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  1. BBA is brilliant. Like Crazy above, my DD is only leaving because she is off to Vocational school. She's only done BB this last year and a lot of it was on Zoom but she found it challenging, exciting and fun. She has experienced a number of teachers due to shuffling about because of covid etc. but every one of them has been nice. I suppose it might be strict in terms of expectations of appearance and behaviour, but the teachers have all been really friendly and fun (and actually quite bonkers in a wonderful way!). I wish we had found it sooner, its been a wonderful experience.
  2. We drove both our DDs for 1hr 45 for 3 years each. The first time it was def worth it. Recently with covid there was no jazz class and ballet class was only 1hr 15. I don't think it was worth it but as we were so close to the end we carried on. I have resented it a bit though to be honest! It would have been much better to have a longer class lesson often.
  3. My older DD used to do Elmhurst and JAs on the same day, as did a number of others. My younger one does Elmhurst Saturdays and Ballet Boost Sundays. It will depend on the child I expect, some may find it too much, others won't bat an eyelid. It's certainly not unusual though.
  4. My DD started in London in Sept. We heard very quickly after submitting the video but others took longer. The class is by ability and it is quite challenging which she loves as such a contrast to her other associates class. I have nothing but good things to say about the programme. She has had a couple of different teachers and they have all been brilliant. Over Zoom they brought in guests to teach some dances from shows and do q&a and they were all so informative and encouraging. Emma hosted a chat over Zoom which was also so helpful and lovely. I've not known an organisation that works so hard to overcome problems (thinking of all the spanners that covid threw in the works, they just kept adapting and changing). DD is off to Vocational school this Sept and we will be so sad to say goodbye to Ballet Boost even after such a short time.
  5. I have a child there. Happy to answer any general questions or you are welcome to contact me for more detailed stuff.
  6. Ellie Wright PBT is fab also. You can find her on Facebook https://www.facebook.com/EllieWrightPBT/
  7. They just progress from Y4 to 5 and from 5 to 6. They need to reaudition to continue with extended young dancers in y7 if you are a centre that offers this (I think its only at Birmingham but not certain)
  8. Current y9s have yet to do any RAD exams (since they started in y7) so don't hold your breath 不
  9. Mine is y9, we had to do it for y7. Our docs didn't charge but I think that was just lucky.
  10. We have heard about associates and bursary for full time y7 today. Good news here. Hope everyone hears soon
  11. My DDs year group has more northerners than southerners. They all think she talks posh (which is hilarious as our regional accent is of the farmer variety 不)
  12. I think its more of a mix than it looks from social media. My daughter is y9 at one of the big schools and her year group was a total mix from kids who did 2 hours a week at a local dance school and had never done a festival or associates, to some who were seasoned professionals doing multiple associate schemes, private lessons, comps and photo shoots, and lots somewhere in between. I would say a good associate scheme can be a plus on a personal level, just because it puts them in a class with like minded peers, but isn't essential if it doesn't work with your circumstances. Private lessons with a trusted teacher can also be a help to focus on individual things, but again, it isn't the be all and end all. Ultimately, if its their dream, why not give it a shot. Go in with realistic hopes, remember that it isn't the end of the world (or the career) if they don't do Vocational at 11, and enjoy the experience!
  13. Almost the same here. My DD was a JA years 5 and 6. Didn't even make royal finals, waitlist for MAs but got a place at Elmhurst. Its all so random 不
  14. Have sent you a message, but I would say from your post, you know what to do. No point in doing it if it isn't helping her and confidence and happiness is as important as technique. I would make the move, I think she will get far more put of dancing somewhere she loves.
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