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  1. When my dd auditioned 3 years ago, her photographer, who knows Robert Parker, rang him to ask if bare feet were necessary as this would mean a different set of photos, and the response was that all poses in shoes was fine. It did not disadvantage her at all and we had no comeback about it.
  2. Your daughter should be able to ask to see the independent careers adviser employed by or bought in by her school. If you are unsure how to ask about this, the schools website should name the school’s careers lead (statutory requirement to do so) and they should be able to point you in the right direction.
  3. We had the same with a dance loving GP who just said, ‘Send me tickets for your first professional performance!’
  4. When dd was a yr 12 student at The Hammond 2 years ago, students had to live with host families. We paid (I think) £130 a week which included breakfast and dinner although hosts were v kind and allowed the students to use food in the fridges to make packed lunches too. All washing and ironing and room cleaning/bed changing was done for dd. In yr 13 and 14 dd shared a house on a room rental basis - we currently pay about £325 pcm, with electricity/gas bills and food on top. I’m sure that the accommodation manager at school would be able to provide more details if you make contact. Please message me if I can give you any more information.
  5. I’ve read this thread several times and I’m still not sure where to book for DH’s first visit to ROH. Not having a blocked view and being able to see feet and faces is important. Price is less of a factor (special treat). Would really appreciate opinions of where fits this bill. Thank you.
  6. Could you give a little more informative about the level of this qualification and what your daughter hopes to do? I am not sure it equates exactly to anything that UK dancers can do, so it’s hard to compare or try to answer your question.
  7. I think this is common advice to get the young person into the system. We have family experience of a teenager with out of control behaviour related to autism and despite there being clear evidence that he needed help for some time, the GP and Camhs failed him badly. His family were told to call the police when he had a meltdown as he would have to be taken to a place of safety and assessed. He was, and then entered the mental health system and after quite a long time, including a period of over a year where he was sectioned under the mental health act, help has been forthcoming. It is so sad that it had to get to that point as it was distressing for all and could have been avoided if he had been given when asked for. Best wishes to your son, Pictures. Happy for you to pm me if I can help with more information.
  8. It was good to see this on BBC breakfast today. I hope that Primrose and family are proud of their great achievement to support those with autism. I hope the training makes a difference to the treatment of young people who cannot always speak up for themselves.
  9. Karen

    MDS funding

    I think it is possible, but less likely than If entering lower down the school. Good luck!
  10. https://www.federationoffestivals.org.uk/ Many of these will have ballet and classical solo, duet, trio/quartet and group sections.
  11. Impact on academic classroom attainment for those doing dance training? Several teachers have remarked to me that they can tell which children take dance classes. Coincidence?
  12. We run a business providing training and qualifications. If an employer pays for a learner to be trained by us, the learner agrees (on a signed agreement) that we share their progress with the funder. Although my dd is over 18 and receiving a Dada, we pay a significant amount towards her dance training. Information on her progress is shared with us, and I feel this is right. I don’t think she has signed an agreement to this effect, and perhaps she should, but I strongly believe we should be in the loop about how well she is doing (and if our money is being well spent!) If my dd wishes to discuss anything with her teachers or pastoral team which is not directly impacting on her dance training, that is a different matter. I I would hope that the institution would encourage her to share, or seek her agreement to share on her behalf if they felt it was significant.
  13. Karen

    New Year

    Same here! Very best wishes to all final year students at all schools. Here’s hoping for exciting news about jobs over the coming months. 🤞
  14. Karen

    John Mallinson

    Very sorry to hear this news. Sincere condolences to John’s family, friends and colleagues.
  15. Good luck to your dd for the next stage of her career and thank you for all your contributions. Please keep us posted on how your dd gets on with her teaching - it’s great to hear how people have progressed and moved through their dancing lives.
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