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Found 6 results

  1. My daughter (15) fractured her ankle over the summer, and we finally have clarity on the precise nature of the injury (8 weeks later). It is good news: two fractures, one with a flake of bone coming off which really confused them, and a fracture across one part of the joint, but no ligament damage, the main fracture is stable and it should all be healing nicely. She can now put weight on her foot, and her main complaint is lack of flexibility in the joint, which makes it hard to walk properly and is apparently just due to the swelling in the joint, and that is hurts if she uses it too much. SO getting there. She has had a lot of time off dance recently - a very limited timetable last year, due to a back problem (diagnosed as Bertolotti Syndrome exacerbated by Pole Vaulting (a girl has to have a hobby, apparently. She tells me dancing isn't a hobby, it is a life)), gradually built back up to about 14 hours a week and then hurt her Achilles tendon. Was staging another return when she landed a leap badly and, opps, ankle... So, anyway. I think we need to be really careful about how she restarts dancing and how we help her to build up her strength and technique so that she isn't constantly hurting herself. Her current timetable (if she were dancing it) involves 2 pointe classes, 3 Inter ballet and 2 Adv 1 ballet, 1 Grade 6 ballet (and she is assistant teacher in a Grade 1 class) as well as Jazz, Modern, Acro, Hip Hop, Tap and a conditioning class. Her teacher is super helpful, and is currently giving her a private Pilates session every week (free!), and I will be discussing with her how we manage E's return, as well as chatting to her (non-dance specialist) physio, but I wondered if anyone had any ideas about how to help a very keen dancer rebuild their strength and endurance whilst not taking part in their full timetable of classes. My initial thoughts were for her to initially just do something like demonstrating G1 and dancing G6 and taking up swimming (alongside the Pilates, obviously).... But I wonder if it would be better for her to do more ballet classes, but only to do the barre work to start with and build up from there. Sorry this has been long. I have spent the day trying to find sources of online advice or someone who can help her develop a personalised rehabilitation timetable type thing, but with no luck. I hoped someone here might have some experience, or insight to offer. Or even to know someone I could ask (we live in Wales).
  2. hi, so i’m a competitive dancer that dances minimum 8 hours a week. about 4 months ago, in between my third and fourth toe started to hurt. this lead to swelling on top of my foot, in the affected area and my ankle, as well as pain in the top of foot, metatarsals, big toe joint and ankle. there was no bruising, but i’ve lost a bit of mobility in my metatarsals. because of this, i went to the doctor, who sent me for an x ray (which came back fine) and referred me to physiotherapy for extensor tendinitis. after twice a week for 8 weeks, physiotherapy didn’t do anything except make it worse. over christmas break, i took 3 weeks off, which didn’t help much. it still hurt when walking and was constantly sore and throbbing. my doctor then sent me for a bone scan (was which also came back fine) and referred me to a sports medicine clinic. the clinic hasn’t responded and it’s been almost a month. i recently went to a podiatrist who told me he didn’t really know what it was and “to rest if i felt i needed it”. are there any ideas as to what this could be? or how i can deal with it? our first competition is in a month. thanks, sarah
  3. Hello all, my son injured his hip in his JA class yesterday. He ‘heard’ a sound, then excruciating pain, then pins and needles hip to thigh for a few seconds. Dance teacher checked it and he carried on with class unable to do pirouettes, developpes, grand battements. Teacher didn’t tell me, he did about two hours after we got home. Today it is tight, but no big pain, just twinges if I press in. He has his preliminary audition for MA/WL on Sunday, I am at a complete loss as to know how to proceed with this next week, dance classes, daily exercises etc. audition attendance. Sorry for my ignorance, all I know for sure is I want him to be ok, I don’t care about the audition, he does obviously 🙄, but is there anything I should be doing other than making sure he rests up?? How long before he goes back to class etc, next class his on Tuesday afternoon. Should I let RBS know. I also as an aside feel really upset that the teacher didn’t let me know. 😔 Any help/advice would be greatly appreciated, I don’t want to make any mistakes as it’s his hip and dancing is his absolute passion. Thankyou.
  4. Hi I’m looking for recommendations for dance physios in the North West England as my DD is away at dance college in Preston, has a foot injury and would benefit from some expertise! Many thanks 😊
  5. Hi everyone, I wonder if anyone can help please. My daughter has injured her groin and needs to see a specialist dance physio. We would normally see the brilliant physio team at Tring Park where she is a CBA student. However they have broken up for the summer. Does anyone have any personal recommendations for us please. We live in Hertfordshire but London or anywhere within a hours travel would be ok. Thanks so much.
  6. Hi, my daughter has been advised to have a specialist dance Physio consult about her legs. She is hypo-extended and I think the rationale is to see her actual capabilities. We live Sheffield area but happy to commute up 1-2 hours. Thanks in advance 😃
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