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  1. Errol Pickford left to go to Royal just before I joined Hammond. I was there the same time as Daniel de Andrade and a few other people got classical work, mainly boys. I also had a performing career before going into teaching. Very happy memories of Hammond
  2. hfbrew

    Balthazar reading

    Most likely which is why it is proving elusive. But it was quite a moving reflection of Balthazaars point of view and as a family we would love a copy. I will try the school again directly if I don't hear back.
  3. hfbrew

    Balthazar reading

    "From "makes far more sense thank you! However despite my best efforts I still can't find it anywhere online. Journey of the Magi is the closest, which is not surprising as it is the inspiration for the version that I am looking for. It definitely began "It was cold especially the nights" and whilst I don't know whether it's still read at the White Lodge carol service, it was for at least two of the years that my son was there. Unbelievably that is ten years ago! If anyone does get back to me from RBS I will let you know. And thanks to those of you who have also tried looking!
  4. OK, so I wondered if any learned folks on here have a copy of "Balthazaar adapted by TS Eliot" that my son was once privileged to read at the White Lodge Carol Service. (Over ten years ago!) . It begins "It was cold especially the nights". Intensive trawling online has not yielded anything other than the more well known Journey of the Magi that is also by TS Eliot with similar verse. "Balthazaar adapted by TS Eliot" is the description that is on the carol service sheet that I kept all these years. I have emailed the school but obviously don't expect to hear back just yet. Another line we remember is "the camel men were unruly"! Have tried poetry sites, British library, TS Eliot sites etc etc so it's become a bit of an unimportant obsession. And no doubt there is a copy hidden in amongst my sons old books. But just maybe there may be another person on this site who once read the same poem as a White Lodger or knows someone who did. And can actually produce a copy? Please?
  5. I would not say that they are that rare and to advertise as such is incorrect. There is London Boys Ballet School for starters. At Associate and vocational level there are Boys only classes and as others have mentioned, Tring run Kick Start and the RAD have done plenty of Boys only workshops. I have taught boys only classes for years and know of two other schools in my area (Hertfordshire) who have or have had boys only classes My ds now teaches the boys at my school. That said, I share the teacher's frustration when boys dances get skipped at courses. And I agree that some areas of the country will have more opportunities for boys than others. I am sad that I am no where near the OP ! And I also agree that there are limited options in boys dance wear and also gifts. But actually buying Ballet related gifts in general that don't pander to pink stuff is difficult.!
  6. Quite a lot get jobs before the final year, certainly this was the case of the years around ds.
  7. It is interesting reading. However I remember reading it and being frustrated because the article was clearly leading up to the fact that that year (2012) no one was taken into the Royal Ballet having been at the school since year 7. But that is not the full story. As it happens there are now 3 from that year who are or were in the company. And there is at least one other in the company who is British trained ,not at WL but elsewhere before joining Upper School. ( I don't wish to mention names but it is my ds year group .) And the article does not mention those who joined other companies other than the Royal. Likewise there were a few people who joined WL later on who went to US and got contracts. The statistics for this particular year are actually better than for some others, over half actually ended up dancing professionally even though the path for some ended up being via other establishments. But it certainly vindicated their selection as JAs during primary school age. The year above however was almost entirely different in year 11 to the original year 7 cohort but two are now RB Principals. And the years below have also produced dancers that are very successful and are rising stars. I was lucky enough to observe US classes at a time when all these were training. And what a joy to see international talent ,everyone merited their place. However the UK trained students held their own and for me as a teacher it was very interesting to see past the multiple pirouettes and high extensions of some of the overseas students and note that they struggled with musicality, placement and control. Obviously I am a bit out of the loop now as I currently don't have any students in full time vocational training. But I am sure that it is still true that percentages of UK students in Upper Schools in general vary from year to year and that there are many different reasons as to why the Ballet journey comes to an end sooner rather than later for those in full time training from an early age. Thanks to my own DS , I have learnt a lot about overseas training from his fellow international professionals. And they envy the opportunities for training in the UK and the safer practices. They may have succeeded themselves but like with students in the UK, many fall by the wayside.
  8. I am very lucky to have seen an excerpt of this performed by ds and his class for WL graduation nine years ago. He also enjoyed doing Ashton's Facade. I don't know whether White Lodgers still get to do these pieces. Would love to see them performed by the company too especially as so many of the current young dancers were at WL at around the same time so have had exposure to these works from a young age.
  9. I've been sharing too albeit to much smaller network I'm afraid but very sympathetic due to our links both personal and work wise with people on the autistic spectrum. There are no words that are adequate to comfort you Primrose but please know that there are many people out there who are trying to at least highlight your cause. I sincerely hope that the required number of signatures is reached. (Mine has been verified.)
  10. Beautiful Bullfinch, one of my favourite birds. I remember gazing at one in the garden as a child ,holding a bird book in hand and thus identifying it!
  11. I have that thunderstorm on video!! Happy times with such lovely staff at the time.
  12. I strongly suggest that you stay put with the fabulous local teacher and save your pennies for the later years and beyond. Pointe shoes alone will cost a small fortune when your DD is older. I had a student join RBS in year ten who then subsequently went to Upper School and I know of many others,some who are now in major companies such as BRB and RB. Now for us personally it was best thing for DS to go away at 11 as he had no other secondary school to go to! But you sound as if you have got a great academic school lined up plus the training. Teachers who are not teaching in full time vocational schools are often just as good,if not better. Your daughter is very young still and wise to keep her options open and save money into the bargain! But perhaps more important is what is right for you as a family.
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