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  1. Also got a reply today 😊 seems my previous emails had disappeared into the Internet and only appeared when I sent another one.
  2. I'm despairing at the mo. I messaged them on Facebook after no reply to 2 emails to ballet teacher and 1 to admissions. Facebook replied quickly saying they would pass my message directly to admissions. Still not heard back from them!
  3. A no for my DD for y7, she isn't bothered though and I'm a bit relieved not to be starting it all again (other DD is there in y9) Good luck to everyone who had a yes!
  4. My DD is at Elmhurst but didn't make finals for WL, or even get MAs (she got waitlist). She often says she is so pleased as it wouldn't have been the right place for her.
  5. Has anyone else had problems getting replies from Moorland? My DD was offered a place and I have emailed asking for a phone call to answer some questions. Not had a reply despite chasing it up (over 2 weeks now, 3 since my 1st email). I also tried the admissions person yesterday but not heard from him yet either.
  6. Yep each year has a slightly later phone hand in time and bed time. They have phones all day but at the start of y7 they didnt have them all day to allow them time to settle without constantly messaging home. This may have changed.
  7. I think there were about 42 girls at finals for y7 two years ago. X
  8. We had a no saying she is a good standard and they would welcome seeing her again and she should work on xyz. Strange how they send different letters out.
  9. A no for us for y5 Birmingham. She will be sad I think as waitlist last year and felt she was better this time. At least I can stop checking now 🤣 Good luck to those still waiting.
  10. Whichever you prefer! We went for 24 with my older daughter and this one..cheaper and less travel! Some prefer as many as possible.
  11. Son or Daughter? Daughter Birthday? March Year applied for? 5 Auditioned in? Birmingham  For a place in? Birmingham  Applied before? Yes, waitlist last year   Any other centres? Just finishing her first year at Elmhurst.  Any other info? Have an older one in y7 at Elmhurst full time. Very stressful for the little one as she is desperate to follow in big sister's footsteps ☹
  12. One class runs 24 weeks and one 32 weeks of the year.
  13. Last year, mds places were eventually offered to at least 5 on the waiting list, so don't despair!
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