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  1. Good luck. This was me exactly 17 years ago. Even down to the fact that it is Friday 12th. Breathe deep.
  2. The fact that the people who work for my school are on self employed basis has meant that we all got the much needed financial help. (My teachers and pianists also all work on this basis at other places too.) As I understand it, those running limited companies could furlough staff but they could not do this for themselves. A friend of mine furloughed staff but was not able to access financial help herself. My little school is only just going, it would not exist any other way. As it is I still endeavoured to pay pianists and teachers whilst waiting to reopen and had to pay other ov
  3. I am not going to even be using the Barres for now and have allowed for cleaning between classes, I prefer to do it so I know that it's been done!! Tiny classes in large well ventilated premises... Unlikely now to be able to open soon but I am well prepared.... My car is full of PPE and cleaning paraphernalia now instead of Ballet gear!
  4. Yes ironic isn't it, although in theory we can have early years back going under the umbrella of education, they are the classes that will be the most difficult to manage. Not least because they will need adults coming on site to help get them ready for class! So I have actually closed my nursery class for now. Whereas my older students, especially the vocational ones are furious if parents dare to even leave their cars! I laughed at the thought of your dh lying on the floor as a guide. But it's interesting isn't it to realise that 2 metres is not a large size.
  5. The larger venue it's 12 down from 16 I have not accessed the smaller one yet but it will probably have to be 8 to be really sure. I am barely going to break even but safety is paramount.
  6. I have begun new risk assessments and a social distance policy as even if classes cannot resume until September these things will still have to be in place. Studio space is now marked out to ascertain safe numbers , my classes are already small, most have single figures in a large hall. One of my findings was that 2 metres square was a smaller area to move about in than I let my students perform in anyway. It was surprising to me to see how small two metres actually is (length of a Barre). They will definitely have to take turns a lot more and when waiting, stand in their designat
  7. Well what do you know I found my sons copy of the poem today that he read at the Royal Ballet School Christmas Carol service all those years ago. It was an adaptation from TS Eliot by Gerard Benson. Lock down has meant a long overdue sort out of the lodge at the bottom of the garden and said poem had been hidden in plain view all this time.
  8. I doubt it. I don't fulfil the criteria and use several different venues so it is not straightforward. But I appreciate your suggestion. I will be happy with the help in June if and when it comes, in the meantime I have had lovely messages and early payments today from some who are in a position to pay and who value my school. The deferred July tax payment is going to help too. I personally would be very sympathetic to students who are struggling regardless of talent as dance is good for everyone. All I ask is to be communicated with!
  9. A rest won't do her any harm
  10. I have guaranteed that all my students will get the lessons that they have paid for even if the summer term ends up being the autumn term instead. Those who pay, or part pay (even if just a little) are being given access to the free resources and online tutorials that my ds (who has RAD PDTD) is putting together. But these will not be a substitute for the "real" classes. But I do need the fees in in order for the school to survive as like the vast majority of dance teachers I am self employed and do not own my premises, some which I may risk losing in a very competitive area if I
  11. Not the same situation as Vocational schools but I have already received some summer term fees from very kind (and financially able) families who want to help my Ballet school survive. They know that they will get the lessons they have paid for even if having to wait a few weeks /months. We are going to offer free online resources and tutorials to anyone who has paid, or part paid for the summer. This will be in addition to normal classes, whenever that may be. My worry is that young children in particular and their parents don't always realise how important correct posture, placement, t
  12. I am totally with you on this. I am also concerned about the pianists and the young teachers that I employ who will be without work. The halls that I use have gone into lock down so I can't even film my candidates who have had exams cancelled next week.
  13. I am shutting a week earlier than planned now my exam session has understandably been cancelled by the RAD. My son and I have been arriving extra early at our studios to clean and our students have been super careful at hand washing. Many students have been staying away anyway. Health is more important than Ballet. I will be putting lots of Ballet clips on the school Facebook page for my students to enjoy!
  14. It may be that she has that indefinable magic, something special that says that she is a musical and well coordinated dancer as opposed to a bendy machine. I have seen many year 7s over the years at WL who were not in flat splits etc. to begin with.
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