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    An eye opener

    I'm an early 20s male who decided to leap back into the world of ballet last year after several years away. I've been going to a fairly regular class in my home city in the south of the UK, where I've really settled but found it quite challenging to reach that point. Teacher is pretty strict with uniform and the class is quite quiet and almost antisocial....I'm quite an upbeat and cheerful person, so find the class almost depressing! I travel a lot with my job, which means I am able to sample different casual ballet classes when time permits- today I've been working in Leeds, so decided to go to the Northern Ballet drop in class for beginners. I made a slight faux pas and rocked up to the class in full RAD ballet kit and was one of the few who did...thank goodness I'm not self conscious! Having sampled probably 10-15 casual classes over the past 18 months or so, in addition to my regularly weekly class, never have I been in awe of such a brilliant teacher- his energy and charisma really flew around the studio and it was evident that he cared about each and every person in the class. He also gave different routines and options based upon ability and gave a real focus to the students who had never seen a barre before....bless them! Now, I feel awfully guilty as it's really highlighted how much I simply tolerate my usual class and in reality, only go to it because it's the only one in my area. If anyone happens to know of a sociable adult class in the Bristol area that would welcome me with open arms, please let me know! If anyone happens to know Chris at Northern Ballet, please do pass on my compliments- his dedication and enthusiasm is admirable! I hope to come back soon when I'm in the area.
  2. Hi everyone, I already attend an adult class which is at intermediate foundation level with the most wonderful group of ladies who really seem to appreciate my presence and humour (without sounding cocky). My existing teacher advised me to attend a local graded class, so this evening I went to a grade 8 RAD class just down the road which is super convenient after work. I was a little nervous about joining this new class, so left my leotard at home and just wore shorts and a tshirt to I met the teacher on the way into the studio where there was a group of grade 8 students sat on the floor getting ready.....once again, the usual giggles, whispers and stares started when they realised that I was the new boy in class! For some reason it really knocked my confidence especially as I jokingly said to them "I bet you don't see many boys in here" and got a load of stares, oops! It's such a shame that there's so much taboo over males in class; I didn't take it too personally, but found it quite off putting and made me feel very self conscious! I'm going to try and persevere and blend in, it's just very difficult as a 23 year old boy in a class full of 18-20 year old girls! Any tips or advice?
  3. Hi everyone, I've recently started a new job which sees me spending most of my life in hotels in Leeds and London, therefore meaning that I can't attend my normal adult ballet classes back at home. Has anybody got a recommendation of a suitable beginners class in Central London and Leeds which are drop-in? I've googled London and most classes I've found require you to commit to an entire semester, which isn't possible for myself at the moment. Thanks in Advance! A
  4. Hello, I'd be interested in the following: 1 Porselli white leotard with short sleeve size 5 2 Porselli black leotards, vest like, size 5 1 Arabesque black stirrup ballet leggings size XL
  5. Hello everyone- Just a quick update from me, as I finally made it to another ballet class last night and I had the most wonderful time. I've found a small class of just 3 other students in the next village from where I live taught by a really charismatic and supportive ex RAD teacher. Needless to say, in the run up to the class yesterday afternoon I was super super nervous which lasted right up until I walked into the studio. As soon as I arrived both the teacher and the ladies in the class welcomed me and really made me feel at ease. I overcame the "Ahhh, what do I wear dilemma" by wearing my Leo under a shorts and Tshirt along with my ballet shoes. Hopefully on a few weeks once I'm fully settled, I'll wear my proper dancewear! It's obvious that in the years that I haven't danced, I've forgotten quite a lot- but hopefully plenty of practice and perseverance will enable me to get better with time. It was lovely for the teacher to say how she loves having a boy in the class and the girls agreed, I just have to try my best to get up to speed with the rest of the class. Huge thanks to you all for your support online, the ballet bug has well and truly bitten me again and I'm already excited for my next class! A
  6. Thanks so much for the support everyone, it really is appreciated I've found a small class a couple of miles up the road with 5/6 other students, so hopefully this will enable me to gain the confidence and ability to go and join one of the larger classes in Bristol in the not so distant future! In terms of dancewear, it seems logical for me to go to my first few classes in shorts and a tight tshirt before moving towards wearing tights or a Leo- I always used to dance better when wearing the correct kit! I'll keep you updated as to how my next class goes; hopefully it'll be a case of 3rd time lucky!
  7. I think it's very much the wall of silence which causes the awkwardness for me; I think it's just a case of me having to persevere and I'm sure it'll all work out for the best in the end!
  8. That's exactly it in a nutshell- I guess that I'll be seen as N anomaly somewhat so the "omg it's a bloke" should be expected. Hopefully it doesn't last too long!
  9. That's always a possibility as I travel the country with my job quite often- I would however much prefer to stick to one local class if at all possible!
  10. I'm afraid I'm not; it is indeed a shame as I totally didnt expect it as I never really encountered it when I was dancing as a kid
  11. Hi, I'm after a boys 4/5 leotard and leggings/tights- not too bothered as to style as this will be my spare set to keep in my kit bag, I didn't fancy paying £50 at the local dancewear shop for my spares! #PoorGraduate Many Thanks!
  12. Based in Bristol now, however I went to this two classes in South Wales as I'm often there in the evenings for family etc.
  13. Thanks Stirrups, I Facebook messaged him via his page earlier on today so hopefully he replies soon!
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