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  1. Is this still available? Is it in good condition? If so I would be very interested! Thank you.
  2. I know we’ll get the uniform list later in the summer, but I wondered if anyone could help with letting us know what ballet shoes the Young Dancers wear please? Trying to get slightly organised and buy some things in advance!! Thank you 😊
  3. Thanks all, lots to investigate 😀
  4. I usually order DDs dance supplies online, but I have a list of things she now needs for the Associate programmes and summer school. I think it might be easier to find a shop that will stock as much of it as possible 😀 Can anyone recommend anywhere in the North East England area. Willing to travel to get it all sorted!! Maybe as far north as Newcastle, maybe beyond and as far ‘south’ as Manchester... Thank you 😊
  5. Hi @Mummyof3dance and welcome!! A lot of us are new to the Associate programme stuff so just finding our way! That’s why I thought a friendly and helpful thread would help. There have been some lovely, helpful experienced people who have helped with things like ribbons and jackets, which is brilliant! Ask whatever you need to ask! how old is your DD? Is she starting in Juniors? My DD (8) is also really excited!
  6. I am looking for the above jacket; in a 7-8 or 9-10 (depending on fit/sizing). In an almost new condition if possible 🤞 Thanks
  7. my DD is absolutely delighted to be starting Elmhurst, she couldn't be happier!!
  8. We haven’t had anything since the offer email. It just said they were still confirming times etc so all info would follow after this. I’ll let you know if we get anything though.
  9. Thanks @MummytoIzzy. Has your daughter already started or is she due to start in Sept? If Sept then your order came quickly, that’s impressive! Do you have the rest of the uniform yet? I need to have a proper look to see what we need...!
  10. Is that the one that looks like it has green in it, @Leapfrog? Almost like a shiny material? I think that’s the one we will go for. If anyone has experience of sizing I would be grateful! Lovely to ‘meet’ everyone on this thread 😊
  11. Thanks. It looks like the choices are either; a onesie type all in one; a sweatshirt type material zipped hoodie; or a stretchy, shiny material (can’t see what type of material exactly) jacket. Does that sound right? What do most junior girls go for?
  12. Any tips, anyone, on which jacket to go for? Thanks.
  13. Brilliant! I thought we had some travelling to do but London and Hull is impressive!
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