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  1. ... to fit a 8/9 year old. Quite particular on colour so will apologise in advance (we don’t want white, red, burgundy, dark green, pale pink...) 😏. She would love a Claudia Dean one in time for her birthday in March. Would also consider Degas. Thank you 😊
  2. There will be other opportunities. It sounds like the right decision for you. Thanks, DD is very excited to start 😊
  3. Aargh! We don’t have any ribbon on shoes currently...! That will be new 😀. And tricky?! She has various pairs for her RAD class and her associate programmes, but none of them ask for ribbons. Is this something I have to... sew... accurately?? <faints with panic> 😂
  4. Thank you! That’s helpful! We thought of some of those things for Christmas but that’s good to know we’re on the right lines! She hasn’t had a chance to wear her new leotards and skirts yet so she’ll be looking forward to that 😊. Thanks again!
  5. Those of you whose children have done EYB before... what ballet shoes do they wear? And what else might they need to provide? This might seem a bit random, my DD is excited to get started, and as she has a birthday coming up soon I wondered whether, if they need specific items, she could maybe get them as part of her birthday presents. Thanks in advance all!
  6. @Bubbles what did you decide? Did your DD accept her place? I might see you there if so!
  7. My daughter’s schedule runs over 14 days (including performance days) but they don’t run concurrently. Mostly Friday after school, Saturday and Sunday, until the school holidays and then there are three days in a row, but not necessarily over a weekend. It spans about 7 weeks in total. I hope that makes sense?! Miss Lewis has been really good at answering questions so far. We have to arrive late to one particular rehearsal due to an existing ballet commitment, she approved this for us. Good luck!
  8. If you search under English Youth Ballet as well as EYB then there are quite a lot of threads. There was one started as recently as December i think, and the earlier ones too. If you do want to know anything specific though just ask away... sure someone could help you 😊
  9. Thanks so much, everyone! I really appreciate your responses. I'll be interested to follow what you decide, @HowMuch! Lots of luck if your DD decides to go for it
  10. Thanks so much @HowMuch! and everyone else. I am planning on contacting them myself, but in the meantime, can anyone tell me how much (apart from a lot!) of a commitment it is. What does the timetable look like? Evenings after school (how many), weekend days and holidays? Just so I have an idea if that’s ok. DD has her usual ballet and other dance classes, as well as musical theatre and 2 x associate programmes, which I would anticipate this would replace (almost all of the above), In the unlikely event she was successful. An idea of how many hours/days would be super helpful! Thank you so much.
  11. That’s good to hear, thank you @HowMuch! 😊 Pleased you enjoyed it. Is your DD/DS applying for the CAT scheme? What age do they apply? Do they have an expected/minimum grade? Thank you!
  12. We were keen to go to this but had exam coaching classes she couldn’t miss last weekend, and the exam today! Hopefully we can get there next year 😊
  13. Thank you @2dancersmum and @ponklemum that’s really helpful. Hope you’re well, @ponklemum, we might bump into each other again in the summer?!
  14. Hello I’ve done a search to see if I can find the answer on this forum but I can’t so I hope someone can help. I am just wondering what the numerical mark boundaries are for the award categories (not sure if I am explaining this correctly!). DD has an IDTA Tap exam coming up and I believe she can be awarded (although I might be wrong): fail/pass/merit /distinction I was wondering if the marks needed for each were the same as RAD? Also, she is doing a Medal Test at the same time. Apparently the marks will be given as fail/pass/commended/highly commended/honours. Will there be a numerical mark too? And what are the numerical boundaries for this one? i hope this makes sense! Thank you ☺️
  15. There is a thread on summer schools, I’ll try and find a link to it. It’s been posted on fairly recently though so probably quite easy to find. It might be useful to you? Off the top of my head I can think of Moorlands, Malvern Ballet Seminars and Ballet Boost. They have some entry requirements not nothing too onerous I don’t think. There are lists on other websites too. I think Just Ballet has a good page.
  16. I think it means that the children in the ballot have a chance of their names being (randomly) selected (as opposed to being voted on), but i'm not 100% sure! We didn't enter DDs name as the rehearsals clash with EYB... Good luck to yours Spamcat!
  17. It’s not a problem! Happy to answer any questions we can. There are two other threads about Elmhurst and Ballet Boost that we started once we had accepted offers. They might also be useful. Ask away though. People were so helpful to me this time last year, I’m not sure where I would be without this forum!
  18. I was going to say, the BBA timetables are on their websites, helpfully! Sure someone could send you a copy of the others on this forum. We’re in the north rather unhelpfully!
  19. Where are you based? Some of the answers depend on which centre you would be going to!
  20. Ballet Boost is roughly once a fortnight.
  21. Elmhurst is every Saturday, term time only. It’s a great programme 😊
  22. Hi all We will be in London over Easter weekend. I was wondering if there were any ballet workshops/classes open to a 9 year old, that anyone knew of? I’ve found one but the younger age is 12. Also open to ideas of anything else ballet related we could do instead. We are going to a performance at the ROH whilst we are there so it would be nice to something else too... Thank you 😊
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