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Found 5 results

  1. Hi We were in London earlier this week (to see Dancers at a Gathering/The Cellist) and as my 16yo DD has missed a week of dance thanks to a virus and was full of GCSE revision blues so I suggested she book into Pineapple or Danceworks for a class. She did ballet with Louise Bennett at Danceworks who she knew from NYB and came out glowing. She loves her training but it can be really pressurised. This was a mixed class of hobby and professional dancers and she really liked the option of taking a class for fun. Does anyone know of any studios like Danceworks/Pineapple in the north (preferably Yorkshire) where dancers can do drop in classes every now and then? It would be nice for her to have the option whenever she wanted to take a class for fun but crucially knowing the teaching was good as well? Thanks!
  2. Hi, We are going to London at the end of August & I was wondering if anyone could recommend any drop in ballet classes suitable for a 13 year old currently studying RAD advanced 1 ballet but also interested in contemporary? I have been looking at Pineapple & Danceworks although I understand a lot of the classes are aimed towards adults so I was wondering firstly if there were any classes that she be allowed to attend & secondly I am unsure what level of class would be best suited to her. Thanks
  3. Hi everyone, I'm probably going to be spending October in London for work and am very keen to try a ballet class or two while I'm there. I just wondered if anyone has any classes they can recommend? It would need to be drop-in, evening/weekend, and easily accessible from the City. The options online are overwhelming, but the adult classes at the Central School of Ballet look like they might suit. Has anyone tried these? I passed my RAD Intermediate exam earlier this year, so would be looking for something around that level. Ideally somewhere where my non-ballerina body and terrible pirouettes won't stick out like a sore thumb! Any suggestions gratefully received!
  4. Hi all, DD isn't signed up for any summer schools this year and she wanted to do some drop in classes/master classes instead. Though I can't find any that will suit her and are easyish to get to. She is on waiting list for Central's Day of dance but except for that has nothing else planned. She is Grade 4/5 ballet ISTD and Surrey/London area would be preferable. Does anyone know of any classes we could apply for??
  5. I'll be in London at various times over the next few weeks. I usually take class at Danceworks with Hannah Frost and Christina Mittelmaier, but times etc mean that there's a Level 2 class at The Place tat fits my schedule. I've never done class there, so it'd be nice to see their studios. It's primarily a contemporary dance studio, so any experiences of their ballet classes? (I may just decide to do a contemporary class, but I can get various quite advanced contemporary classes where I live, whereas the ballet is fairly basic).
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