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  1. To fit a 9/10 year old. Looking for something more than a plain Bloch/Capezio one. Thanks!
  2. Oh I had forgotten that we needed the zoom links! With the JA/JE zoom sessions, we usually get them days in advance. Sure they’ll arrive by/on Tuesday.
  3. I have the following for sale. Ordered from Europe however they’re too big for my daughter, sadly. They are gorgeous. Brand new in original package with tags on. Ballet Rosa Kayla : Navy. Age 10. £24 + £2.50 postage Ballet Rosa Dauphine : Powder Pink. Age 12. £34 + £2.50 postage. Super hard to get in the UK, hence ordering from outside of!
  4. I think that sounds really sensible. If she’s taken her Grade 1 exam and has moved into Grade 2 then you might want to see if there is another grade 2 class that she can do. If she’s just moved into G2 then her teacher may be reluctant for her to join a higher grade for the moment (& prefer her to be doing both classes at the same level), but if you have a conversation with her then at least she knows your DD is keen to progress, for when the time is right. She sounds like she is at a similar level to many of the children in the associate programmes. And most associate programmes
  5. It’s not mixed everywhere. In our centre there are separate classes per year group. Between 12-18 in each maybe.
  6. Ah ok then! I think you’ll find out by mid week at the latest. And possibly may start on Saturday, or soon after, but I’m sure they’ll say to not worry about uniform etc. As someone else said, you don’t get an invoice for fees until about October half term! Fingers crossed for your DD 🤞🏼
  7. Not all centres have heard that they/if they are starting back next week. I know Birmingham is, but it’s not definite that others are. So that might explain the above!
  8. When my daughter auditioned last year she did an in class audition on a Saturday and we had an email on the Tuesday. Good luck everyone. It’s a brilliant programme. We love it.
  9. I have a feeling that it will be after the submission date for the final group!
  10. They’re done in year groups. My best advice is to not over think the administration side too much, just concentrate on helping your son/daughter to relax and enjoy the audition. The Elmhurst YD programme is amazing, and the classes are really special. I’m sure they’ll run the auditions in a similar way. If your son/daughter is relaxed then they’ll be able to follow along better! I have to try hard not to project my anxieties on to my child, and they tend to just get on with it all! Good luck with the audition!
  11. We are also in one of the regional centres. They usually run it as follows: Y4 - 9.15-10.45 Y5 - 11-12.30 Y6 - 12.45-2.15 all Ballet, no other classes (which is different to Birmingham). There is usually a Watch Week at the end of term, in all centres, I believe. It’s a gorgeous programme. Sure your children will love it! NOTE: each regional centre will have different timings but this was just to give an idea.
  12. Hi We are having a tidy up of my daughter’s ballet drawers and have the following for sale: Wear Moi Erell Sky (pastel) blue with floral detail leotard - age 8-10 (quite small fitting) https://www.planetdance.com/MobileDetail.php?Prod_ID=3010378&VariantID=3082133&gclid=Cj0KCQjwvb75BRD1ARIsAP6LcqtKHWiAbXDFwmOpO24JwRsmm95X27XAjzyfYdg9Vl29nVP3njqzEswaAgXvEALw_wcB AND Wear Moi Lagune Sky blue floral mesh skirt Age 4-8 Worn a handful of times. No signs of wear. Gorgeous set! £30 for both, including postage Capezio D
  13. Hi @SJBallet, which centre have you been offered a place at? Do you know which group your daughter/son is going into? I might be able to help if it’s the same one as my DD, otherwise someone else might be able to. Also, they’re really good with admin and responding to emails so if you send them an email with your question I’m sure they’ll respond ASAP. We did get an email from them on Wednesday with my DD new group on, saying that they were exceptionally busy at the moment, so that might be why 😊 Let me know if I/anyone can help with anything!
  14. Oh no!! That’s such a long time!
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