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Found 25 results

  1. I know that this run still has a week to go before opening night but I thought some may enjoy reading my interview with Delia Mathews as she prepares to make her debut as Aurora alongside Brandon Lawrence. http://tothepointemagazine.wixsite.com/tothepointemagazine/single-post/2018/01/27/ToThePointe-Meets-Delia-Mathews xx
  2. Well, it will soon be time for my Mayerling fix (!) and I have tickets for all three Watsons. But I would like to see somebody else and seem to remember forum members raving about Bonelli and Morera. Am I right? Oh, and does anyone know if Ed Watson is fit again??????????
  3. Iam over in Australia but wonder if a website/list/topic already on here exists of all summer schools offered in dance in the uk..... looking at UK summer 2018 for a 11 year old dance crazy girl So far iam aware of RBS Elmhurst Yorkshire ballet summer school do others exist which are RAD ballet focused? any tips wrt numbers applying for these would be very helpful thanku x
  4. La Bayadere opens tonight. Please use this thread for discussion of performances. Thanks!
  5. ENB kicked off their national tour of Swan Lake last night in Liverpool. It was pretty much full house (= cacophony of rustling papers etc!) but despite distractions it was a nice performance. Jurgita Dronina/Isaac Hernandez/James Streeter took the leads. I enjoyed the performance but overall it didn't get me emotionally this time. The swans were really good very well drilled and the corps de ballet in Act 1 and 3 were also very good. I think Rothbart and the swans were the best bit last night, and I must mention the 2 dancers who replaced Ken Sarasuhi they were both great and I really enjoyed watching them. Junor Souza was in the show but only in Act 3. Sadly Dronina ran out of puff with her fouettes so we didn't quite get the full 32. (I know I'm sorry I count!) The music was beautifully played I thought and it sounded great from my seat in the Circle and thankfully drowned out some of the background noises from those rustlers! I am sure Janet will write a better review than I - I am just about to leave to go down south but just wanted to post a few curtain call photos.
  6. The RB casting for Mayerling, La Bayadere, Infra/Unknown Soldier/Symphony in C , and Nutcracker has been announced (just received an email). Can't immediately upload it as the file too large... anyone else got this and able to share it easily?
  7. Went to a very special Nutcracker last night in Berlin. It was really quite exceptional. Yuria Isaka and Daniil Simkin were the leads. Desperately trying to workout how to embed images in posts and failing miserably. Oh, think I finally suceeded. #
  8. Birmingham Royal Ballet's Autumn season started in their home venue last week with the sunniest of ballets, La Fille Mal Gardée. I was very fortunate to see the 2 performances on Thursday. At the matinee Miki Mizutani made her debut as Lise and was a total delight! It was very hard to believe that this was her debut as she was a total delight from start to finish. I thought she absolutely inhabited the role and her footwork could only be described as dazzling. Her Colas was Lachlan Monaghan, who had made his debut in Bristol in July. I thought it then and confirmed my thoughts on Thursday afternoon that he was just born to dance the role of Colas! They were a delight together. The Fanny Elssler pdd was so sublime that I had an unexpected attack of hay fever by the end of it. James Barton danced Widow Simone in the afternoon and he has really made the role his own. He was the the loving mother determined to try and do the best for his daughter, without realising that the best would be letting her marry her true love. James is one of the best actors in the Company, he is so subtle but even the tiniest gestures have meaning behind them. His rapport with Miki was meltingly gorgeous. Tzu-Chao Chou was excellent as Alain. What a performance to savour!! Thursday evening provided another cornucopia of delight with Celine Gittens and Tyrone Singleton in the leading roles. What can I say - both these dancers, they breathe and all is well with the world! Rory Mackay gave us a broader brush interpretation of the Widow. Kit Holder is one of my favourite Alains. He beautifully brings out all the pathos of a gauche young man who is not used to company and doesn't quite know how to behave. His final scene when he retrieves his beloved umbrella was very moving. So it was a day of contrast in performance styles, Miki and Lachlan danced with the verve and exuberance of youth where Celine and Tyrone were more polished but nevertheless still brought out very strongly a feeling of youngsters in love. I thought it was interesting that Jonathan Lo conducted the superb BRB Sinfonia at both performances but in the afternoon the orchestra played a lot faster. Thinking about it ... Celine and Tyrone are taller than Miki and Lachlan so perhaps needed more time for their longer limbs to fit the steps in. What a wonderful way to spend a day watching 2 such glorious performances. I'd love to hear what other people thought (and I know a number of forum members were there...).
  9. Well, tonight was the start of a repeat London run of this programme, at Sadler's Wells. Previous threads on the subject are: Photos from the original 2014 London run: http://www.balletcoforum.com/topic/6470-english-national-ballet-lest-we-forget-london-april-2014/?tab=comments#comment-86727 Discussion of the run itself: http://www.balletcoforum.com/topic/6462-english-national-ballet-lest-we-forget-april-2014/?tab=comments#comment-86645 The 2015 run: http://www.balletcoforum.com/topic/10515-english-national-ballet-lest-we-forget-2015/?tab=comments#comment-141214 And photos therefor: http://www.balletcoforum.com/topic/10520-english-national-ballet-lest-we-forget-september-2015/?tab=comments#comment-141338
  10. Casting for Fille is available on the website for Birmingham, Plymouth and The Lowry: https://www.brb.org.uk/whats-on/event/la-fille-mal-gardee
  11. Great to catch up with the Trocks at the Peacock in London last night at the near-beginning of a 2-week season. This week's programme was Swan Lake Act II (yet again - London always seems to get that and Les Sylphides as openers, Giselle Act II seemingly being something of a rarity), La Trovatiara (distinctly Le Corsaire-like) and the underwater scene from The Little Humpbacked Horse. Oh, and of course The Dying Swan. The "Mystery Pas de Deux", which I think was from Harlequinade (I was busy trying to digest the new ballerina names!) brought the house down. The audience was hugely appreciative, as ever. One of the reasons I so appreciate seeing the Trocks is the way they dust off all these 19th century ballets and pdd that we'd never get to see otherwise. Will any photos be forthcoming?
  12. English National Ballet Lest We Forget Sadler’s Wells Thursday 20 - Saturday 29 September 2018 Tickets: £12 - £60 www.ballet.org.uk/lestweforget “true to its title - it stays with you long after curtain-down.” The Daily Telegraph Lest We Forget returns to commemorate the centenary of the end of the First World War Special performance held in partnership with The Royal British Legion’s Thank You movement Principal casting includes performances from Lead Principals Alina Cojocaru, Jurgita Dronina, Tamara Rojo, Erina Takahashi, Joseph Caley, Jeffrey Cirio, Isaac Hernandez and Principals Begoña Cao, Francesco Gabriele Frola, and Shiori Kase. After moving audiences and critics alike since its premiere in 2014, English National Ballet’s poignant reflection on the First World War, Lest We Forget, returns to commemorate the centenary of the end of the First World War. Winner of the 2015 South Bank Sky Arts Award for Dance, Lest We Forget features three works expressing the experiences of those who fought in the war and those who stayed behind, from three of the most sought-after British choreographers working today; Akram Khan, Russell Maliphant and Liam Scarlett. Principal casting for Lest We Forget sees Lead Principal Tamara Rojo reprise the role of Lead Woman in Dust alongside First Soloists James Streeter and Fabian Reimair whilst First Soloist Crystal Costa, Soloist Aitor Arrieta and Artist of the Company Henry Dowden make their debuts in these roles, as does new Lead Principal Jeffrey Cirio who dances alongside Lead Principal Erina Takahashi and Reimair. Lead Principal Alina Cojocaru and First Soloist Junor Souza will dance Lead Couple in Second Breath. Lead Principal Joseph Caley and Principal Begoña Cao debut in these roles, and First Artist Anjuli Hudson performs with Artist of the Company Joshua McSherry-Gray. Lead Principals Isaac Hernández, who performs alongside Cojocaru, Jurgita Dronina and Caley debut in the Lead Couple roles in No Man’s Land. Cao and Souza reprise their roles in this work. In addition to its 13 public performances, English National Ballet, with the support of Sadler’s Wells, will gift a special performance of Lest We Forget to The Royal British Legion on Monday 24 September in support of its Thank You movement, remembering all who served, sacrificed, and changed our world during the First World War. This performance will be attended by members of serving and veteran communities. Winner of Best Modern Choreography at the 2014 Critic’s Circle National Dance Awards, Akram Khan’s Dust is “full of pain and power” (The Independent). Featuring 24 dancers, Dust is accompanied by a pounding soundtrack by Jocelyn Pook. Upon invitation, English National Ballet became the first ballet company to perform on the Pyramid Stage at Glastonbury, when it presented Dust to an audience of 30,000 in 2014. A “devastatingly effective” (Daily Telegraph) piece, 20 dancers tilt and sway in semi-darkness - conjured by Michael Hulls’ lighting design, rising and falling, in Second Breath, by Russell Maliphant. Featuring recorded voices of survivors, Andy Cowton’s score is performed live by English National Ballet Philharmonic. In May 2014 Second Breath was performed at Imperial War Museum North and streamed live on BBC Arts as part of the Museums at Night festival. Featuring 14 dancers, seven male and seven female, Liam Scarlett’s No Man’s Land evokes the entwined destinies of the women working in munition factories at home and the men fighting in the trenches, culminating in an emotional pas de deux set to a score by Franz Liszt performed live on piano. In addition, Vera, choreographed by Company member Stina Quagebeur, will be performed on Monday 24 September as part of The Royal British Legion Thank You performance and on Tuesday 25 and Thursday 27 September’s matinees. Vera premiered in 2014 as part of English National Ballet’s programme for emerging choreographic talent, Choreographics, and is inspired by Vera Brittain’s First World War memoir, Testament of Youth. It was selected by The Breaking Glass Project to be performed in New York in the same year. English National Ballet is an Associate Company of Sadler’s Wells. Lest We Forget Principal Casting: No Man’s Land Thursday 20 September 1st Couple: Alina Cojocaru and Isaac Hernández* 2nd Couple: Erina Takahashi and Fabian Reimair 3rd Couple: Crystal Costa and Aitor Arrieta* Friday 21 September (mat) 1st Couple: Begoña Cao and Junor Souza 2nd Couple: Angela Wood and Skyler Martin* 3rd Couple: Katja Khaniukova* and Fernando Carratalá Coloma* Friday 21 September 1st Couple: Alina Cojocaru and Isaac Hernández 2nd Couple: Erina Takahashi and Fabian Reimair 3rd Couple: Crystal Costa and Aitor Arrieta Saturday 22 September (mat) 1st Couple: Jurgita Dronina* and Joseph Caley* 2nd Couple: Alison McWhinney and James Streeter* 3rd Couple: Shiori Kase and Francesco Gabriele Frola* Saturday 22 September 1st Couple: Alina Cojocaru and Isaac Hernández 2nd Couple: Erina Takahashi and Fabian Reimair 3rd Couple: Crystal Costa and Aitor Arrieta Monday 24 September (The Royal British Legion Thank You performance) 1st Couple: Alina Cojocaru and Isaac Hernández 2nd Couple: Erina Takahashi and Fabian Reimair 3rd Couple: Crystal Costa and Aitor Arrieta Tuesday 25 September (mat) 1st Couple: Begoña Cao and Junor Souza 2nd Couple: Angela Wood and Skyler Martin 3rd Couple: Katja Khaniukova and Fernando Carratalá Coloma Tuesday 25 September 1st Couple: Jurgita Dronina and Joseph Caley 2nd Couple: Alison McWhinney and James Streeter 3rd Couple: Shiori Kase and Francesco Gabriele Frola Wednesday 26 September 1st Couple: Jurgita Dronina and Joseph Caley 2nd Couple: Alison McWhinney and James Streeter 3rd Couple: Shiori Kase and Francesco Gabriele Frola Thursday 27 September (mat) 1st Couple: Begoña Cao and Junor Souza 2nd Couple: Angela Wood and Skyler Martin 3rd Couple: Katja Khaniukova and Fernando Carratalá Coloma Thursday 27 September 1st Couple: Jurgita Dronina and Joseph Caley 2nd Couple: Alison McWhinney and James Streeter 3rd Couple: Shiori Kase and Francesco Gabriele Frola Friday 28 September 1st Couple: Begoña Cao and Junor Souza 2nd Couple: Angela Wood and Skyler Martin 3rd Couple: Katja Khaniukova and Fernando Carratalá Coloma Saturday 29 September (mat) 1st Couple: Alina Cojocaru and Isaac Hernández 2nd Couple: Alison McWhinney and James Streeter 3rd Couple: Shiori Kase and Francesco Gabriele Frola Saturday 29 September 1st Couple: Jurgita Dronina and Joseph Caley 2nd Couple: Erina Takahashi and Fabian Reimair 3rd Couple: Crystal Costa and Aitor Arrieta Second Breath Thursday 20 September Alina Cojocaru and Junor Souza Friday 21 September (mat) Anjuli Hudson and Joshua McSherry-Gray Friday 21 September Begoña Cao* and Joseph Caley* Saturday 22 September (mat) Anjuli Hudson and Joshua McSherry-Gray Saturday 22 September Alina Cojocaru and Junor Souza Monday 24 September (The Royal British Legion Thank You performance) Begoña Cao and Joseph Caley Tuesday 25 September (mat) Anjuli Hudson and Joshua McSherry-Gray Tuesday 25 September Alina Cojocaru and Junor Souza Wednesday 26 September Begoña Cao and Joseph Caley Thursday 27 September (mat) TBC Thursday 27 September Alina Cojocaru and Junor Souza Friday 28 September Begoña Cao and Joseph Caley Saturday 29 September (mat) Begoña Cao and Joseph Caley Saturday 29 September Alina Cojocaru and Junor Souza Dust Thursday 20 September Tamara Rojo, James Streeter, Fabian Reimair Friday 21 September (mat) Crystal Costa*, Aitor Arrieta*, Henry Dowden* Friday 21 September Tamara Rojo, James Streeter, Fabian Reimair Saturday 22 September (mat) Erina Takahashi, Jeffrey Cirio*, Fabian Reimair Saturday 22 September Tamara Rojo, James Streeter, Fabian Reimair Monday 24 September (The Royal British Legion Thank You performance) Tamara Rojo, James Streeter, Fabian Reimair Tuesday 25 September (mat) Erina Takahashi, Jeffrey Cirio, Henry Dowden Tuesday 25 September Tamara Rojo, James Streeter, Fabian Reimair Wednesday 26 September Erina Takahashi, Jeffrey Cirio, Fabian Reimair Thursday 27 September (mat) Crystal Costa, Aitor Arrieta, Henry Dowden Thursday 27 September Tamara Rojo, James Streeter, Fabian Reimair Friday 28 September Erina Takahashi, Jeffrey Cirio, Fabian Reimair Saturday 29 September (mat) Tamara Rojo, James Streeter, Fabian Reimair Saturday 29 September Erina Takahashi, Jeffrey Cirio, Fabian Reimair Vera Monday 24 September (The Royal British Legion Thank You performance) Crystal Costa and Guilherme Menezes** Tuesday 25 September (mat) Crystal Costa and Giorgio Garrett* Thursday 27 September (mat) Crystal Costa and Giorgio Garrett *Debut **Guest Artist Please note, casting is subject to change. Please see www.ballet.org.uk for up to date casting For further information about English National Ballet and to book tickets visit www.ballet.org.uk. Please note performance details are subject to change. Notes to Editors: Listings: Lest We Forget Sadler’s Wells, London Thursday 20 September – Saturday 29 September 2018 Box Office: 020 7863 8000 or www.ballet.org.uk/lestweforget
  13. This link includes a downloadable programme giving principal casting for Swan Lake performances in Madrid. https://www.danzaballet.com/the-royal-ballet-regresa-al-teatro-real-con-su-nueva-produccion-del-lago-de-los-cisnes/
  14. ...thought I’d read that ROH was announcing detailed cast lists today, but nothing so far...anybody know anything ?
  15. This was the programme on Thursday 28th June: Larina Waltz - Ashley Page (Upper School 3rd Years) Sea Interludes - Andrew McNicol (Upper School 1st Years) - new work Self and Soul - Robert Binet (Upper School 3rd Year) Napoli - Act III Pas de Six and Tarantella - August Bournonville (White Lodge Years 10 and 11, Upper School 1st Years) Bach, Multiplicity Forms of Silence and Emptiness - Excerpts - Nacho Duato (Upper School 2nd and 3rd Years) Aurora's Wedding - after Marius Petipa * (Upper School 1st, 2nd and 3rd Years; and White Lodge Year 8 for Little Red Riding Hood and The Wolf) * Just in case anyone doesn't know, this is the SB Prologue Fairy sequence combined with a version of SB Act 3. However, the principal couple's pdd coda was replaced a Russian dance by three men. The staging was by Anthony Dowell, no less. Although I have the outline programme for the other 3 shows, I wasn't able to attend these so I think that it's best if others post the details here (just in case I get it wrong). I was extremely impressed with what I saw. The dancers who shone the very brightest for me were: Daichi Ikarashi and James Large (both now 1st Year Upper School but familiar faces from their White Lodge days), Marianna Tsembenhoi (also 1st Year US) and graduates Amelia Townsend, Yuki Sugiura and Yu Hang.
  16. I was unable to be at the London Coliseum tonight for the first night of ENB's Sleeping Beauty (Kenneth MacMillan production), but I know a lot of forum members were, so I'm looking forward to hearing your thoughts! Our coverage of the previous run can be found here:
  17. This item was on BA: (Janet - did you get such a release? Grateful if you could confirm for us). According to an e-mail just sent out by English National Ballet, Jeffrey Cirio is joining as Lead Principal. No indication of whether he will continue an affiliation with ABT. "Joining the Company Following his recent guest performances with the Company in Song of the Earth, La Sylphide, and Akram Khan’s Giselle, Jeffrey Cirio, currently Principal at American Ballet Theater, joins English National Ballet as Lead Principal."
  18. Date is June 11 and the London Coliseum is the venue. Booking here.
  19. For immediate release 11 June 2018 Northern Ballet announces promotions and joiners for 2017/18 season Northern Ballet will welcome ten new dancers for the 2018/19 season and has also announced promotions for existing members of the Company. Joining the Corps de Ballet are: Ayça Anil (Central School of Ballet); Adam Ashcroft (Estonian National Ballet); Harris Beattie (Central School of Ballet); Helen Bogatch (Estonian National Ballet); Kyungka Kwak (Universal Ballet, Korea); George Liang (The National Ballet of Canada); and Nina Queiroz da Silva (Ballet Nacional Sodre, Uruguay). Matthew Morrell joins as an Apprentice from the Academy of Northern Ballet’s Professional Graduate Programme, alongsideformer Professional Graduate student Julie Nunès who joins from the corps de ballet at The Phantom of the Opera, Stockholm, and Oscar Ainscough from Tring Park School for the Performing Arts. In addition, a number of Northern Ballet’s existing company dancers have been promoted: Mlindi Kulashe, Ayami Miyata, Abigail Prudames and Joseph Taylor to First Soloists; Nicola Gervasi and Matthew Koon to Soloists; Sarah Chun, Riku Ito, Minju Kang and Dominique Larose to Junior Soloists; and Filippo Di Vilio to Coryphée. This year the Company will also be saying goodbye to the following dancers: Dreda Blow is returning to her native Canada to study physical theatre and pursue acting, teaching and creating her own work; whilst Giuliano Contadini and Victoria Sibson have retired from the stage; the three have collectively been performing with Northern Ballet for over 35 years. Mathilde Lambert leaves to join Columbia Classical Ballet, USA; Jesse Milligan has joined the West End cast of The King and I at the London Palladium; Liam Morris is joining Estonian National Ballet; Alexander Yap is joiningBirmingham Royal Ballet; Archie James leaves to study Sports and Injury Therapy; and Kiara Flavin, Thomas Holdsworth, Darragh Hourrides, Carlotta Pini and Ailen Ramos Betancourt are also moving on to new things. Northern Ballet’s new season will commence in September with a new Mixed Programme in Leeds and Doncaster followed by the return of David Nixon OBE’s The Three Musketeers and The Nutcracker which will both tour nationally.For details see northernballet.com/whatson -ENDS- Notes to Editors Northern Ballet – Company List 2018/19 Premier Dancers Pippa Moore Javier Torres Leading Soloists Hannah Bateman Antoinette Brooks-Daw Ashley Dixon First Soloists Mlindi Kulashe Ayami Miyata Abigail Prudames Joseph Taylor Soloists Nicola Gervasi Rachael Gillespie Matthew Koon Kevin Poeung Junior Soloists Sean Bates Sarah Chun Riku Ito Minju Kang Dominique Larose Matthew Topliss Coryphée Filippo Di Vilio Jonathan Hanks Dancers Miki Akuta Eneko Amorós Zaragoza Ayça Anil Adam Ashcroft Harris Beattie Helen Bogatch Abigail Cockrell Ommaira Kanga Perez Natalia Kerner Kyungka Kwak Heather Lehan George Liang Harriet Marden Gavin McCaig Nina Queiroz da Silva Dale Rhodes Mariana Rodrigues Teresa Saavedra Bordes Andrew Tomlinson Lorenzo Trossello Apprentices Oscar Ainscough Matthew Morrell Julie Nunès Northern Ballet Artistic Director – David Nixon OBE Northern Ballet is one of the UK’s leading ballet companies and the widest touring ballet company in the UK. Bold and innovative in its approach, Northern Ballet is prolific at creating new full-length work with a unique blend of strong classical technique and world-class storytelling. Northern Ballet’s repertoire embraces popular culture and takes inspiration from literature, legend, opera and the classics, pushing the boundaries of what stories can be told through dance. A champion for the cultural exports of the North, Leeds-based Northern Ballet is dedicated to bringing world-class story ballets to as many people and places as possible, under the leadership of Artistic Director David Nixon OBE. Northern Ballet’s Company of 44 dancers performs a combination of its full-length ballets and specially created ballets for children at almost 50 venues annually. For more details of Northern Ballet's tour, on sale dates and booking information, please visit northernballet.com/whatson National Tour Sponsor
  20. This topic has already been touched on in "TimesWatch" but the Royal Opera House magazine has an article about the new production. A few key points: Odette "and her black swan nemesis Odile" are "magical beings.......two distinct entities, creations of von Rothbart and controlled by him" von Rothbart will be built up into a "true dramatic villain"......" who dances, not just a character figure" Siegfried is on stage throughout: "We follow him and see his point of view", says Scarlett the role of Benno will be "more substantial" and the two dancers with whom he will perform the Act pas de trois "will be Siegfried's sisters" many company dances and divertissements will be re-choreographed (but not Ashton's Neopolitan Dance) there will be an entirely new Act IV the ending has been decided but remains undisclosed Marianela Nunez and Vadim Muntagirov will lead the first night cast there will be 6 different casts initially (as yet not announced) with opportunities in due course "for some of the up-and-coming company dancers to take the principal roles" There is, of course, much more in the article about the background to the new production and the approach that Scarlett and Macfarlane (designer) are taking. Can't wait!
  21. Birmingham Royal Ballet gave 4 performances of Coppelia in Sunderland and I was very happy to be there. I saw 3 of the performances and I have to say that they all sparkled! SPW's production of Coppelia is just gorgeous with its sumptuous sets and costumes and its attention to detail. On Thursday evening Miki Mizutani was just sublime as Swanilda with Tzu-Chao Chou as her "cheeky chappy" Franz. Her dancing was glorious and her depth of characterisation was beautiful to watch. The role of Franz fits Tzu-Chao like a glove. The incomparable Michael O'Hare gave a performance full of fun and pathos as Dr Coppelius. Friday afternoon was a treat with a sparky Maureya Lebowitz as Swanilda and Lachlan Monaghan as her exuberant Franz. I had a huge grin on my face throughout the whole performance! On Friday evening Arancha Baselga was a fun-loving Swanilda with Max Maslen hitting just the right note of cheekiness as Franz. The whole performance was just lovely. At all 3 performances I saw Celine Gittens was radiant as Dawn and Brooke Ray performed Prayer beautifully. Yasuo Atsuji and Miles Gilliver shared the honours in leading the Call to Arms. Yasuo was particularly exuberant. I suspect that not all of the company was present as most of the corps roles were danced by the same performers at every performance (presumably the rest of the company are preparing for Virginia and Japan) but it mattered not a jot!
  22. Thanks Alison for the suggestion. That was a beautiful short skating program from Medvedeva - such artistry. She is as beautiful as a film star and as graceful as a ballerina. Just sitting down to watch the rest of the team event on catch up.
  23. The list of selected candidates has been published: https://www.prixdelausanne.org/wp-content/uploads/2017/11/Selected-candidates-PDL2018.pdf 4 girls from the United Kingdom entered, but none were selected: https://www.prixdelausanne.org/wp-content/uploads/2017/11/Nombre-candidats-PDL-2018.pdf
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