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  1. Thanks Pictures ..... good to have an idea what optionsthe senior students have once they leave boarding. Thanks also Balletbean for such a detailed response re student living in Manchester...... good to know as accommodation costs are such an important part of our considerations . Thanks as always for everyone’s helpful replies 👍🏼
  2. Thanks Karen ..... that’s really helpful 😊 Just trying to get our heads around the cost of upper schools. Doesn’t seem like 2 minutes since we were making enquires about lower schools 🤣
  3. Hi all, I'm just trying to do some financial calculations and would appreciate any information on accommodation costs regarding upper schools. I'm interested in general costs of accommodation in Chester with regard to attending The Hammond and also Manchester with regard to attending the Northern Ballet School. I'm looking at all options ranging from student halls of residence to flat shares and bed sits. Any information from students/parents/guardians with knowledge of these schools would be fantastic.
  4. So sorry to hear this news and all our thoughts go out to his family & friends. This forum has been & continues to be invaluable to a lot of us and even a life-line when the path through ballet training sometimes becomes a difficult one !! Thank you John ...... RIP
  5. Yes - another wonderful show with such talented students ....... The Hammond really does nurture versatility in their dancers, with a lovely mix of genres in which they all excelled and performed with great technique, professionalism & bags of enthusiasm . Definitely the school ‘to watch’ and a more than worthy place amongst the big 4 schools. Well done to all involved !!
  6. Hi all, I've just been on the Hammond website and there appears to be a few tickets available for all performances !!! ....... I know several people were hoping to acquire tickets and were disappointed when they were sold out .... Maybe a few more have become available 🤗😊
  7. They are also sometimes called turning shoes !! 😊
  8. We were really lucky with our primary school headteacher regarding our DS !! He never questioned leaving slightly early for classes, time out for exams and was even fine about missing a good number of whole school days to take part in English Youth Ballet & Midland Theatre ballet productions. It helped that his own daughter is a dancer & he is very pro children taking part in the arts alongside the academic subjects. He very robustly dealt with serious bullying issues suffered by our DS and was very proud of him when he gained a place at vocational school. It’s fantastic when headteachers recognise that some students have a dream to pursue slightly alternative career pathways. We count ourselves very lucky that he was so supportive in every way. We did however work really hard to always make sure he caught up with missed lessons & always completed his homework to a high standard & always in on time !! Good Luck with your DS’s school - I think to explain everything fully to your headteacher may help things and also explain your DS will always catch up on missed lessons.
  9. Oh gosh - trying to think back !! I remember it was a slightly different day depending on your child’s year of entry ! I’m sure when our DS attended (for yr7 entry) ..... they had a ballet class as a group and did other activities in their year group. It might have changed now though !! Parents had a talk, tour and were then asked to return later that day to collect their child and sort uniform out . We then were free to leave. I remember it being a ridiculously hot day and trying uniforms on was very hot & busy ... Becky & her team are very helpful & well organised though ..... so that makes the process less painful. They won’t have enough stock & sizes to suit everyone - but you can order what’s needed on the day. We found it really beneficial to actually visit Becky’s shop in Lichfield during the Summer holidays - to collect everything & make sure it fitted. This is great for those of us who don’t live too far away . For those that live further afield ..... Becky delivers items to school & sometimes individual boarding houses, she also attends school once a week with uniforms ordered. Once you know your child’s size in everything - you can order items by email to Becky, who then takes it directly to school. Any items that require payment - you can do over the phone !! 😊
  10. I’ve heard first hand from another parent who their child had the same outcome & it came as a total & complete shock with no prior warning. The parent even thought their child was doing well there !! They were quite rightly devastated too !!
  11. Surely it’s not acceptable (in most people’s opinion I would imagine) for a school to ask a child to leave without giving helpful support & advice alongside clear reasons for their decision. We are talking about young people having their entire life turned upside down and all the effects this will have on them. I’ll be really honest and like proudmumofdd - we are relieved our DS got a ‘no’ at WL finals..... especially after hearing first hand similar stories from several other devastated parents. Our DS would not thrive under such pressure of constantly worrying about assessments!! He has assessments at his school - and they are classed as very important but I’m sure if there was a danger of being assessed out , the school would make us aware beforehand so that time would be given to try & rectify any issues. I’m also sure his school would be very clear on what the issues were ! I will add that some students seem to love their WL experience and indeed wouldn’t change anything ..... but it’s certainly not right for every student and not the only way to become a successful ballet dancer !
  12. Big hugs from me too !! It must be awful to see your DD so upset !! Please remember that this doesn’t have to to be the end of your daughters dancing journey ..... it is just going to follow an alternative path.....one that I’m sure you’ll work out together. Her dance experience gained from WL will stand her in good stead for the future and this awful time will pass and make her stronger eventually. There are many alternatives to training at WL and hopefully in the future - your lovely daughter will see all of this very differently to how she does now .
  13. Thanks Pictures ...... very helpful, as always 😊
  14. Hmmm thanks Kate & Mummy TT, very much food for thought !! When you look at the links - it seems to suggest that the level 6 diploma is at an equivalent to the degree which is also level 6. I agree though ..... I think an employer from another field would view them differently !! Thanks for your help - would feel very daunted without the help from forum members 😊
  15. Thanks Anna - again, really helpful information. I’d also noticed some schools are only eligible for tuition fee loans of £6250, regardless of their fees. This would make a real difference when you may not get a great deal in maintenance loan either. You really have to look into individual colleges & courses so carefully. It would be so easy to end up applying to courses that at the end of the day could prove financially crippling , being offered a place, only to realise it’s not possible to accept the offer.
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