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Found 9 results

  1. Hi there, My daughter had an audition back on the 14th January for mid-associates. We've been told we will hear something either way around Easter. Just wondering if anyone has heard back already?
  2. Hello all! Newbie here after some advice . My daughter has been taking ballet classes, alongside lyrical, musical theatre, character dance and body conditioning. She is now 10 (11 in May) and started a year ago and is about to take her grade 1 RAD exam (I know she's a bit behind but only really decided she wanted to dance in year 5) I would say she is now becoming ballet obsessed and has a one hour one2one lesson a week as well as her normal classes (4 days at the dance school) and her dream is to audition for the royal ballet school! Like all young ballerinas ! I have looked at the mid associate programme as feel this would suit her best (I am no expert though!) I wondered if her lateness to start will cause her any issues? Her dance teacher said she has excellent strength, spring, musicality etc but she is still unsure of the moves (the names etc) physically she is very good and her teacher said once she's aced her turn outs she will fly, so it's all very nice to hear but does this mean she may have some potentional to audition for the mid associates despite still be fairly new to ballet. She does need to work on her flexibility but that is also coming along nicely now. I wondered how the new dancers fair at these auditions? I just think the experience in itself would be wonderful but I don't want her to feel out of her depth with the bendy, experienced dancers! Regardless of the outcome, I just want her to enjoy it! My daughter also looks very young for her age (she was born 4 months prem) and is still on catch up, I'd say physically she looks more like an 8/9 yr old but with very good muscles (she's a long jumper! Long legs!) and I wonder if this will also make a difference. thank you in advance, L X
  3. Hi peeps, DS is still absolutely in love with ballet but turns 11 in August. Hence he is now too old for the junior associate stuff. Am I missing something or is there a gap? Obvs I know about RBS mids but that would be unlikely. What else can he get involved in? He’s taking every class in his little school. He’d love to join some more dancing boys of his age. Any ideas?? xx
  4. Just wondering what the assessment procedure is for JAs and Mids. Do parents get feedback throughout the year? Do the students get an idea of their weaker areas before the assessments so they know what to work on beforehand? Apparently Elmhurst Associates do not give parents any feedback of their child's progress at any point during the year and no report at the end of the year for Extended Associates. How can they justify this?
  5. My daughter currently attends year 5 Junior Associates in London and is hoping to get a place at White Lodge in September, although we realise how small a chance she has. Consequently, she will plan to audition to get into Mid Associates but as she will then be in Year 7 in her senior school there are expectations on the sporty girls, which she is generally, to take part in fixtures on Saturday mornings. So I'm wondering how I'm going to do all of this, obviously with the huge assumption that she will get into Mids?! Junior Associates are 11.30 currently but I'm hoping if the Mid Associate classes might be later in the afternoon we could get her there after fixures. Does anybody know the times of the classes in London? Many thanks.
  6. Hi Everyone, My DD was at the RBS mid associates audition today. She seemed to have a positive experience of it all. Now the long wait until we get the news! Good luck to everyone else who was there!
  7. Liv56


    Hello everyone Is there any good ballet auditions to audition for , or any associates course (things like that) Thank you !
  8. Hi all, Just wondered if anyone knew what time Yr 8 mids rbs in Birmingham is?
  9. Hi all I know we have missed the deadline for this year for RBS MA but if we wanted next year(DD is turning 13 in May) would she be able to audition. I know the ages are 11-13 however I've seen a few people who are MA and are 14. Is it based on school years instead of ages so year 7- year 9?? Edited to add do they do pointe work in MA?
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