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  1. Oh that’s good to know! What age did she start going? My DD is VERY keen!
  2. Yep! I know that feeling!! BBA Hull is roughly 2 weekends a month too. It works well here too. Elmhurst is weekly and it gives us a bit of room for manoeuvre some weekends. My DD has already started to talk about the possibility of doing the BB summer school!
  3. Ah that’s brilliant!! Is yours every week? Ours is roughly every 2 weeks. Elmhurst is weekly though x
  4. How did everyone’s first session go? DD really enjoyed hers! It was definitely worth the 2 hour journey 😅!!
  5. We got purple - the medium one, @Spamcat DD is very excited 😊
  6. We have experience of Moorlands Summer School - excellent course. DD learned so much and her technique improved very much. The course directors are wonderful. Tring Dance Course - really good, varied week. Had the opportunity to try lots of new styles. Brilliant food, made some nice friends, good facilities.
  7. My DD is very keen to try this one next! We’ve been in touch with them and they have been so friendly and helpful so far. She’s excited for next year already!
  8. I wondered if anyone felt it would be useful to share thoughts and experiences on the dance/ballet Easter or summer schools their children have taken part in this year? I thought it might be useful, given that there is often a choice and they can’t do them all (even if they would like to!) for people to share any experiences that they have had... It’s a good way to find out what is out there too! I am happy to share my DDs experiences this year if others are similarly interested 😊. She has really enjoyed both of the courses she did this year and found them very different from one another!
  9. I don’t think it is essential, but I am not sure. My daughter has already worn hers for a couple of summer schools she attended this year and so has had some use out of it, she’s also going into Y4 so I am hoping it will have 3 years use (unless she has a growth spurt!). There might be someone selling a second hand one, if you did want to get one. It could be worth asking on the for sale/wanted board... Hope your daughter enjoys it! Mine is very excited to start!
  10. There is also a very long thread about the RBS JA audition process, then moving through to the offers etc. It has some useful info in, although might take some scrolling through!
  11. Ooh exciting to know your uniform order has arrived @Astrid! I wonder if ours has arrived when we get back from summer school...?! Good to know we went for the right size in the leotard!! Will be interested to see how the tracksuit fits 😬 @Spamcat good luck with the order!!
  12. Thanks @glissade - top tip!! And thank you, @Kate_N- we went to one in Blackburn as it was a bit closer than the others... but we would need one of the others if we needed more than tights!
  13. I’ll investigate Preston... thanks! That’s all positive feeeback. My DD is really enjoying it. She’s not residential this year, although wants to stay next year! She’s one of the youngest there and quite quiet though. She needs some new convertible tights as the ones she’s been wearing have a hole in them apparently...! She has lots of spare normal ones but apparently the convertible ones are much more useful! I’ll try and get her some more tomorrow...
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