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  1. What were the class sizes? Do you know if there is any means for residential?
  2. Hi, my daughter has been advised to have a specialist dance Physio consult about her legs. She is hypo-extended and I think the rationale is to see her actual capabilities. We live Sheffield area but happy to commute up 1-2 hours. Thanks in advance 😃
  3. Thankyou! That’s really useful to know. She’s Y9 so next year I’m assuming would be the most appropriate time for her to look at these summer schools/auditions? The never ending money pit strikes again!😬😂
  4. Hi, does anyone know of any residential (or non at a push) summer schools after 18th Aug???😬
  5. Thankyou so much for this informative response! Yes we will certainly be looking at some intensives first. That’s why I would like to get organised now so we can be looking and hopefully trying some out. Out of interest, do the Vaganova and Bolshoi like the very small super flexible girls?😏
  6. Sorry, I should have made myself a little clearer. Yes I mean for 16+ but she will be auditioning in Y11 for a Y12 place😊
  7. My DD is currently Y9 and would like to focus on classical ballet. She is currently vocational but we are thinking about Y11 already (I’m a planner!) and where to go from here. Does anyone have any advise about which European schools have good reputations for full time and any experience of the intensives. She already has a list of UK schools she would like to audition for but I know there must be so much out there in Europe also. Top tips most welcome please! I am not from a dance background so am totally clueless!!!😬
  8. Hi My DD is 14 and would like to do Central this summer. Does anyone have any experience of places to stay? She would ideally like to go alone but I'm not so sure
  9. So does anyone know of any children who have got places at schools for years 10 and 11??? Other than Hammond
  10. Does anyone know of any good residential Easter courses? DD fancies a change from Malvern, although it is highly recommended😃
  11. Congratulations to your DD. Did they email? Or just speak to you? What age group? I couldn't go along with my DD but she said they would be informed in a few days?
  12. Yes it is. Have a look at love lily ballet wraps they're gorgeous and all hand made?
  13. Joyofdance Have you looked at OPES? The teachers are fantastic, no auditions, no photograph requirements. It's residential and I think it runs over 3 separate weeks. My DD has done it for the past 2 years and loved it!☺️ The standard is good with a good amount of vocational and some non-vocational there. It's predominantly ballet but they also have a couple of other dance styles with some amazing guest teachers. Last year they had a street workshop (so far out of DDs comfort zone!) and modern which was great to break things up. The only reason we aren't going this year is she wants to try something different but I can imagine she will be straight back next year?
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