with no comment, even apparently endorsing them with your cheery response to the poster.
  7. Frank H your comments on my post are shocking. Even for someone new to ballet, it is unbelievable that you have linked my comments to UKIP, something I find utterly offensive. My post clearly talks about schools and systems of training and company style and I do not know how on earth you could have interpreted it the way you did. Edited to say that I would be grateful if moderators could remove both of Frank H's posts and this one.
  8. Isn't this precisely why we have a national school? Not for this thread but isn't this what gives the company its style and makes dancers coming from elsewhere look slightly out of kilter? This is the reason I am not a fan of Osipova - she is a superb dancer but her style jars with the rest of the company.
  9. Well as the parent of teenage girls I'm afraid he is wrong. There is a real resurgence in interest in all things ballet amongst teenage girls and it has become cool. Even girls who have never taken a ballet class are into it and all things associated with it. And they are hugely impressed with ballet and those who can do ballet and this is CLASSICAL ballet, not contemporary. They are not interested in contemporary ballet at all, so I would love to know where DB is getting his views from.
  10. I firmly believe that the teacher is more important than the school and the school is only as good as its teachers.
  11. I'm not sure that is fair. I know boys really struggle around this age with who they are and what they want out of life and start to test the water elsewhere. It's not necessarily a reflection of the school. Also, when one or two do it, it makes it easier for others to follow. I find it unfair that Whiite Lodge gets this level of scrutiny when no-one seems to comment on student destinations in other schools or whether their students are continuing with ballet.
  12. I think the girls group was quite small to start with (maybe 10?) and some had already decided to focus on academics and not to pursue a ballet route, so maybe not as bad as it sounds. Sympathy to those who didn't get a place though but take comfort from the many before you who have gone on to have successful careers through other schools.
  13. Tulip - the point is that nothing referenced in these forum comments identifies any specific student apart from yours in which you clearly identify that your dd is in the photos but that was your choice.
  14. Well done Katymac. Just shows what can be achieved with determination and perseverance! X
  15. Anybody know anymore about this - happening a week on Satuday (March 7th)? Anyone going or have DCs in it?
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