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  1. Blimey for me and JulieW that was all of 16 years ago!!! Our sons have retired now! Good luck everyone, its a hell of a ride
  2. I once had a student who was a JA, did not get MAs but was accepted as an SA! And another got accepted as an SA without having been a JA or MA. Another, who was an MA, got into WL from the SA audition. So it's always worth giving things a go as nothing seems to follow a pattern as far as RBS are concerned. Only if you don't audition at all do you have no chance!!
  3. hfbrew


    I am a Mentor for the CBTS. Absolutely no need for distinctions, after all exam marks are just what an examiner sees on the day. And that merit mark is very good! But do take, and pass your intermediate! Much easier than having to submit video footage which you will have to do if you don't. In the meantime do as many classes as possible, watch a variety of teachers and also go to performances.
  4. hfbrew

    John Mallinson

    Very sad news. My heart goes out to the friends and family who knew John personally. All those who have used Ballet.co over the years surely owe this gentleman a debt of gratitude for enabling the smooth running of this forum along with the other dedicated volunteers behind the scenes.
  5. I think I possibly recorded it off the telly many years ago ? But my then toddler son wore it out constantly fast forwarding to the clog dances. He was with us last night and we all agree that it was far better than we remembered it!!
  6. First circle was fairly full, but admittedly many were special guests, lots of very familiar faces. So glad I took the family. Am smiling at the memory of the cymbal player in the Salvation Army dance!!
  7. Brilliant night all round. Great performances from everyone. Way better than I remember it but obviously the company dancers were going to be on top form tonight. It was a privilege to be there. I did miss some really good bits though because my eyes were drawn to the magnificent Marion Tait!
  8. Errol Pickford left to go to Royal just before I joined Hammond. I was there the same time as Daniel de Andrade and a few other people got classical work, mainly boys. I also had a performing career before going into teaching. Very happy memories of Hammond
  9. hfbrew

    Balthazar reading

    Most likely which is why it is proving elusive. But it was quite a moving reflection of Balthazaars point of view and as a family we would love a copy. I will try the school again directly if I don't hear back.
  10. hfbrew

    Balthazar reading

    "From "makes far more sense thank you! However despite my best efforts I still can't find it anywhere online. Journey of the Magi is the closest, which is not surprising as it is the inspiration for the version that I am looking for. It definitely began "It was cold especially the nights" and whilst I don't know whether it's still read at the White Lodge carol service, it was for at least two of the years that my son was there. Unbelievably that is ten years ago! If anyone does get back to me from RBS I will let you know. And thanks to those of you who have also tried looking!
  11. OK, so I wondered if any learned folks on here have a copy of "Balthazaar adapted by TS Eliot" that my son was once privileged to read at the White Lodge Carol Service. (Over ten years ago!) . It begins "It was cold especially the nights". Intensive trawling online has not yielded anything other than the more well known Journey of the Magi that is also by TS Eliot with similar verse. "Balthazaar adapted by TS Eliot" is the description that is on the carol service sheet that I kept all these years. I have emailed the school but obviously don't expect to hear back just yet. Another line we remember is "the camel men were unruly"! Have tried poetry sites, British library, TS Eliot sites etc etc so it's become a bit of an unimportant obsession. And no doubt there is a copy hidden in amongst my sons old books. But just maybe there may be another person on this site who once read the same poem as a White Lodger or knows someone who did. And can actually produce a copy? Please?
  12. I would not say that they are that rare and to advertise as such is incorrect. There is London Boys Ballet School for starters. At Associate and vocational level there are Boys only classes and as others have mentioned, Tring run Kick Start and the RAD have done plenty of Boys only workshops. I have taught boys only classes for years and know of two other schools in my area (Hertfordshire) who have or have had boys only classes My ds now teaches the boys at my school. That said, I share the teacher's frustration when boys dances get skipped at courses. And I agree that some areas of the country will have more opportunities for boys than others. I am sad that I am no where near the OP ! And I also agree that there are limited options in boys dance wear and also gifts. But actually buying Ballet related gifts in general that don't pander to pink stuff is difficult.!
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