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  1. Hi @SJBallet, which centre have you been offered a place at? Do you know which group your daughter/son is going into? I might be able to help if it’s the same one as my DD, otherwise someone else might be able to. Also, they’re really good with admin and responding to emails so if you send them an email with your question I’m sure they’ll respond ASAP. We did get an email from them on Wednesday with my DD new group on, saying that they were exceptionally busy at the moment, so that might be why 😊 Let me know if I/anyone can help with anything!
  2. Oh no!! That’s such a long time!
  3. My DD got hers last Wednesday, she took her exam about 3 days before they cancelled them. I hope you get your DDs soon!!
  4. Yes, that’s all so true. It’s such a strange time for everyone. It’s the limbo situation that has the most effect I think. Especially when we’re all used to being so busy and so ‘planned’ with our children and their interests. I hope everything works out ok for your children 🤞🏼
  5. I think it’s different in the UK, and even regionally across the UK! Really pleased you have your result. I hope you’re all keeping safe and well in the US.
  6. argh! I hope you don’t have to wait too long!!
  7. Ah that’s amazing! Well done to her 👏🏻
  8. Oh that’s also interesting - thank you! Are you in the South, Wales or NI? The results I know of so far have all been in those areas. I hope that it was good news for your DD😊
  9. Ooh interesting, do you know where you saw this? Thanks!
  10. Ah thank you 😢🙃. That makes sense. I just had a tiny ray of hope when I heard that some schools had received some results... what will be will be I guess. She could just do with a semblance of normal/what life used to be like this week 😌
  11. Morning I hope everyone is doing ok? Has anyone heard anything regarding the RAD spring exams? Some of them did go ahead (physically) before they were stopped Mid-March, and I know some ballet schools were able to submit via video. Has anyone heard whether results will be coming through at the start of May, as is usual? Or will the students receive them when life returns to ‘normal’? I fully realise that it isn’t that significant with everything happening right now, however there are some young ballerinas keen to know (!), so I wondered if anyone knew the answer? ☺️ Thanks so much!
  12. Ah this is beginning to look reassuring, phew! I’ve ordered 3 sizes. At this rate all my capital will be in satin ballet shoes 😂
  13. Yes, I’ve ordered some Dancewear Central, not Bloch though, everywhere I’ve checked says size 2 as smallest. I ordered those in hope, but they’re just a bit too big. Lovely material and potential though! Thank you! The quest continues 😀
  14. Thank you! I’ve ordered a choice of sizes in these ones. I’ve also ordered some Roch Valley ones. Someone suggested that the cheaper ones might be narrower. So that’s 3 pairs I have at home, 5 more pairs on order. Let’s hope one of them fits 🩰
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