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  1. Thank you LinMM I will. She will definitely love the shopping
  2. I'm glad I wasn't the only one that thought that!
  3. Thank you. I will check out both of those classes
  4. Thank you. That is very helpful. Dd does do a few unset classes each week but we will definitely avoid the professional classes as I imagine them to be very fast paced
  5. Thank you LinMM your posts have been really helpful. We will definitely check this out
  6. That sounds great. Silly question but I'm assuming the accompanying adult doesn't have to participate in the class?
  7. Thank you bethany. That sounds great. Are there any classes you would recommend?
  8. Thank you. I will check all of those out. Dd has done some Russian ballet before so would enjoy doing a bit of Russian ballet again. I think I underestimated how difficult it would be to find a few drop in classes for her. For those of you who are more experienced in taking drop in classes would she be better in the elementary level or the advanced? I picture the advanced being more professional level
  9. Thank you. They look great but unfortunately the dates don't tie in with our stay
  10. Hi, We are going to London at the end of August & I was wondering if anyone could recommend any drop in ballet classes suitable for a 13 year old currently studying RAD advanced 1 ballet but also interested in contemporary? I have been looking at Pineapple & Danceworks although I understand a lot of the classes are aimed towards adults so I was wondering firstly if there were any classes that she be allowed to attend & secondly I am unsure what level of class would be best suited to her. Thanks
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