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  1. We also added Dd to our personal policies (WPA heslthcare) - much cheaper than the school option and very effective when we needed to use them for Physio. If you do have your own policy, it’s well worth looking at
  2. https://www.facebook.com/1743178945926460/posts/2363325907245091?s=100000446663231&sfns=mo This is a link to a Facebook post offering for sale 4 tickets for Friday matinee. I’m sorry I can’t share it any other way.
  3. My friend and I tackled the tutu today! The bodice is heavy, possibly brocade, with lots of sparkly silver woven in. We used vanish oxy spray, warm water and a soft cloth and it looks much cleaner, with the make up marks coming out pretty well. It certainly looks less grimy overall. The worst bits now are the translucent sequins, which look yellowed, but they are clean! My lovely friend is going to do the sewing bits and give it a second clean in the same way, so hopefully all will be well on stage. Thanks to everyone for the advice, and hopefully explaining what worked for us will help someone else in the future.
  4. There is a way to select both on one booking - select the price required before you click on the seat. You can click on full price, select however many needed, then change price to concession and select more seats. When you add to basket it will show different prices. It’s not easy and I’ve overpaid before just to get the seats. It won’t help you this time, but might save a bit when you next try to book. I do hope school use an alternative provider in future.
  5. It was a dreadful palaver to book this year and I wonder if you might find that when the system catches up with itself there are tickets that were in peoples’ baskets that couldn’t be paid for and which go back on sale. I was lucky to get through on the phone eventually and pay for the tickets that went in my basket a couple of hours before, and fortunately stayed there. Better system needed in future, I think.
  6. Thank you all for your advice. I will examine the beast at the weekend and see what I’m dealing with. I do know it’s a dark colour, but not sure of the fabric type, so will make some decisions and do some out of sight testing. I learned my lesson on watermarks when trying to remove a hair product mark from my fabric headboard. Never heard the vodka idea before!
  7. Dd has just informed me that she is coming home on Friday with the tutu she will be wearing at the end of year show. It requires alteration to fit and thankfully I have a friend who can help with this (I am useless!) but it also apparently has make up marks on it and if possible, we are required to clean it. Baby wipes have been suggested but I have no idea if this is a good or bad idea! Any hints and tips for cleaning would be most welcome, please.
  8. Congratulations and best wishes to your son. Hope he is very happy with the change of direction and finds surveying as fulfilling as dance.
  9. Very sorry to hear of your situation and hope you and your dd find a solution that you look back and recognise was good for you. There’s been loads of great advice posted, so hope you can move on with some of the suggestions made 💐
  10. Karen

    urdang finals

    I would also consider what the living options at both places consist of. I think that getting that right has a huge impact on how a young person settles and copes with life. From personal experience, I would prefer the option that made life easiest in respect of location, facilities (cooking, washing, drying,) plus closeness to college, ease of getting home etc, as other pressures are high and if these things don’t work easily, it adds another layer of stress. I’d also review the pastoral support offered by each institution and consider how I felt each place would care for my away from home 16 year old. Good luck!
  11. Wow! Fantastic to hear your news. Congratulations! If you don’t try, will you look back and wish you had? If you answer that honestly, your decision will be made. Good luck. 😺
  12. Would be really interested to hear from anyone dance related who has tried this. Thank you.
  13. Easy2name do a range of naming options. There will be some things such as towels and sheets that you can use the punch on name buttons and I used iron on names for underwear. (They lasted well as long as they were applied with enough heat). Keep those horrid sew on labels to a minimum!
  14. Jack in the box type puppet? It would jump out as the lid holding the spring down was released. Probably lots available on well known web sites!
  15. Hammond students generally use Pro physio in Chester. Gary is recommended as the ‘dancer expert.’ Dd has had a couple of helpful sessions there, but I don’t have a great deal of info about them.
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