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  1. bethany

    choices at 16

    Does anybody know when the Dada income scales are likely to be available for next year? At the moment it says 2018-2019. Does it often change? Also is it correct that child benefit would stop?
  2. bethany

    choices at 16

    Hi everyone, thanks for sharing your experiences. I'm 'happy' (not quite the right word!) to hear both sides to the story, the negatives as well as the positives. I do feel worried about it. In terms of independence she's able to cook, knows how to make a very quick meal when she's tired, do her own washing, sew her own pointe shoes etc (not that she always does these things but she knows how to!) But I worry more about being isolated, what she would do if she was ill, who she would talk to when she's had a bad day. Lots to think about over the next few months!
  3. bethany

    choices at 16

    Thank you for the links Alison - just having a read through them now
  4. bethany

    choices at 16

    This is exactly my concern. Thank you for your honesty.
  5. bethany

    choices at 16

    This is something I hadn't thought of so thank you for raising it. Do you think this is particularly dance related? Even if she suddenly had a change of heart and decided to do A levels she would go to a local college as her school doesn't have a 6th form.
  6. bethany

    choices at 16

    Thanks everyone for the replies and private messages. You’ve been a big help
  7. I would be interested in hearing experiences in training (particularly away from home) at age 16. I am especially looking for information that is not always easy to find on the website such as - accommodation options -accommodation costs -hidden costs -how did your child adapt to moving away -any concerns about safety -if the course was mixed age groups (eg some starting at 16 and some at 18) how did this work? At the moment we are trying to narrow down options and get a general feel for how things work so I'm not asking about any particular schools, all information would be welcome. Thanks in advance 🙂
  8. I’m not sure if they take children as young as 7 but northern ballet in Leeds have a free open day every year before the auditions. Parents can sit and watch. It’s friendly and your daughter will feel like she’s just taking a class but you would be able to see what sort of standard it is.
  9. http://www.peakphysiotherapy.com/conditions-we-treat/dance-injuries/ Hi this isn't a personal recommendation but I do know of someone from my daughter's school who has seen this lady and been happy with her advice
  10. We live in the north so we usually book train tickets a few months ahead. Because of this she can’t decide on a class in advance but there’s usually one she can do while we’re in London. She’s done jazz / lyrical style classes, I don’t think she’s done ballet as we don’t go often. Last summer she did an adult class and she was one of 4 teenagers in it. The adults were definitely more advanced but they had no issues with the teenagers being there. They all just got on with the class x
  11. Thank you. We’ve not heard of this but will have a look
  12. When my daughter has done an occasional class at pineapple they haven’t had any problem letting her join in. They just check she’s happy with the level. There have always been some teenagers in the classes. Standard tends to vary in open classes anyway x
  13. Thanks for sharing your experiences. we hadn’t really looked properly at Laine, performers etc. Partly due to the cost and partly because of how hard they are to get a place. Laine and the Hammond both sound ideal for what she is looking for though. I don’t have any background in dance so it’s very hard to know what to do for the best! Anyway, thank you all of you for your help and suggestions. We both appreciate it 🙂
  14. Thank you so much for this. Yes, definitely a minefield! We did go to some open days in year 10 to try to reduce time off school in year 11 but there is still so much to organise and think about
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