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Found 4 results

  1. Hi all, I am super new to the forums, I am a single mother to an 8 year old boy who loves his ballet, he is asking about a dance belt as the other boys his age all have one, as I am a female and do not know much about these, whats the best brand to get, when he puts it on whats the best was to adjust himself (have it pointing up or to the side ect) and is it like a G-String (I'm in Australia so that would be a thong to everyone else) Thank you for all your help
  2. Hi guys, Hope this is ok to start but I could do with a boys thread to refer to. DS is 11, and has been dancing for nearly two years, his fave is ballet but also does tap and jazz. I’m getting a bit cheesed off at not being able to find anything for him. Bought new tap shoes today and ended up in ladies yet again!! (He’s a 4). I try to get things made when I can find and afford them. His ballet bag came from the USA and I’m so tired of googling “freed Aaron” like it’s the only leotard he’ll ever find. Can anyone point us in a direction of nice boys stuff? Good workshops, associate schemes?? He is in a nice school but still the only boy in his class and wonder if he’s missing out. We live in the NW of the UK, but will travel for the right opportunities. Thank youuuuuu! xx
  3. Boo, just been wondering about dance belts for my almost 10 year old. What age do boys start to wear them? How do, you know, you get the furniture in, if you get me? ☺️So many boy questions. Ho hummmmmm... Be grateful if you could recommend your faves, ooooh, it's a minefield! ??? Can I get a book on this kind of parenting? There's a gap in the market there...?
  4. sarahw

    Dance belts

    Does anyone know if older boy gymnasts wear these? Thanks
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