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  1. Ah this is beginning to look reassuring, phew! I’ve ordered 3 sizes. At this rate all my capital will be in satin ballet shoes 😂
  2. Yes, I’ve ordered some Dancewear Central, not Bloch though, everywhere I’ve checked says size 2 as smallest. I ordered those in hope, but they’re just a bit too big. Lovely material and potential though! Thank you! The quest continues 😀
  3. Thank you! I’ve ordered a choice of sizes in these ones. I’ve also ordered some Roch Valley ones. Someone suggested that the cheaper ones might be narrower. So that’s 3 pairs I have at home, 5 more pairs on order. Let’s hope one of them fits 🩰
  4. Thank you. Yes, she has the Bloch full soles for Elmhurst. They’re lovely. But they’re allowed split sole (but have to be satin) for EYB so she’s very keen to try and find some as that’s what all of the other girls have! Thank you for trying to help 😊
  5. Hi all Does anyone have any advice on split sole satin ballet shoes for a very skinny footed child. They’re for EYB and so need to be satin. She’s only a 13.5/1 in ballet shoes. Bloch (who supply her Elmhurst satin but full soles) don’t appear to start until a size 2. We’ve tried the So Danca ones but they seem quite stiff and wide. Help please!! 🩰 Thank you so much 😊
  6. Ballet Boost are/have started an associate programme in Newcastle under Lyme. They have a programme running in Hull (& elsewhere) at the moment. We can recommend that, as well as Elmhurst 🙂 http://www.balletboost.com/bba/
  7. I’m not sure, but the times might be on the website. If not I am 100% sure they would tell you if you contacted them. It’s such a friendly and professional company.
  8. Fantastic!! Go for it!! Have a lovely day xx
  9. I hope your DD is feeling much better tomorrow, wishing her all good thoughts @HowMuch!
  10. Thank you so much @Loulou 😊
  11. At one of the most recent auditions (end of last year) there were 3 half scholarships awarded, rather than one full and one half. Well definitely for the Juniors anyway. On this, does anyone know if this makes any difference/has any impact at all once they start rehearsing? My DD was awarded one and is due to begin rehearsals soon. I think she’s slightly apprehensive that there will be some extra expectations. I’m not sure there will be but it’s best to be prepared!
  12. Hello, if HopelessMummy doesn’t want this please can we buy it @Farawaydancer? Thank you 😊
  13. ... to fit a 8/9 year old. Quite particular on colour so will apologise in advance (we don’t want white, red, burgundy, dark green, pale pink...) 😏. She would love a Claudia Dean one in time for her birthday in March. Would also consider Degas. Thank you 😊
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