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Found 11 results

  1. Hi everyone, just wondering if some of the post 16 musical theatre schools/colleges are known for having a more ballet-focused training that may suit an all-rounder student with an overall preference for ballet ......I know that all college courses provide ballet training - but wondered if some offered more than others or put a higher emphasis on it - just curious ? many thanks
  2. Hi, just wondered if anyone had any information about EPA Academy (https://www.epa-academy.co.uk) in Mansfield? I have just been offered a full scholarship on the 3 year Musical Theatre Course but didn’t get chance to attend the open day! If anyone has any info or reviews it would be really helpful. Thanks!!💕
  3. Hi I have a place to study musical theatre btec at a performing arts college for September. What tap shoes and character heels would you suggest I buy? I haven't tapped before so want something suitable for my level but will also last as I (hopefully) improve. Thankyou in advance
  4. Hi all. My DD is auditioning this year for entry to a BA in contemporary dance. I always keep an eye on this forum and it has been very informative for me and for her. I was wondering though does anyone know of any forums where they discuss contemporary dance as I know this one is mainly for ballet? She will be auditioning for Northern School of Contemporary Dance in Leeds, and Fontys and Codarts in the Netherlands. All advice or knowledge gratefully accepted! And good luck to all setting off on this rollercoaster year! I am terrified myself!
  5. A DAY OF CONTRAST BETWEEN TWO MUSICALS Join us for a fabulous day of contrast between the strongly identified style of BOB FOSSE in CHICAGO and the feel-good factor of ABBA'S music in MAMMA MIA! Join our WEST END dancers JASMIN COLANGELO, BENJAMIN DREW & JACOB FEAREY hot from their Saturday night performances. A morning Jazz class followed by FOSSE repertoire to include HOT HONEY RAG, where "Criminal-as-Celebrity" is the theme of the morning. The sexy and particular Jazz technique of BOB FOSSE will be studied in detail. Learn how to "Make love to the audience" to quote the man himself! By contrast the afternoon will include MAMMA MIA! AUDITION PREPARATION, your individual presentation and learn their audition dance routine. To round off the day ANTHONY VAN LAAST'S choreography to the ABBA medley of spirit lifting music and lyrics. Early bird gets a 10% discount (till 15 October) and secures a place for another fantastic UKMASTERCLASS day of contrast. There will also be the chance to win a scholarship for one of our UKMASTERCLASS future events!
  6. I have particular reason to be grateful to the Northern Ballet School in Manchester because I attend class in its studios with KNT at least once a week. Two of my favourite teachers in Leeds trained at that school as well as all my teachers in Manchester. The school hosts The Dancehouse theatre which is one of our city's institutions and the Manchester City Ballet which remains for the moment the only resident classical company in our city. The school has two focuses, namely classical ballet and musical theatre, At the end of each year the school stages a show for its talented students called "A Showcase of Dance". I saw the show last Friday and tweeted that it was not just a good students' show but a good show by any standards. The evening consisted of 20 separate pieces arranged in 3 acts which lasted nearly three hours. Even though it was a very long show and there were a lot of very young children in the audience the performers kept us riveted. Rarely have I sensed such excitement and enthusiasm. My favourite bits were a large extract from the second act of Giselle which had been slightly rearranged by the students' choreographer, Anton Alexandrov to allow his almost entirely female cast to shine. Myrtha (danced by Sayaka Sugimoto) and her acolytes Zulm (Meagan Hoare) and Mona (Sally Hind) had almost as much dancing as Giselle (Yukiho Kasai) and a great deal more than Albrecht danced by Carlos Felipe Oliviera. There was also a lot for the corps to do including the awkward bit where the dancers have to progress across the stage in formation in arabesque. Alexandrov did however give his boys a chance to show what what they could do in Lonely Town to Bernstein's music which was performed in the last act. The one female role was danced by Darcey Ferguson. Other ballets included Lisa Rowlands's A Thousand Good Nights to the music of Abel Korzeniowski and .Anthea Garrett's Final Dance. I had attended last year's how and had enjoyed it very much. This year's was even better. If anyone is interested I have written a fuller review in my blog,
  7. We are starting to think now about what dd wants to do in two years time. After our visit to Move It it dd is a bit clearer in her mind & several of the musical theatre colleges she is drawn towards take students at 18 though there are a few that take at 16. She is however quite set on taking A levels in particular science (she does not want to do Btec) The list of places we know about are Tring, Hammond, Abbots Bromley, Arts Ed (but only maths no science) Are there any other that we arnt aware of. Alternatively any schools close to local dance schools offering advanced classes in sufficient quality/quantity who would be sympathetic to the workload?
  8. Hi parents/carers, (I hope I'm not breaking the rules on promoting this associates course). Phoenix Associates are launching further associates. They will be holding once a month Sunday Associates in Central London, Loughborough and Bristol. Students will get taught by top industry professionals from leading dance companies to West End Shows. All of their teachers are current performers. Students take classes in Musical Theatre, Ballet, Contemporary Dance, Jazz Dance and Broadway Dance. They also have some very special guest teachers lined up throughout the next school year including: Rick Tjia | Casting Director of CIRQUE DU SOLEIL Michelle Zeitlin | LOS ANGELES CASTING AGENT Janie Dee | WEST END STAR The fees are only £30 a month which includes 4 hours of workshops led by the best! All their associate students also get the opportunity to audition for their agency DSA which now works in collaboration with Michelle Zeitlins company in LA. DSA secures clients with West End gigs to Television & Movies and to opportunities in the States. SIGN UP TODAY. LIMITED PLACES. Enrolment Forms attached. Call 020 3714 3393. TEXT ‘PHOENIX’ to 07500 701 521. EMAIL info@i-path.biz Visit www.phoenix-associates.co.uk Many Thanks, David
  9. Hi havnt been on here for a while as all was going well . Youngest daughter got a half price scholarship for Ldn Theatre Sch she really loved the audition as jazz and commercial is what she wants to do , however last wk end we get an email saying the sch has gone into liquidation !! My daughter has been devastated and doubt if we will get the 6000 pounds back !! I researched the sch before it's been there 15 yrs!! I rang round few schools Ldn area as she wants to live at home also we can just about afford fees but won't be able to afford accommodation . All the schools are full as term is starting so we thought back to training and have to audition nx year. I got in touch with millennium they are only about 45 mins train journey away from us they have a place on their foundation course and she can audition for it . Does anyone here know anything about it ? I know it has CDET accreditation and they seem to have lots of students getting work . If she gets a place she is saying she wants to take it especially as she will prob be doing more hours trainjng that what she is doing now so hopefully will give her a chance for auditions nx year. Any info would be appreciated . Thanks
  10. Summer School intensive Have you ever wanted to spend a week or two training in a professional Dance / Musical Theatre environment? SSA Summer School is delighted to give young dancers and performing arts students the opportunity to enhance their training and will be held at the prestigious Urdang Academy in Central London. A Number of our associate course teachers will be teaching at the summer school together with some very big stars from the stage and screen! Stinson Stage Academy Summer School and Associates provides the highest calibre of artistic education for gifted young dancers, singers and actors from around the United Kingdom, so that they can each achieve their fullest potential within dance and theatre, preparing them to go into full time college or straight into the profession. We achieve this by: ◾Providing a professional environment which fosters their artistic, intellectual and personal development of students and prepares them to go into further education or to lead a successful career. ◾SSA ensures that the most modern and classical techniques are taught to enhance the students' training which they receive at their local dance school. ◾SSA will attract and ensure that its faculty members are of the highest calibre and are currently performing in West End Productions and Dance Companies around the world and also teaching in leading conservatoires and educational establishments. ◾ We are not syllabus focused. We enhance current training through learning original choreography from the stars of the stage and also developing new and innovative choreography. SSA summer school will give you the challenge to find out what it is like to train in a professional environment. 1st Week - Classical Ballet 3rd August - 7th August 2015 from 10.30am till 4.30pm SSA Summer School offers an opportunity to dancers aged 9+ Students will be put in classes dependent on level. Classical Ballet week: Ballet is obviously at the core of the course and pupils will be grouped by age and ability. Classes may also include Pointe (where appropriate), Contemporary, Jazz and Repertoire all taught by outstanding performers and SSA teachers. Fee: £50 deposit per course secures your place. £250 for one week. £450 for two weeks. 2nd Week - Musical Theatre 10th August- 14th August 2015 from 10.30am till 4.30pm SSA Summer School offers an opportunity to dancers and performing arts students aged 9+ Students will be put in classes dependent on level. Musical Theatre week: Students will learn how to be a “triple threat”. As with the classical course, they will be grouped by age and ability. Classes may also include Commercial Dance, Contemporary, Jazz, Singing, Musical Theatre Repertoire and Acting all taught by outstanding performers and SSA teachers. Applicants can choose to attend either one, or both weeks Open to students from 9 to 21 Years Old Fee: £50 deposit per course secures your place. £250 for one week. £450 for two weeks. BOOKING IS ESSENTIAL DUE TO LIMITED PLACES To book your place, or for any queries, please contact us on email or telephone: The application form is on the website which you can obtain by following the link below. Email info@i-path.biz or call 020 3714 3393 for further information http://www.stinsonstageacademy.com/ SSA Associate Weekly Courses are by audition only and based at Arts Ed School in London, we provide weekly associate courses in Classical Ballet and in Musical Theatre every Sunday during term time for students aged from 9 - 21. We have THE most incredible faculty of teachers and stars leading workshops from some of the biggest shows and dance companies internationally! We have students in the West End and on Screen! We also have top Casting Directors who visit us regularly to audition our students for West End Shows and Prestigious Movies! SSA really is worth taking a look at and exploring! If you say never heard of them that’s because your performing friends are keeping it a secret. Take a look and you will know why ! They are ahead of the game !
  11. Hi all, DS was telling me a friend has recently auditioned for Matilda in London - he is desperate to gain audition experience for shows, musical / Dance. I was curious how people get to know what auditions are taking place - is there a website to look on or are they recommended (by the dance schools they go to etc) I've searched and found lots of 'adult' auditions but nothing for juniors (he's 8, 9 in the summer hols). any advice greatly recieved (location - London / south)
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