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  1. Chester is a truly wonderful city and we’re really sad in a way that our DS is moving away from the Hammond after five years. He’s loved it in Chester and loved his time at lower school. My husband and I still plan to visit every Christmas as the atmosphere with the Christmas market is magical. We will miss Hammonds Christmas Carol Concert .... one of the highlights of our year. Our DS was very happy at the Hammond ...... good luck to all those starting there xx
  2. Hi everyone, We have booked a twin studio for our DS at Drapery Place - he starts at Central in September. There is still a vacancy in his studio which is a twin room with their own en-suite shower room and kitchenette for £255 a week for 51 weeks. If anyone with a DS who wishes to share - feel free to DM me and I can pass on his booking details. Our DS likes to have fun but also likes his rest/sleep and is fairly tidy .... he’s not bad at cooking either - so would be great to find a like-minded roommate. I believe Drapery places all their Central students in the sam
  3. What a great question and I suppose the answers you may receive will depend on the individual experiences. Some will say they have lots of regrets and some will have lots of positive things to say. You didn’t mention what age your children are but it sounds like they are still fairly young ? Vocational training is tough with bumps in the road even for those that end up having generally positive experiences by the end of it. It’s certainly not for everyone. I only speak from our experience and I’m acutely aware that this won’t be every families view. Our DS has spent the last 5
  4. Thanks everyone ..... it’s proving to be such a difficult decision but one he realises how lucky he is to have a choice between two wonderful schools. At the moment as parents - we are leaning towards one school and our DS is leaning towards the other ..... typical ! Both schools are fabulous though and we’ve received positive feedback for both from current students & parents - which is lovely ! Thanks again to all of you for your advice ...... this forum and its members have been invaluable in steering us through his journey for the last 6 years x
  5. Hi everyone, I’m resurrecting this thread to get some more up to date information please. Where do most students at Central tend to live now that the school has relocated to its new site ? We are considering options for our DS who is 16 and has been very lucky to be offered a place. We’d like him to be in halls with other Central students but we’re not sure which is the most popular. He’d also be happy to consider sharing a room with another male central student if there’s anybody out there interested?😊 . He’s very much still considering everything but as a starting point we
  6. We’ve had a ‘yes’ for our DS for Central . He’s beyond being over the moon ! Good luck to everyone else waiting x
  7. We’ve just called them and there will be more results posted out today and some posted out tomorrow ! I’m sure this process is designed to fry everyone’s nerves 🤣🤣
  8. Has everyone been given their results (Central) as we’ve not heard anything at all ?
  9. Hi everyone, I was wondering if anyone with information on RCS would please post what you know. We’d be grateful for any information (good, bad & in between) . I’m thinking along the lines of student experiences & happiness during their period of study, accommodation options, pastoral care, graduation destinations etc etc. Our DS has been offered a place ! Thanks very much in advance
  10. Hi Pam ..... I think that they’ve just said we’ll hear by Fri 2nd April ! Seems quite late if they are still holding final auditions. It’s all a bit frustrating for our DS who just wants to know which direction his life is going in !!
  11. Hi Mummy twinkle toes No we’ve not heard anything, but I suppose the deadline was only last night ! Has anyone heard when they’re aiming to get results out by ?
  12. I can only talk about the Hammond as my DS is just completing year 11, having attended for the last 5 years. I can’t speak highly enough about his time there. My DS has always favoured ballet over everything else .... but the Hammond has a way of encouraging the actor & vocalist in all their students. Mr Dutton has taught our son for years and he’s an amazing mentor and teacher for all the boys (and girls). Our DS has thrived there and stands to do really well academically.... so much so that he’s even considering the academic road over the dance route. My point is that the Hamm
  13. Thanks Balletmummy ..... yes we received the same - I just felt it was quite late to then hold finals, so wondered if others had been given the same date ! It looks like we have a lot of waiting !!
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