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  1. I bought a Darcey Bussell for a ballet friend at Christmas and it has just produced its first bloom. You might find that the plants are only available at certain times of year. Good luck in your search.
  2. ‘Devoted to Dance’ has some great contacts and is very generous in sharing these. DD has had school based classes, so has not been able to join in, but there are some fab opportunities.
  3. Congratulations to your dd - great to hear positive news
  4. Becky at The Dancer’s room in Lichfield is fab and they definitely stock GMs as my dd has them from there. Dd used to have a special order, but Becky found her a more standard pair which are fine and take less time to come.
  5. We move our living room furniture every day to create a space for class! We live in an upside down house and my office is underneath the thuds from contemporary and jazz. Thank goodness tap is yet to go on line😀
  6. This comment is not coming from any ‘insider knowledge base, but if my child had been offered a place without MDS funding, I would contact the school in question and, regardless of any information previously given about potential fee support, ask what they could do at this time for my child. Over the 8 years that my dd has been a full time vocational pupil I have heard of many families who have asked questions, challenged decisions, asked for audition tapes to be reconsidered, negotiated payments etc etc and received a response that was different from the first one. I know that not everyone will achieve their desired outcome, but if you don’t ask, you don’t know, and it might make a difference. We are in unprecedented times, and I think that decisions could be made by schools which might surprise and delight some families, but the schools might need a ‘helping hand’ to think about specific individual situations. Good luck to all who are hoping for places.
  7. Balletbean, not sure where you’re located, but careers folk are still working and your son’s school’s careers guidance person should still be available by phone or video link to talk A level choices. If you are struggling, please pm me - both my husband and I are qualified careers advisers. I am running on the same fuel as you, btw! 🍾
  8. Bex, have sent you a pm, but delighted to say that tonight dd has received an offer from a second agency
  9. DD has received her first offer of representation from an agency after submitting her show reel and a Skype interview. More Interviews to come, but a fabulous start and she loved the agent and his attitude, so it might well be this one!
  10. Hammond has cancelled graduate showcase performance (open to public) and agents’ performances in Chester and London. They may be rearranged if possible in future. Message from school said that the decision had been made to cancel ‘some’ events.
  11. Hammond upper school show performances have gone ahead on Thursday, Friday and Saturday (and were fabulous) but we’re not sure if the graduate showcases will go ahead w/c 23rd March. Many auditions have been cancelled for the next few weeks too. So disappointing for these fabulous dancers completing 8 years of training and seeking an agent and their first job. An uncertain time has been made even more uncertain for this group of young people. I do hope they will get their chance somewhere down the line.
  12. I have 2 tickets for the Hammond’s senior school show on Friday 13th March, Row D, 13 and 14. I bought them for family who are now concerned about travel from Europe, so not coming. If anyone would like them, please let me know and I can give you the confirmation before the show. its the first time for a number of years that the Hammond has split it senior and junior performances, and it will be interesting to see how it works out.
  13. I think the young people graduating this summer and currently involved in shows, agent showcases and auditions are going to be hit hard by coronavirus restrictions. I hope that where events are cancelled there will be other opportunities later on. More pressure in what is already a stressful time. Stay well dancers and families.
  14. My husband’s first visit to ROH next Saturday. I’m very excited and hope that the good luck fairy is about and my usual misfortune of sitting near those who lack theatre manners won’t be the case!
  15. I think Rowan, that where vocational schools are inspected by OFSTED for their academic programmes, this would apply. There should be a career related learning programme in place in any 6th form. Where vocational schools/ colleges have no OFSTED link, ie, no academic inspection, there is no statutory obligation as far as I’m aware. Would still be good practice to follow this though,
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