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  1. I am looking for a Degas 9502 in child age 12. Would love the colour indigo but will consider other colours
  2. Is the grenat still available?
  3. I have a dd of similar age & she is averaging 12-15 hours a week of ballet plus associates a couple of times a month. Like you I worry how she will manage it all on top of school but she seems to be coping well & doing well at school too. I think they quickly learn how to manage their time well, both in & out of school & the focus & discipline they learn from ballet carries through into their school life. i would echo what balletbean says about ‘scheduling’ downtime. My dd would happily do home practice or stretching & strengthening work every spare minute she has but for a healthy balance it’s good for them to have some downtime away from from ballet too. Every child is different but if it’s working for your dd she will manage just fine
  4. Does anyone have a copy of the RAD Advanced 1 syllabus book that they would be willing to sell? Thanks
  5. Check out love lily dancewear. Dd loves their skirts. They are really well made & come in a beautiful selection of prints. I think they do one called stateside that is similar to the bulletpointe skirts. If it is bulletpointe that your dd wants though Just Ballet have started stocking it coz my dd has her eye on a few things there
  6. I think weeks 1 & 2 at Opes work with your dates. My dd done it last year & would really recommend it
  7. I'm soo deeply sorry for your loss. Olivers story is heartbreaking. Petition signed, verified & shared xx
  8. This is all to familiar unfortunately. I often wonder if this is more common in festival/competition style schools where any parent who questions a teacher is met with this reaction? On a positive note is does make you really appreciate a good teacher when you find one.
  9. The emotional abuse can be soo damaging to children's confidence but getting a teacher to admit to it is next to impossible & even if they do it's usually brushed off as they were only joking or it was a bit of fun. Unfortunately it is all too common & when our dc love dance as much as they do parents often don't hear about it Straightaway
  10. Unfortunately my dd has experienced teachers in the past who I would question having done sufficient CPD. Reading that teachers can self certify their CPD hours is worrying for parents who not only put their trust in a teacher but also in the organisation to which they belong to regulate this.
  11. Annaliesey my heart is absolutely breaking reading this. I have no advice but having a dd of similar age whose love of dance has brought me into such an uncertain & often worrying industry it's really struck a chord with me.
  12. dd is taking her RAD intermediate soon & wears soft blocks for the class too. In her school they are encouraged to wear soft blocks for all classes rather than flats.
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