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  1. I saw that RBS have announced opening of applicaitons, but only doing in person auditions for y7 and y12 entry this year. All others by video for preliminaries. Although it's a bit frustrating that those who can apply in person still have to do a video and send in as a back up in case they can't run them in person.
  2. Glad your dd is enjoying them. Unfortunately they are totally uninspiring for my DD. She hasn't done any of them and is instead doing a proper zoom class every saturday with her teacher outside associates.
  3. Thanks for the link DD Driver. She was outstanding even at ten years old!!
  4. DD was doing Princess Grace SI in Monaco, but that was cancelled last night too. Third summer school she was doing cancelled now. I just think this summer it will be the case that courses won't run.
  5. Yes. Agree. Charging 50% fees for pre recorded class once a week, that is less than inspiring doesn't feel like value for money. No interaction or corrections. May as well do a free online ballet class being offered by so many ballet establishments at the moment. If they were sending them out free then I could understand but to charge 50% fees for this feels like a rip off. Not impressed with the offering from RBS for associates in this time.
  6. Hi Mariska Have you got any information about the issues there have been at the Berlin state Ballet school recently? I read about it in an article an on their website it refers to this. I would be interested in getting more info about the school and whether these issues are a real problem there. Many thanks
  7. Thanks Wildflowers, that was a very interesting piece. It does highlight, not for the first time, just how intense the training in some places abroad is, and the students have got so far ahead (whether or not you agree with the methods) of UK students by an equivalent age. I think most here agree we wouldn't want a regime of 5 hours sleep and dancing till midnight for our children, however, the relevant issue in some ways isn't that, it is that the school here, (in the article's case RBS) take those incredibly advanced students in and polish them up for entrance into the company. UK stude
  8. I do know someone who was assessed out of MAs a few years ago. It isn't common, but can happen. Again, this sounds like it comes back to a topic that has been much discussed on the forum, that the standard of training abroad is often higher than in the UK. It seems very unfair on UK students, what can they do if there is a different level of training internationally than in schools here? And why are the UK schools not achieving this level of training for local students?
  9. There was also the conviction of Stephen Beagley, ex royal ballet principle in november last year for sexual assaults of students he gave private lessons to over many years - he is now serving a ten year prison sentence. I agree Canary, the welfare of children and vulnerable young adults remains of paramount importance. We all trust the teachers we put our children into the hands of. Sometimes, this trust is abused. From what I learned reading the various newspaper articles about Yat Sen Chang, the magistrate has referred the case to the crown court, due to the serious
  10. One of the things I felt would have been useful to clarify was age ranges. At first he seemed to be talking about pre vocational students, for which I am sure all would agree that limits on training can only be a good thing. Then it seemed to broaden out to all students later in the piece. There must be an age at which the level of training does need to increase in intensity and hours. I remember Claudia Dean posted a series of youtube videos discussing this a while ago. She had given specific age groups and amounts of training that were necessary/appropriate. So for instance by the age of 15
  11. To clarify, extract from the elmhurst website says the MDS focuses on classical ballet training in the Lower School (Years 7 – 11) with continuity of means-tested support for the most talented children entering Year 7. Under present arrangements, these Aided Places are allocated to the most gifted and eligible children aged 11 years on entry to the school each September. Subject to successful artistic appraisal in Year 9, MDS funding continues until the completion of Year 11. Yes, you have to be eligible, and they are means tested, and they are awarded based on talent.
  12. ENBS results have been sent. I know students with offers. Have the Royal upper results been sent for non wl students? I have heard anywhere between 5 and 9 boys from WL got offers at upper school, and 5 girls.Happy to be corrected if this is wrong!
  13. There isn't any other physio check at Tring. At the funding audition they select a group who go for physio, the rest never get seen by the physio
  14. Eastleigh has less children applying so the ratio of those applying to places given is lower and therefore if you want to maximise chance of a place it might make sense to apply there. London JA centre always has the highest number of applicants and the highest ratio to places, something like one in ten will get a place, other centres it can be anything from one in four to one in seven.
  15. No, current MAs who had their assessments have been told if they can continue with MAs next year. The MA results for new applicants from auditions will be sent out before Easter.
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