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Found 5 results

  1. Hi everyone, just wondering if some of the post 16 musical theatre schools/colleges are known for having a more ballet-focused training that may suit an all-rounder student with an overall preference for ballet ......I know that all college courses provide ballet training - but wondered if some offered more than others or put a higher emphasis on it - just curious ? many thanks
  2. Hi all, I’m looking for a recommendation for a ballet school in west London (W9, W2, W11, NW8) or Central London for a seven-year old. She is scheduled to do Primary RAD in March 2020 and I’d like to change school after this date. I’m open re syllabus. An organised school who do not do Christmas shows etc would be great. Thank you in advance (and if there is an archive of old posts where I should research this topic I’d be grateful to be pointed in that direction). Thank you again, T
  3. Hi guys, Hope this is ok to start but I could do with a boys thread to refer to. DS is 11, and has been dancing for nearly two years, his fave is ballet but also does tap and jazz. I’m getting a bit cheesed off at not being able to find anything for him. Bought new tap shoes today and ended up in ladies yet again!! (He’s a 4). I try to get things made when I can find and afford them. His ballet bag came from the USA and I’m so tired of googling “freed Aaron” like it’s the only leotard he’ll ever find. Can anyone point us in a direction of nice boys stuff? Good workshops, associate schemes?? He is in a nice school but still the only boy in his class and wonder if he’s missing out. We live in the NW of the UK, but will travel for the right opportunities. Thank youuuuuu! xx
  4. Hello, I am very sorry if this topic has been discussed a lot, but I am at a loss. I think since I have joined this forum I have been talking about local dance schools, but I am very conflicted at the moment! I have had 4 teachers now tell me I have potential, but need to get more training. I do 3 ballet hours locally per week + Associates. One of my favourite teachers and friends and dancers contacted me recently to offer me private classes, as she had said that really I ought to be doing 15 hours per week. Unfortunately, the classes would be far too far away - a 2 hour journey, and another 2 hours back. So I have been deeply researching local schools, and have found 3 possibles within a 30 minute radius - all of which are led by examiners, one BBO, one ISTD and one RAD, and all have vocational school success. All of them would offer more hours than my current dance school. However, I have been win my dance school for 3 years. We all feel a close tie with them - I have danced solos in shows, won festivals, I got into associates thanks to them. My teacher has been a close friend throughout many tough times. I am also training in my private lesson for my IDTA Intermediate exam to sit it early next year. But, for quite a while I have been feeling unchallenged in my normal classes, like we are just learning exercises and doing them. I am told I am 'the best' when I know I need to improve. Some teachers, including mum Associate teachers, have picked up on some basic technical issues, which my main teacher has said is not a problem. One of my teachers I am not sure is qualified, and my teacher has put all of a certain grade en Pointe - one of whom cannot get over her box of her pointe shoes or indeed go onto relevé in flat shoes. Nobody else wants to become a ballet dancer. But that said, I adore my teacher! So I really don't know what to do... I more than anything want to become a ballerina, I will do anything! But I doubt it would be possible to dance at more than one school. Aghhh I don't know! Help! I have also got to take into account finances and academics too, but I need ballet!
  5. Hello all, Did any one attend the Central sixth form auditions? Any outcomes? Got my letter today in the post and a 'yes' for finals. Very happy. Anyone else audition there? LB x
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