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  1. Not sure if this will be of any help but it may be worth a look. https://www.onedanceuk.org/ This is an excerpt taken from their website and one of the areas they advocate on:- Diversity – fostering equality of opportunity for dance artists and leaders, creating resources, programmes and frameworks for helping people participate in dance, regardless of their age, disability, race or economic background Best of luck chesl, I hope you find a teacher.
  2. I've found this topic (and many others about dance journeys) really interesting but I'm struck by how naive I was. Our dance journey started in the early/mid nineties so no online information/social media or advice forums to turn to. Even in the mid noughties when my daughter was auditioning, schools didn't have an online presence or email (or if they did, I wasn't aware!) so information had to be requested by post. The only associate scheme I was aware of was RBS. We lived in the far south west of the UK so opportunities for masterclasses etc were in very short supply and tended to be limited
  3. No regrets from me about the amount of time and money involved. My daughters did loads of activities, ballet, tap, modern, jazz, swimming, gymnastics, singing and drama (it was always their choice) so our lives revolved around getting them to and from them after work and at weekends. I look back now and wonder how we fitted it all in, however this was many years ago and we were fairly young parents so our energy levels were much higher than they are now. The youngest went to vocational school for 3 years, graduated and danced professionally for just under 8 years. In 2016, she gained a placed
  4. We did the same glowlight and were so glad that we did. Daughter kept the same room at Medlock for the duration of the 3 years and it made life much easier not having to move all of her stuff out each year.
  5. Hi Lemongirl I have no idea as to whether or not these are safe to use and had to google to see what they are but did find some on eBay and this company which has them in stock. https://www.gymfactor.co.uk/stretch-ladders-gymnasts-dancers-1994-p.asp
  6. Have signed the petition although I must admit to being very sceptical about the effectiveness of the petitions on Change.org. Sincerely hoping to be proved wrong though.
  7. If I'd known how many attempts it would take to get decent audition photos back in the 90s and early noughties, I'd have taken a course in photography. I shudder to think how much money I spent getting photos developed only to have to throw them away and start again due to a leg dropping mid shot or part of a foot or hand out of camera range.
  8. Hi Happymum, I'm a size 14 and wear a size 5 Freed Maddie which I bought last year. Mine is 90% nylon and 10% lycra. From centre front to bottom, (not stretched and with the ruching undone) it measures 21"/53cms and from underarm to underarm, 15"/38cms. The Maddie is quite structured so possibly not as stretchy as the other type you ordered. Is her old leotard a Freed? There are a few different brands which are suitable as regulation wear for RAD so it's difficult to compare between them as they all seem to have their own method of sizing.
  9. You beat me to the post Fiz. Just arrived back from Sainsbury's and there were quite a few with masks on just below their noses. I really don't understand why, if people are able to wear a mask, they can't wear it properly. Then there were others wearing them correctly who pulled them onto their chins to have a conversation with someone. Surely it's not too onerous for people, with the exception of those who have a valid disability which prevents them from wearing a mask, to wear one for the relatively short amount of time needed to do their shopping. The majority of the customers would have t
  10. I reported a company (airport car parking) for unfair business practice on the government website. The company's website stated they'd furloughed all staff but were still taking new bookings. After my flights were cancelled, I tried to cancel online but the 'cancel my booking' function had been disabled and because of furlough, they weren't answering calls or emails. After several months, I've managed to get a refund but it took an email to the CEO which resulted in a call 30 mins later from a team member who took my card details and issued the refund. Suffice to say I won't be booking with t
  11. Just looked at the date of the original post and it doesn't appear from the website that any advice was taken so I've deleted my two pence worth.
  12. I also thought it was a questionable post. It might have been more appropriate for the OP to have worded it as 'the male anatomy makes it uncomfortable' rather than the wording used.
  13. Our current house was described as having a patio. As there didn't appear to be one, I queried it with the agent who informed me that the 6 'stone slabs' we were standing on, outside of the cellar door, was considered to be a patio! You could just about get a garden chair on them but that was pushing it.
  14. I watched this last night and found it very sad and sickening viewing. The gymnasts were let down by so many people in positions of authority who just buried their heads in the sand and allowed the abuse to continue. I also find it difficult however to understand why Maggie's (athlete A) parents allowed her to remain in such an environment once they became aware of the abuse.
  15. My husband is a seafarer currently based in Cannes and has to wear a mask whenever he is out in public and have his temperature checked before being allowed into a supermarket. I do shudder when I see people pull their masks down around their chins to chat to companions though as they are potentially doing more harm than good to themselves. I think it's evident when out and about, that in some cases, common sense is in very short supply.
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