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  1. DD is petite age 13 and wants a chiffon skirt/tulle skirt in Burgundy.
  2. Size 5.5 B DD has tried them on a few times around the house but these have literally only been worn 10 mins in one class before teacher said they were too big, they were fitted in a shop but they won't accept responsibility. Ribbons and elastics are sewn in. All offers considered. I can email photos.
  3. Hi, Are these true to outdoor shoe size? My daughter is size 5 with narrow feet..
  4. Tatasmum

    Hammond and JA?

    Our nearest EYB always has the performances at the end of July so most of the dancers have finished school. I can't understand why Hammond would allow them out to rehearse if the performances will fall in term time.
  5. @Peanut68 that's really sad, I would struggle to not kick off about it 😠
  6. During the summer my father in law offered to pay for surfing lessons for my son and his two other grandchildren but left out my 12 yr old DD as he said it wasn't 'her thing'. She was very upset so her Dad had to approach his Dad and change his mind. I knew DD would be fine(better than all or of them) as she has the core strength from years of dancing but her Granddad thought the football training done by the other grandchildren made them more eligible to surf. On the day DD was the first to stand up and rode the wave back to shore.
  7. Sorry I didn't mean to gatecrash this discussion, I thought this was the other thread!
  8. Hi, @LakesBalletMum @LovetoDance2003 was selling one free for postage earlier this year..
  9. Well we can look forward to the DVD. Not sure how long they take to process. Even though it was sweltering heat when DD was rehearsing in Nottingham we missed the weekly rehearsals when it was over!
  10. They posted for the first time on Instagram over the weekend!
  11. So 2019 must be a quiet year for EYB.
  12. I enjoyed looking at the photos, there's a fair few boys in it which is good. When I remembered I froze a 3/4 full bottle of water the night before rehearsals bit we had the heatwave in June and July in Nottingham. I I know there's auditions in Stoke at the end of November but do they have a period of months where there are no productions so the professionals can work on other projects?
  13. My last Porselli order was placed at the beginning of July and arrived in a couple of days. I was expecting it to take longer as usually the orders would take about 4 days. In my own experience I think they are keeping the website up to date as I have been watching a couple of items in the sale which must have since sold out because I can't find the size and colour I wanted. They are very helpful over the phone too.
  14. Well Cinderella in Hollywood was a triumph! My daughter had a wonderful time and made a very special friend. They were inseparable and she will miss her. The group she danced with have vowed to audition in 2020 as seniors. I'm feeling sad it's over, DD only has one really good friend at school so it was lovely seeing her so happy with her EYB friends
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