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  1. Hi, Soltova, Welcome to this fantastic board. You will find the most supportive dancers and dance parents here. We ended up remaining in the U.S. as it was too difficult to align the academic school options for all three of my girls. My non-dancer daughters (they are triplets) would have found it difficult to prepare for GCSEs in only a matter of months. My dancer daughter could have remained in her online academic school but her sisters wanted to attend a traditional school and we couldn't find any affordable options for them other than taking the GCSEs. If they had been a bit younger they could have prepared for it but not at age 16. My dancer daughter was still able to attend the ENBS summer intensive and now wants to audition for the year-round program after she finishes high school. I wish you great success and synchronicity as you pursue this exciting path! ReadyforCoffee
  2. We have not heard anything. ENBS is my DD’s top choice so fingers are still crossed over here. Best of luck to you!
  3. Thank you so very much for all of this fantastic information. You have given me much to research including schools I hadn't heard of like the London Russian Ballet School and Masters of Ballet Academy. A quick peruse of their websites leaves me feeling hopeful that there is a good match for my DD. I am also researching academic schools for all of my kids (triplets), so there is much work to do! Our kids have been to London twice in the past year and their dad and I have been many times. I am also enroled in my final year of the CertHE at Oxford, studying History. This is not a move that we are taking on a whim. Of course, there are many things that must align first. Thank you also for your wise words about safety in London. Your point is well-taken, particularly about taking care not to have our daughters travel alone, at least for a while. I must say that this past summer when we visited, we arrived on the same day as our president. When our Embassy issued warnings to US travelers, I was concerned about possible fallout from the political climate we find ourselves in. I am very happy to report that throughout our stay, we encountered the most friendly, welcoming people. Sure, the conversation came up a few times once folks heard our American accent, but we were received warmly. Overwhelmingly, our conversations ended up with a declaration about how it is PEOPLE that matter, as it is ordinary people who make true connections, not necessarily our politicians. After mass one Sunday the vicar, who framed his homily around his concern for the changing times, asked us sincere questions while still making sure we knew we were as welcome as anyone. And here... my question quickly resulted in a flood of very helpful information. THANK YOU! ReadyforCoffee
  4. Hi, everyone, We might be relocating to London from the US next year for my husband's job and I am looking for recommendations for my my DD (15). She currently attends a rigorous, competitive school in our town. She is in their pre-professional program and trains 5-8 hours per day. Many of the kids in this program do their schooling online as they dance during the day. My DD attended the ENBS summer school this past summer and will audition for their year-round program but barring acceptance, she will need a new ballet home. Her current school's style is mostly Vaganova with some Bournenville and a little Contemporary. She is accustomed to training long hours. I don't yet know what part of London we'll be in. I am only just starting to research schools for my kids. Moving half-way through high school is proving to be complicated as the school systems are quite different between the US and the UK. Does anyone have any recommendations for a good ballet school? Are daytime programs available in the UK? Has anyone made this move and can offer some advice? Many thanks! ReadyforCoffee
  5. We are patiently waiting for ENB Course A results as well. Good luck to everyone and Happy Mother’s Day to all of the hard-working mums here. ReadyforCoffee
  6. I have two DDs who applied. One is on the waitlist, the other got a no. These are the same results as last year. The girl who got a no really does have work to do to improve her technique, and she is adding classes at a new ballet studio to get additional training. My other daughter recently moved into a pre-professional program and is looking much better but her RB photos were taken before her progress began to show. She, too, has work to do and is determined to keep moving forward. She really wants some international experience though she may have to learn more about other options. CONGRATULATIONS to all of you who got a place!
  7. We are in the reverse situation. It is 10pm on the 31st here in the US. Of course we would love to hear (good) news before we go to bed but it's only 6AM in London. Clearly no one is there yet to press that 'Send' key! I wish you all the very best of luck!
  8. Hi, I thought I'd pop in to say hello and wish everyone who has gained a place a sincere congratulations! My DD (age 12) is also on the Priority Wait List and is still hoping for a miracle. Another DD (they're triplets but the third one doesn't dance) was declined. That daughter has moved on but the one on the wait list has been praying hard every night! I wish you all the best of luck!
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