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  1. Impact on academic classroom attainment for those doing dance training? Several teachers have remarked to me that they can tell which children take dance classes. Coincidence?
  2. We run a business providing training and qualifications. If an employer pays for a learner to be trained by us, the learner agrees (on a signed agreement) that we share their progress with the funder. Although my dd is over 18 and receiving a Dada, we pay a significant amount towards her dance training. Information on her progress is shared with us, and I feel this is right. I don’t think she has signed an agreement to this effect, and perhaps she should, but I strongly believe we should be in the loop about how well she is doing (and if our money is being well spent!) If my dd wishes to discuss anything with her teachers or pastoral team which is not directly impacting on her dance training, that is a different matter. I I would hope that the institution would encourage her to share, or seek her agreement to share on her behalf if they felt it was significant.
  3. Karen

    New Year

    Same here! Very best wishes to all final year students at all schools. Here’s hoping for exciting news about jobs over the coming months. 🤞
  4. Karen

    John Mallinson

    Very sorry to hear this news. Sincere condolences to John’s family, friends and colleagues.
  5. Good luck to your dd for the next stage of her career and thank you for all your contributions. Please keep us posted on how your dd gets on with her teaching - it’s great to hear how people have progressed and moved through their dancing lives.
  6. My dd’s experience was also a long time ago, so as pictures says, there have been staff changes since then, so things might be different. There was a ballet class which was comfortable for dd - I think she was in RAD inter foundation at that time but I do recall that quite a few of her year group had not taken the inter exam when they started year 7. I remember her telling me that they did pirouettes and were encouraged to give doubles a go even if they had not tried them before. I think that your potential and not your grade is important here. Dd did a ballet solo, but I do recall a conversation some years later with a teacher who said that the panel rather liked to see another genre as they saw a lot of ballet in the ballet class, and what they were looking for included a love of performance. Dd did prepare a vocal solo (one that she had used in a festival dance) but as pictures said, I have heard that people who did not prepare anything were asked to sing happy birthday. I think that if you can sing a little, it does show your versatility and willingness to embrace everything, even if you really want to focus on dance. I'm sure there are forum members who have more recent experience than ours, but don’t be afraid to call the school (or ask your parent/guardian to do so for you) if you have questions that are not answered. Good luck!
  7. A subscription to ‘The Stage’ magazine gives access to a range of performance and non performance job vacancies in the industry and periphery. That might give you some ideas of what is out there, which might lead to some ideas about what you would like to do.
  8. It was excellent! Really enjoyed the range of numbers, all well put together and performed with enthusiasm and style. Great show.
  9. I think that continuing to work with boarding staff will help the situation. If there are people that your Dd would like to share space with next year, ask for that to happen. Also don’t be afraid to alert them to inappropriate behaviour that your Dd is having to deal with. If they are fully in the picture, they will be more able to help. If they are not helping, then maybe escalation is needed. Hope things get sorted for your Dd.
  10. Hammond open day is usually the last Saturday morning of September or the first one of October. It will be on the school website and you do not have to book. A range of dance genres and academics across year 7 -14 are usually on show. Dance is usually a class for visitors to watch with teachers explaining the process and questions are welcome. An informative morning.
  11. Don’t think that a break is a bad thing. I used to worry that my Dd resolutely rejected summer schools, saying that she needed a holiday. She has felt at no disadvantage when returning to vocational school over the years. More recently she has recognised that regular stretching at home is a good thing, and that occasional family (all except me!) trips to the gym mean that she can just keep ticking over. I do think that letting your body rest is very helpful in preventing injury too. Enjoy the rest!
  12. We also added Dd to our personal policies (WPA heslthcare) - much cheaper than the school option and very effective when we needed to use them for Physio. If you do have your own policy, it’s well worth looking at
  13. https://www.facebook.com/1743178945926460/posts/2363325907245091?s=100000446663231&sfns=mo This is a link to a Facebook post offering for sale 4 tickets for Friday matinee. I’m sorry I can’t share it any other way.
  14. My friend and I tackled the tutu today! The bodice is heavy, possibly brocade, with lots of sparkly silver woven in. We used vanish oxy spray, warm water and a soft cloth and it looks much cleaner, with the make up marks coming out pretty well. It certainly looks less grimy overall. The worst bits now are the translucent sequins, which look yellowed, but they are clean! My lovely friend is going to do the sewing bits and give it a second clean in the same way, so hopefully all will be well on stage. Thanks to everyone for the advice, and hopefully explaining what worked for us will help someone else in the future.
  15. There is a way to select both on one booking - select the price required before you click on the seat. You can click on full price, select however many needed, then change price to concession and select more seats. When you add to basket it will show different prices. It’s not easy and I’ve overpaid before just to get the seats. It won’t help you this time, but might save a bit when you next try to book. I do hope school use an alternative provider in future.
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