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  1. 1 ticket wanted for The Cellist / Dances at a Gathering, anything considered but must be under £15, standing or Amphitheatre is fine
  2. might be worth looking at Stageworks 2 year Audition Preparation course. It's Btec Advanced so funded and a good all round course. DS went and was offered full funding/scholarships at all the schools he applied to at 18 including being the first boy in set 1 Ballet at his choice - Urdang. There is managed accommodation for all students in shared flats houses.
  3. About 10 years ago his ballet teacher told DS that for the panel it's like having a box of delicious biscuits in front of you and you're only allowed to chose 1 or 2. If you're not the one chosen that day it doesn't make you any less delicious, they just can't choose them all!! (At 18 he was the biscuit everyone wanted and had full funding/scholarships offered from all auditions ……..) Good luck to all the DC
  4. You could look at the London Russian Ballet School we were impressed when we were looking for a school.
  5. for 13 years it's always been full seat but the last year or two have seen the odd thong back creep in - more out of necessity though!
  6. I recommend looking at Stageworks, their Audition Preparation course prepares students for auditions at 18 and has a 100% record for placing students at all the major schools. It has ballet, jazz, commercial , contemporary etc as well as singing and acting. It's a BTec Advanced course so is funded. The students are housed in shared houses/flats and the pastoral care is good.
  7. Hammond have associates one Sunday a month 10-4
  8. If you would consider her going away I can recommend Stageworks, just outside Cambridge. It does an Audition Preparation course which is funded and has accommodation. It had 100% for getting students in to further training. Some of the destinations for 2017 include Urdang, Laine, Bird, Italia Conti, London Studio Centre etc etc. My DS was offered everywhere he auditioned with funding (without doing a funding audition) and was the first boy to be in set 1 ballet at his chosen college. He claimed housing benefit as did everyone else for the accommodation but the houses/flats are all managed by Stageworks.
  9. Thanks for the replies, we've decided that she will wait before going to the new school and leave tap for now.
  10. Almost 8 yo has been doing Cecchetti for about 18 months and recently took grade 1. Today she went to a different dance school to try tap and modern. Ballet was between the 2 so it was suggested she take that too. It was prep ballet. After the classes the feedback was that they were all the right level for her. Her feedback was that ballet was far too easy. The teacher was lovely and pointed out that her foot turns in (also noted by current ballet teacher) therefore she should stay in prep as this would help strengthen her ankle ready for more complicated work later on. I would find it very difficult to take her out of current school where it's all about the training, no shows, festivals or anything, but she's happy there. On the other hand she would love to do shows and perform more. She's young yet but shows no inclination towards wanting to do anything with it, doesn't 'love' ballet but enjoys class. If she didn't do ballet at 'new' school she couldn't be on the competition team. It's really up to her but she wants to stay in current ballet class but also do competitions and I'm torn!! Any advice as I really don't know what to think.
  11. Stageworks do an Audition Preparation course, it's a BTec Level 3 extended diploma (=3 A levels). It's based in St Neots, just outside Cambridge and has a very good record for students gaining places in all the well known colleges such as Mountview, Laine, Bird, Arts Ed, Urdang etc
  12. We had these too and he really loved them but unfortunately they don't make then big enough for him now. Getting them from Just Ballet was so simple too.
  13. w445403

    An eye opener

    At the Derby Academy, taught by Chris Parkes
  14. w445403

    An eye opener

    There is a great class in Derby if you're ever in that neck of the woods
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