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  1. Hi there, can someone confirm for me where the auditions are held for RBS upper school .... is it at Covent Gardens ? thanks 😊
  2. Hi there, For those of you with slightly older dancing children (teenagers) .... I make scented soy candles which would be suitable for male & female dance students studying different dance genres. Fragrances are based on designer Perfumes & Aftershaves. They make great stocking fillers !! All details are on my website under the dance/performance heading 🕯✨🙏🏻😊http://www.tranquilmomentscandlecompany.com
  3. Hi Everyone, thanks for mentioning my candle gifts for dancers ! Just to let you all know - apart from ballet - I will also be releasing candles with themes for other dance genres and vocalists / musicians / actors etc . There are already some on my website for tap dancers & street with more to come !!! Might produce some for all the lovely teachers out there too - now you’ve put it in my mind. 😊 Anybody interested from this Ballet Forum ... if you DM me - I’ll give you a 15% discount code 😊
  4. Thanks Bothballet ..... it comes from always looking for a masculine dance related gift for my son & discovering he loves candles .... so decided to combine the two. I’m expanding it dance wise but also for other types of performers such as vocalists, musicians etc. x
  5. Hi Jan, Thanks so much for your feedback and really pleased your happy with your choice ☺️ Can I remind any viewers to keep an eye out on my website as there will be new "dance & performance" themed candles being released on-going - including gifts for other dance genres - something for everyone I hope !! 😁🕯️
  6. Hi Pups Mum, yes of course, I’ve sent you a DM B4B 😊
  7. Hi Meadowblythe ....they weigh 350g and the jars are quite sturdy . My son really likes his - especially with the after-shave fragrance , it’s always been a chore finding things a bit more masculine with a ballet theme ! 😊 The dance charm can be removed - so some of the designs would suit any performers such as a vocalist, musician, actor etc kind regards B4B
  8. Haha ...... funnily enough that happens to me quite a lot too !! Thanks Jan x 😊B4B
  9. Thanks Jan ….. glad you like the burners !! Signature all sorted, Best wishes B4B
  10. Hi everyone, just thought I’d share a new gift I’ve designed for all the Ballet dancers out there .....including the boys !! If you’re looking for a gift to give the ballet dancer in your life - or maybe you’re a dance teacher looking for something different to treat your older students ...... these might fit the bill. I’m a mum of a male vocational student and have often found it difficult to find a ballet related gift for him ...... so I thought why not develop my own !! They are lovely scented soy candles with ballet quotes, with suitable options for males & females . T
  11. Thanks Pictures ..... good to have an idea what optionsthe senior students have once they leave boarding. Thanks also Balletbean for such a detailed response re student living in Manchester...... good to know as accommodation costs are such an important part of our considerations . Thanks as always for everyone’s helpful replies 👍🏼
  12. Thanks Karen ..... that’s really helpful 😊 Just trying to get our heads around the cost of upper schools. Doesn’t seem like 2 minutes since we were making enquires about lower schools 🤣
  13. Hi all, I'm just trying to do some financial calculations and would appreciate any information on accommodation costs regarding upper schools. I'm interested in general costs of accommodation in Chester with regard to attending The Hammond and also Manchester with regard to attending the Northern Ballet School. I'm looking at all options ranging from student halls of residence to flat shares and bed sits. Any information from students/parents/guardians with knowledge of these schools would be fantastic.
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