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  1. In my experience, the online JE programme was really great. The classes were small enough for individual corrections, and they had a really positive feeling. It somehow didn’t feel like a normal studio class that had had to turn to Zoom because of lockdown. We’re very pleased to have accepted the place last year.
  2. Hi there, They’re both sold, pending payment, at the moment, but if the sales fall through I can let you know ASAP. Thank you for asking 😊
  3. Selling: Degas 9502. Age 12. Indigo (mid/light blue). Excellent condition, barely worn. £30 including postage. Wear Moi. Mabel. Navy blue. Good, used condition. Age 8-10 (small fitting). £8 including postage. Wear Moi. Evidence. Light Grey. Excellent condition, rarely worn. Age 8-10. £14 including postage. Wear Moi. Diane. French Blue. Age 10-12. Excellent condition. £12 including postage. Wear Moi. Thalia. Rose. Age 8-10. Excellent condition. £10 including postage. Wear Moi. Erell. Light blue with floral mesh detail on top and back. Matching skirt included (not attached to the leotard). Age 8-10 (v small fitting, likely to fit age 6-8). Excellent condition. £20 including postage. Please message me for further details. Thank you 😊
  4. Thanks so much @Farawaydancerane @Betty’s mum that’s really helpful. Does anyone know how regularly the classes are? Weekly or less often? Thanks.
  5. Hello Does anyone’s child do Hammond Associates or know any information about it? Thank you in advance 🙂
  6. To fit a 9/10 year old. Looking for something more than a plain Bloch/Capezio one. Thanks!
  7. Oh I had forgotten that we needed the zoom links! With the JA/JE zoom sessions, we usually get them days in advance. Sure they’ll arrive by/on Tuesday.
  8. I have the following for sale. Ordered from Europe however they’re too big for my daughter, sadly. They are gorgeous. Brand new in original package with tags on. Ballet Rosa Kayla : Navy. Age 10. £24 + £2.50 postage Ballet Rosa Dauphine : Powder Pink. Age 12. £34 + £2.50 postage. Super hard to get in the UK, hence ordering from outside of!
  9. I think that sounds really sensible. If she’s taken her Grade 1 exam and has moved into Grade 2 then you might want to see if there is another grade 2 class that she can do. If she’s just moved into G2 then her teacher may be reluctant for her to join a higher grade for the moment (& prefer her to be doing both classes at the same level), but if you have a conversation with her then at least she knows your DD is keen to progress, for when the time is right. She sounds like she is at a similar level to many of the children in the associate programmes. And most associate programmes don’t look for a particular grade, it’s about potential, amongst other things (that’s a whole other thread 😉). And as others have suggested, you could consider looking into associate programmes in your area. I think lots of girls, who don’t have the option of multiple classes at the dance school that they go to, really benefit and enjoy those classes. It’s often their first experience of being in a ballet class with other children who love it as much as they do! Good luck. Ask any questions you need to. On here and to your DD ballet teacher. It’s a whole new world sometimes 😊
  10. It’s not mixed everywhere. In our centre there are separate classes per year group. Between 12-18 in each maybe.
  11. Ah ok then! I think you’ll find out by mid week at the latest. And possibly may start on Saturday, or soon after, but I’m sure they’ll say to not worry about uniform etc. As someone else said, you don’t get an invoice for fees until about October half term! Fingers crossed for your DD 🤞🏼
  12. Not all centres have heard that they/if they are starting back next week. I know Birmingham is, but it’s not definite that others are. So that might explain the above!
  13. When my daughter auditioned last year she did an in class audition on a Saturday and we had an email on the Tuesday. Good luck everyone. It’s a brilliant programme. We love it.
  14. I have a feeling that it will be after the submission date for the final group!
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